Weed Out the Bloat from Your Wedding: How to Get Married on a Budget

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The weddings you usually hear about are the ones where twenty cars were needed to carry all the flowers because those were the bride’s favorite. You also hear about wedding cakes the size of an SUV and decorated with jewels you can’t eat. Or the diamond ring that could buy a small country.

But that kind of money doesn’t have to define every wedding. As a matter of fact, when you go frugal, you get the wedding you want and have money left to start your life together. Besides, who needs all that publicity?

Prune your guest list

You might be tempted to invite your landlord, your cousin’s classmates, etc. Apart from turning your wedding into a circus where you hardly know anybody but the first two tables, you also risk making it a lot less intimate, more stressful, and definitely more expensive. So from your initial guest list, trim it down 20-30%. Keep going until you reach a happy number. Close family and friends should be enough.

Use the wedding venue as the reception venue

Aside from substantially reducing the costs, you also prevent gripes about having to travel just to get to the reception area. One idea is to use a public park. Just get a permit to use it and to set up a wedding tent rental in St Paul, MN. An open-air wedding followed by a reception in a tent to keep the bugs away should be perfect. Knowing the size of your tent can even help you trim down your guest list.

Make your own invitation

Professionally designed and printed invites can set you back some. So instead of going that route, make your own. Use a free online template and design service, or have a graphic designer friend do it? What’s, even more, cost effective is sending the invite via social media instead of printing it.

There are many ways to organize your wedding without incurring monumental costs. It becomes more intimate. And you can avoid a lot of stress that usually accompanies big and pricey weddings.