Top 4 Reasons to Adopt Cloud-Computing for Your Business

cloud computing

In South Africa, cloud computing has been regarded as an evolving technology due to the Internet’s unending evolution. This is because it delivers many benefits through the Web from a central location. South African cloud computing services have been developed to increase a business’s scalability, productivity, and flexibility.

cloud computing

The biggest advantage of cloud computing is cost savings. This is because most companies resorting to it get technology-enabled services without needing to upgrade existing software and hardware, updating and maintaining a complicated IT infrastructure, and having a complete team of information technology experts. A business can resort to Cloud Computing Architecture by accessing programs or applications online while external companies can provide the necessary services.

You may choose from a number of cloud solutions depending on your individual needs. You can go for a private cloud while using virtualised data centres within their firewalls, helping you retain control of confidential data. Alternately, companies outsourcing their whole data management can go for a public cloud, offering a virtual data centre outside the ambit of the firewall. You need to go off-site and connect with an external provider that serves you through the network. If you choose this option, you have no ownership over the equipment because it’s hosted in a cloud environment.

Cloud services provider will let you access data, applications, software, storage, security and networking facilities. You may pay on a case-to-case basis, regular rental, annual fee or prepaid basis. The most commonly used cloud packages are SaaS, SECaaS, Cloud hosting & storage, IaaS, Baas, PaaS, MaaS and CaaS. Through cloud computing, you also get access to unlimited services. This means unlimited options on the number of total users, backup size, storage capacity, and user access at no extra costs. These are available 24/7, and users need not care much for customisations and settings. The applications and data can be accessed from any device or computer depending on its configuration. Automated updates are available for free.