The Proper(ty) Etiquette: 4 Rules You Should Follow in Viewing Houses

a couple looking at their houseThis is probably the less stressful part of home buying: viewing the houses. But just because it’s the fun part doesn’t mean there are no rules here. In fact, there’s an unspoken, yet generally-agreed etiquette in the real estate industry when looking at properties. Be a little more conscious about your actions and make sure you follow these do’s and don’ts:

Do: Be punctual.

At the very least, respect the time you and the agent set. Arrive at the property on time. More than communicating respect though, being punctual makes the right impression. And that is crucial, especially if you’re buying in a competitive market, let’s say, in Overland Park. You want to present yourselves as serious, responsible buyers so you could gain some advantage compared to other people bidding and increase your chances of getting this deal.

So the next time you view homes for sale that Overland Park communities offer, don’t be late.

Do: Remove your shoes.

In most instances, it’s acceptable to keep your shoes. But if you saw shoes piled up at the entrance or noticed that the carpet has a light color, it’s best to take your shoes off. Again, this shows respect to the house and the agent. Other times, there are surgical booties prepared. Whatever your fashion and style preferences are, wear them. If this is going to be your future home, you don’t want guests ruining your new flooring, right?

Don’t: Stay for too long.

It’s a common question people ask, just how long is it okay to stay in the house? Well, if you’ve already seen what you need to see and asked what you need to ask the agent, then there’s no reason to linger at the place anymore. Keep the visit short and simple.

Don’t: Bring food.

Leave your chocolates and snacks in the car. But what if the kids go hungry and throw tantrums, you ask? That points to another principle here: leave the kids at home with your babysitter.

It’s never a good idea to bring snacks to a property viewing, as it might stain or cause smudges on couches or floors. You don’t want the agent cleaning up after that mess. And it’s not a good idea also to bring kids as well, as they might keep you from focusing on inspecting the house (which is the real objective here) and they might accidentally break things. Not a fun house viewing anymore, right?

The house viewing is the fun part of home buying. These rules aren’t made to take out that fun; in fact, it’s meant to keep it a more enjoyable experience for you.