Touch the Hearts of People with Customized Gift Baskets

Gourmet gifts

Gourmet giftsA gift basket is a nice way to express your love to a family member or friend, whether or not there is an occasion or any reason to celebrate. These gifts are often available ready-made, giving them a cookie-cutter image and a less than personal appeal.

The good news is you can customize your gift baskets to make them more special and especially prepared for your loved ones. Many companies offering gourmet gift baskets allow customers to choose what goes in their personalized gifts.

Gourmet gifts supplier Marcelita’s Cookies shares a few ideas on customizing your basket of presents:

For the Sweet Tooth

If you’re sending a gift to a person who loves sweet treats, there is no better item to put in your basket or hamper than candies. Shop for their favorite candy brands and add some new treats that will surely please their sweet tooth. Look for unique items other than the typical chocolate candies, gummy bears, confections, and holiday treats.

For the Cookie Monster

To treat a friend or family who loves cookies, find various types of gourmet cookies. These baked treats come in different flavors, sizes, and shapes. Put as much variety as you can in your basket to give your recipient a great cookie experience on their special day. You may also add other baked treats, such as muffins, brownies, and biscuits.

For the Beer Lover

If the recipient loves to drink and party, go for a craft beer basket. Include some favorite beer brands, such as Heineken, Newcastle, Red Stripe, and Guinness. Add some snacks to go with your beer gift hamper.

Customizing your gift basket is all about the interest and favorite items of the receiver. Variety makes it even more special, so give them a selection of treats that they will love.