The Impact of Your Divorce on Your Kids

Divorcing Parents

Divorcing Parents When parents part ways – regardless of the reason – there is a probability that their children’s sense of security would fall apart as well. The young ones may feel alone and abandoned. Worse, they might think that their folks don’t love them anymore. When they realized that there’s no chance of getting their mom and dad back together, they may also feel helpless and depressed.

If you are going through a divorce, the best way to help your children adjust to the changes is to understand what they are feeling.


This is what children usually feel when one of the parents moved out. To help ease their worries, talk to them about the visitation arrangements. They may still feel bad about what’s happening, but it somehow reassures them that they can still get in touch with their mom or dad anytime. If you need help, ask a competent family lawyer in Colorado Springs for advice on how to best approach the situation, suggests.


At the onset of the parent’s separation, the children will be in denial and still hopes that the situation is only temporary. Once they learn that reconciliation is out of the question, they will start to feel hopeless. Provide comfort to your kids by telling them that some things will not change despite the circumstances. Explain to them that they can still enjoy a loving relationship with you.


It is natural for children of divorced parents to think that they are somehow responsible for the situation. Make sure to set the record straight right away, so your children will not blame themselves. Explain to them patiently that they don’t have anything to do with the divorce. If possible, think about telling them the real reason for the breakdown of your marriage.

No amount of hugs and explanation can lessen the impact of divorce on children. But being honest and providing constant reassurance can make a difference in helping your kids cope with the sudden changes in your family life. Make an effort to restore their sense of stability and show them that you still love them.