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Plyometrics: How to Burn Excess Fat While Doing Absolutely Nothing

PlyometricsYou have probably heard of plyometrics and think that they’re special workouts designed for athletes and hardcore gym rats. What you probably don’t know is that plyometrics is almost for everyone — well, not everyone, but pretty much generally healthy individuals.

According to a study published in the National Center for Biotechnology Information, plyometrics could help you shed excess weight, jump higher, run faster, and improve your overall athleticism when performed properly.

What exactly is Plyometrics?

Plyometrics include all sorts of jumping exercises where the muscles exert maximum force in extremely short bursts of time and are followed immediately by contraction at a quick pace. Take a squat jump, for instance, once you stop going down into a squat and begin positioning your legs to jump up, that’s known as the amortization stage.

True plyometric exercises shorten this stage as much as possible. The moment you finish performing the exercise and when your hands or feet hit the ground, you should go back up to the explosive stage. Plyometric exercises virtually work the entire body when done correctly instead of isolating specific muscles.

What makes it so special in losing excess fat?

Plyometrics involve high-intensity work. It aids with excess post-exercise oxygen consumption or EPOC for hours, or even days. The average male could stay in EPOC for 32 up to 42 hours, while the average female could stay in EPOC as much as 16 hours.

If you do plyo exercises at the right intensity even for only 10 minutes, your body would continue to burn calories even when you’re doing nothing. The same principle applies to strength training exercises and HIIT workouts.

A word of caution

While plyometrics could be great for everyone, you need make certain that you’re generally healthy. Personal trainers from MUV Fitness, a popular gym in Spokane, WA warns to consult your doctor if you’re planning to do more intense plyo exercises, especially if you’re older and have a heart, joint, or bone issue.

It’s also not advisable to do it every day if you’re just starting out. You should likewise consider pairing plyo moves with isometrics, calisthenics, or weight lifting for a more balanced workout.

If you’re serious about doing plyometrics, speak with your trainer as they could recommend a suitable starter regimen that fits your training experience, capacity, and needs.

Make Fat Burner Supplements Work for You

SupplementsFrom L-carnitine and green tea, to guarana and bitter orange, herbal supplements for fat or weight loss are consistently being advertised online, on the radio and on TV. Fat burners are weight loss supplements that have been specifically formulated with select ingredients to aid in shrinking fat cells and boosting the body’s metabolism. But, do these truly work?

To make fat burners work for you, Herbal Powers shares the following tips:

Proper Diet Still Reigns Supreme

Among the biggest misconceptions that plenty of people have is that they will lose weight simply by taking fat burners. Proper diet should still be number one in your weight loss battle arsenal. The rest are time, the right exercises, and a boost from fat burners. To shed fat and get that ripped physique, you must eat fewer calories, tons of protein, and plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits. When you’ve got your diet down pat, you can up the ante and experiment with fat burners.

Set Realistic Weight Loss Goals

Be true to yourself and set a realistic fat loss goal. Jot down your goals for each week and month. Once you meet them, you’ll be more motivated to do the same. This will also give you a sense of accomplishment, regardless of how small your goals are.

Your Weight Loss Results Must Be Measured Regularly

When you’ve fixed your diet, set your fat loss goals, and chosen your fat burner supplement, allow two to three weeks before you evaluate your progress. It doesn’t matter which method you use to evaluate your progress, what matters is that you have a starting point to compare your progress with and see if you need to tweak your weight loss plan.

More Isn’t Always Good

Weight loss supplements are specially developed to provide the right dosage of different ingredients. You’ll see manufacturer’s guidelines on proper dosage and instructions, so you’ll be able to gauge the ideal amount. Not all supplements are created equal, so do your research. What worked for your friend doesn’t necessarily mean that it will work for you, too.

Discipline and a solid game plan are what you need to get that toned body. As they say, effort brings results.