What Happens When Humans Live Longer?

Doctors and Nurses

Doctors and NursesThe combined effect of global warming and declining goodness of humanity has led to shorter life expectancy. As such, the few who grow old seem as if they have earned the favour of the gods and humans have grown to normalise deaths around the early fifties.

But what if we all live to a hundred? What if life expectancy increases? A fairly new study reveals a graph of global life expectancy and over time, the number looks like an escalator rising smoothly. The trend holds true across the globe, in rich nations, developing and poor ones – the whole world is riding up.

The Risks of Aging

Should this happen, how can we transform a society that values the young to one that prides itself in the ways it accommodates the old? If centenarians become the norm, how do we take care of our old? Longer life has obvious appeal, but it entails societal risks.

There’s politics, security and privacy pension. Housing is also one that is hardly seriously addressed. Fortunately, the Australian community is striving to provide elderlies with practical housing and living solutions, such as GranDesignsWA.com.au, which affords an aging person independence and comfort.

A Senior-Friendly Future

What is a longer life for if it entails more years of inconvenience, being shut off and living with illnesses or diseases? With each passing year, a newborn lives about three months longer than those born the previous year. But what is waiting for this newborn and the additional amount of life acquired?

The global finding of increasing life expectancy is positive news. However, it can swing south if the human race does nothing to accommodate this change. Health care costs continue to rise and independent housing for elderly is still a foreign idea to some.

If humans can live longer, it’s about time the world gives them more reason to live. A kinder community to aging is important. Pension, security, housing and health care are crucial components of growing old. It’s about time the society looks at its stand in these sectors and how they can accommodate seniors better. Do yourself a favour and build your senior self a better future now.