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Indoors and Out: 3 Ways to Spend Winter in Chicago

Downtown Chicago & Lake MichiganChicago is a great place to explore in the winter—and there is an activity tailor-fit for everyone in the family. Whether it’s finding a winter activity for the kids, challenging your teenager’s daring skills or enjoying a dose of culture in Chicago, here are some great activities you should plan out in the winter.

Have snowtubing fun

When you’re having a vacation with your family, one of the great activities you can enjoy in the winter is snowtubing. The new craze that can usually be done in a ski lodge brings together a fun and safe time even for younger kids.

The reason for this is that you don’t have to know a particular set of abilities, unlike snowboarding and skiing. You simply need to ride a fabric-covered tube in the right winter attire, and enjoy the ride with your kids, reported Chicago Parent.

It’s a great way to have a ski-sloping fun without the risks of skiing. If you’re particularly uncoordinated or have a hard time keeping your balance on snowy slopes, then this is definitely for you.


For a more intense experience, snowboarding is a great activity for those who prefer a more epic and challenging recreational activity in the snow. According to TripSavvy, there are ski lodges near Chicago that provide a lot of jumps, rollers, and rails to make your snowboarding experience extra challenging.

Beginners or those who want to learn the sport may want to find a lodge that offers lessons in snowboarding. This way, you can enjoy your trip and learn a new skill for the winter.

Enjoy culture in the cold

Chicago is not just a home for outdoor activities—there are also must-see places to spend time in winter. Several museums offer viewings for free or at least a fair price, while cultural centers, conservatories, and even a planetarium is a great way to break your activity-filled vacation. These educational locations will expand your cultural perspective, as per the Chicago Tribune.

The next time you visit Chicago with family, make sure to create an itinerary that includes everything that’s enjoyable to the little ones, the teenagers, and even the grown-ups—and take in all angles of Chicago worth exploring.

Managing Travel Anxiety to Enjoy Your LDS Israel Vacations

A couple traveling as touristsThe fear of traveling is one of the most common anxieties that is often accompanied by some physical symptoms such as stomach problems, headaches, insomnia, and irritability. Some people don’t even realize why they feel so worked up before a trip; they wonder why they keep getting this nagging feeling a day or two. They also can’t explain why they keep postponing buying their LDS Israel travel tickets.

What causes travel anxiety?

Travel anxiety for some, results from the fear of flying, while for others, it stems from the fear being in unfamiliar situations. International travel can be scary these days, so the fear is understandable. Either way, fear shouldn’t rob you the joys of experiencing life. Here is are some ways to manage travel anxiety and enjoy your Cruise Lady LDS Israel vacations.

Anxiety results from the feelings of not being in control. So, to negate this, put down every detail of your travel. For example:

  • Find a map and photos of the airport arrival terminals and write down your route through the building.
  • If you lost your luggage, what would you do? Google this and write down the set of instructions.
  • To avoid dealing with unfamiliar transport on your first day, plan to take a taxi from the airport to your hotel or rental.
  • Write down everything you intend to do during your time there. There are a lot of fun places to visit in Israel so you need to have an outline of places you’d want to visit.

Plan everything out before you take the flight

Plan everything out before you leave the house. Who will be in charge of the house? Who will pick you mails? Don’t wait until the day of travel to start dealing with such details. On the day of the trip, you should be ready to pick your luggage and leave without the need to worry about who will take care of this or that.

Finally, it’s important to note that anxiety is a cumulative disorder. When you allow anxiety to take over one area of your life, it quickly spreads to other areas. If for instance, you have persistent generalized anxiety, dealing with it will help you fight other occasional anxieties such as travel anxiety

When in Singapore: A Closer Look into this Famous City

Exploring SingaporeNo one can argue that Singapore, one of the greatest cities in Asia, is brimming with tourist attractions. From shopping to themed parks to beaches, you will never run out of things to do. Naturally, you would want to get the most out of your vacation so here's a list of tourist spots in Singapore you might want to insert in your itinerary.

Botanic Gardens

Teeming with a diverse variety of floral and fauna, this UNESCO World Heritage Site is truly a sight to see. Open from 5am until midnight, this place gets busy with joggers, nature lovers, and families enjoying a picnic, especially on a weekend.

This also houses other attractions like the National Orchid Garden and Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden.

Shop till you drop

In search for some serious retail therapy? Rejoice, shopaholics, your salvation is on Orchard Road. To feast on luxury brands, trendy home-grown labels, and chic high-street fashion collection head over to ION Orchard, TANGS, Paragon, Orchard Gateway, and Robinsons The Heeren.

Discover a whole new culture

Head over to the Peranakan Museum, Katong Antique House, and the Baba House to discover and be fascinated with the Peranakan Culture, A culture originating from the Chinese immigrants. 

Skydiving like you've never experienced before

You want to experience skydiving but are afraid of jumping out of an actual plane? This is understandable that's why there is an indoor skydiving facility at ifly Singapore. 

Life's a beach

Singapore is not just all about shopping, themed parks, gardens, and parks. It is also home to some really amazing beaches. Two of these are the following:

  • Palawan Beach

This family beach has interesting shops and restaurants that are sure hits with both the adults and kids alike.

With kid-friendly ammenities, this beach will be a sure hit with the family. Let your kids have fun in the Port of Lost Wonder and KidZania Singapore. 

  • Siloso Beach

Combine bars and restaurants with a beach and it equates to perfection for fun-loving people.

This beach is alive with activities, day or night. You can simply soak under the sun or take a dip. If you are more into athletic activities, you can surf the man-made wave. There are also volleyball courts available on a first-come, first-served basis. You can also try skimboarding, kayaking, cycling, rollerbladin and the list goes on. 

Of course, your time will not be complete in Siloso without participating in the night activities. Celebrate the beach life and party all night long in one of  the vibrant bars and restaurants.

  • Tanjong Beach

Are you one of those who value their peace and quiet? Well, Tanjong Beach is perfect for you. You can spend hours basking under the sun or reading your favorite book. 

Of course, Singapore does not limit its tourist spots to only these. Give Singapore a visit and discover other attractions. Explore, have fun, and enjoy!

Holiday Memories Without Hassle: Smart Survival Hacks When Traveling with Children

Traveling with Kids

Traveling with KidsTraveling with kids need not always be a nightmare. A savvy dose of family travel know-how and a checklist should help you enjoy the vacation, not to mention having a whale of a time with them to create some fantastic family holiday memories.

Here are some hacks to survive a vacation with the kids, according to a business travel agency:

Meal Routines

Frenzied traveling and the excitement of witnessing various destinations can throw your children’s meal routines completely awry. Don’t keep fretting over the fact that the children might be hungry all the time. They will tell you when they’re hungry and won’t starve.

Arm yourself with plenty of their favorite snacks and drinks since unfamiliar places may not always have eateries around the corner. Stick to some part of the meal routine (such as breakfast or evening snacks) even though having all meals on schedule may not be possible.

Health and Safety

Ensure your children are properly immunized and examined by the physician before traveling.  This is more crucial when you’re traveling internationally, where you need to get immunized for certain ailments in specific countries. Always have a first aid/medical kit handy with standard medicines and first aid gear such as paracetamol, anti-itch creams, band-aids, thermometer and other medical essentials. Also, equip yourself with plenty of protective gear, depending on the place you’re visiting, such as sunscreen lotions, repellent creams, and sunglasses.

Keep them Occupied

Keep the young minds occupied by engaging them in holiday related adventures and tasks such a chronicling their  travel memories in a scrapbook. They could gather maps of places they’ve visited, write down interesting facts about a museum that intrigued them or simply research a dish they enjoyed eating at a destination.

With smart planning and some creative activities, you can expect a fun-filled vacation with the family. Don’t hesitate to get some help to take care of the tedious travel planning chores, so you can enjoy a hassle free adventure.


The Perfect Timing to Visiting Bath


bathAs with everything in life, it takes perfect timing to truly enjoy something. Especially when going on vacations and tours, haphazard planning and timing sometimes leads to disaster holidays.

Given that it is England’s only UNESCO World Heritage City, the city of Bath is naturally crowded with tourists. Nothing is worse than visiting a beautiful tourist attraction and failing to enjoy its splendour because of an annoying crowd of tourists. Fortunately, there are ways around this dilemma. By doing your research and timing your trip perfectly, you can save yourself from the crowd and maybe even get cheaper deals.

Sundays to Thursdays 

For a quieter and more low-key Bath experience, visit and stay in the charming city from Sundays to Thursdays. It is during these nights that accommodation is much cheaper. It would not be a problem to secure a single-night booking in most Bath hotels and bed and breakfasts, including the famous Bailbrook Lodge.

Another advantage to visiting this historic city during these days is you encounter less people and the spa is less busy. Majority of the crowd flock in during weekends and it is no secret how the centre of Bath during Friday and weekend nights get especially rowdy. Stay away from the trouble and experience the city at its most quiet from Sundays to Thursdays.

Peace and Quiet

Finally, major attractions such as the Roman Baths and Thermae Bath Spa are less crowded during these days. This means you experience the place better. It is every tourist’s dream: a not-so-crowded place, a quiet and peaceful environment and no extras ruining your beautiful photographs. Bath is made for peace and quiet and its best experienced in solace.

In terms of season, there is no bad time. The city is good during warm days, as it has plenty of outdoor attractions. Even during wetter days, a good array of museum, pubs and cafés are good for holing up in. It is not rocket science to have the dates to your trip planned right. All it takes is a bit of research, asking around and you are sure to have a better and quieter trip.

A Memorable Trip: Top Things to Do in the Holy Land

Holy Land

Holy LandWhile most visitors come to the Holy Land to seek God or to feel blessed, it is also a hedonistic travel destination. There are plenty of famous landmarks to visit, including world-class museums, the surreal desert, beautiful pastoral landscapes, and even modern establishments.

Below are a few things you can do in the Holy Land.

Soak in the Dead Sea

Despite Dead Sea’s salty and muddy nature, it is actually therapeutic. One great way to let the mineral do wonders to your body is to cover it with Dead Sea mud. Some of the minerals found in the sea are bromine, iodine, and magnesium. A medical staff can also professionally apply the mud in the nearby hotels as a part of a comprehensive treatment.

Take the Religious Approach

CruiseLady.com notes that an Israel tour is not complete without visiting the religious landmarks. If you want to learn more about the scriptures, visit the Garden of Gethsemane. This features 2,000-year old olive trees and is the place where Jesus and His disciples prayed the day before His crucifixion. You can also do the way of the cross at Via Dolorosa or say a prayer at the Holy Sepulcher Church.

Explore the Museums

With over 200 museums, Israel holds the highest number of museums per capita in the world.  A visit to Yad Vashem, the Holocaust museum, should not be missed. This 45,000-square foot museum commemorates the Jews who perished under Nazi persecution. Other museums to visit include Umm el-Fahem Art Gallery, The Israel Museum, and The Design Museum Holon.

Visit Tel Aviv

Just an hour away from Jerusalem, Tel Aviv feels like a country of its of own. This place stands out with an energetic attitude. On the Jewish Shabbat (Friday and Saturday), Western Jerusalem is in a quiet state, while Tel Aviv celebrates a vibrant life, with crowded stores and packed bars and restaurants.

These are just a few of the things you can do in the Holy Land. With plenty of modern and religious attractions, a visit to Israel will be one of those experiences you will remember for the rest of your life.