The Legals of House Buying

Couple consulting a solicitor about buying a house

Couple consulting a solicitor about buying a houseIt’s a well-known fact that alongside bereavement and divorce, buying a house is one of the most stressful things that people have to go through. Not that that seems to put off many Brits, who are the keenest homeowners in Europe. In most other European countries, people are pretty happy to rent, but in the UK, the desire to own a house is partly because it is seen as an investment, which they can either use to their advantage in later life, or pass on to the children when they die.

Of course, even in Portsmouth, house prices are going up and up, and that means that young people are having to find larger and larger deposits for their first homes. However, once that all-important deposit has been scraped together, it’s time to find a good conveyancing solicitors in Portsmouth to help get through the stages involved in buying a property.

The first step is to get a good mortgage and it is advised to do this before making an offer on a house. Then, when the offer has been accepted, the conveyancing solicitors in Portsmouth can get going on the various things that need to be done before contracts can be exchanged. There are various good solicitors available, including Andrew & Andrew Solicitors.

The buyer instructs the conveyancing solicitors in Portsmouth to handle all that needs to be done to ensure a legal transfer of ownership. This involves a lot of paperwork, such as contracts, questionnaires about the property, and transferring the funds.

Some solicitors may not be heard from for weeks; other conveyancing solicitors in Portsmouth are much better at staying in touch and regularly letting the client know where they have got to in the process.

What is going on behind the scenes is that the seller’s solicitor sends over information about the property, which the buyer’s solicitor reviews. They may need to clarify some points. The solicitor also carries out searches on the property. It is worth checking how the conveyancing solicitors in Portsmouth charge for their services; whether it’s flat rate or separate fees for each little part of the buying process.