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The Primary Traits of a Great Wedding Photographer

Wedding Photographer

Wedding PhotographerThe wedding day is one of the most memorable events in a person’s life. Therefore, couples often try to hire a professional photographer to capture every precious moment on their special day. 

Finding a good wedding photographer can be demanding sometimes, however. To get the best wedding photographer, you need to invest your time and money in doing research. The choice of a wedding photographer is the most important decision you will make in planning your wedding and it should not be taken lightly.

Here’s how to land the best wedding photographer:

Look for wedding photo samples

Look for their wedding photo samples then begin trimming down the candidates. Consider their work, especially their expertise in doing various photo genres. If the sample photos are great, you’ll have higher chances of getting ideal photos on your wedding. Do not consider just one photo. The wedding photographer should be able to provide you with few samples of his work, according to Kelly Adams Photography.

Measure the photographer’s professionalism

The best way to get quality wedding pictures is to hire a seasoned wedding photographer with a solid background. Experience plays an important role in this area. A photographer who has been in the business for more than 15 years is likely to provide good wedding photos than newcomers in the industry. Aside from experience, it is also ideal to know how many weddings a photographer has been to. This will even give you a better idea how experienced a photographer can be in capturing pictures on wedding days.

Know the photographer’s personality

It is highly recommended for the couple to meet and greet the photographer they are about to hire. If not, you can ask for a call online or other means of communication to determine the personality of the photographer. You need to make sure that your wedding day will be fun and comfortable. That said, hire a wedding photographer with a great attitude, has a sense of humor and cares deeply for your wedding.

It is important to invest in photography just as much as the other parts of your wedding. Look for an expert photographer who can take shots and images that capture every moment of the wedding. If you have succeeded in hiring a good photographer, you can already sit back and relax on your wedding day.

The Confessions of a Wedding Photographer: What They Want To Tell You, But Can’t

wedding photographer

wedding photographerProfessional wedding photographers help make your big day memorable. When hiring them, it’s best to look into their terms to avoid missing anything important. Like any other professional, they want to do their job well. To avoid any misunderstanding, you might want to look into these confessions:

Confession #1 – “We don’t edit everything, and we don’t give away raw files either.”

Many couples think that they have the right to request all the shots taken during their wedding. Photographers don’t give raw files for free. Even as professionals, they don’t always get the right frame. You can’t expect everybody to stay still, so there might be shots where you, your partner, or guests don’t look their best. Out of the 300 shots that photographers took, couples usually receive about 200.

Confession #2 – “Post-processing is not magic. When a shot is not good, we do a retake.”

Offbeat Bride, The Knot, Clay Jar Photography and many other wedding magazines and photographers all agree on this confession. The number of couples relying on post-processing is increasing, but many are misinformed. Photographers can adjust the lighting and colours through editing software, but they can’t make you look like a different person. Even if they can, there could be an extra charge.

Confession #3 – “The contract is for our best interests, not only yours.”

Photographers ask couples about the package they prefer from the start. This includes the number of printed and digital copies they’ll receive, if there will be a second shooter at the wedding or not and many other conditions. Some ask for more than what they’re willing to pay, however. It’s important to set all concerns when writing the contract to avoid changes on the day itself.

When hiring a wedding photographer, be sure to have a good talk with them. The more you know how they work, the better. This is to help set your expectations and avoid misunderstandings before, during and after the wedding.