You Asked: Should I Hire a PR Agency for my Start-Up?

PR Agency Start-upThere are opposing opinions about whether one should hire a PR agency to further their business achievements. Some argue that such an agency will drain a large amount of financial resources the business could have used for other marketing activities. But sometimes a professional PR person can do more for your company than your own ideas for promotion.

Know your business and its objectives

It may sound counter-intuitive, but the truth is some great start-ups fizzle out because the people behind them just didn’t have a clear line of sight toward their own objectives. Know your product, know your brand; then know where you want it to go. What is your place in the market? Who are the competition and how are they doing?

Know when to hire outside help

Not all business owners are great ambassadors for their brand. It’s quite simple; not everyone was born for marketing, even the brilliant minds behind brilliant start-ups. This is when you should hire outside help. Hire a Melbourne PR company because they can help you get your product and brand out there, and not because you only think you need one. One thing that should not be missing in this equation is money. Don’t hire a company if you don’t have the budget to sustain the campaign they will launch. Set aside a budget for this.

Know which agency to work with

It’s all about chemistry. A good agency may have the connections and the right ideas, but remember that not all of the good agencies are ready to work with start-ups. They have tailored activities for big companies. So find one that’s comfortable working with you, and vice versa.

A commitment to promote your brand and make it stronger via the work of an agency is a huge undertaking especially for a start-up. Know what you should prepare before you start calling and shortlisting agencies.