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3 Things You Can Do to Help Your Barbershop Succeed

Barbershop InteriorIf you’re planning to start your own business, a barbershop can be a lucrative venture as most men get haircuts once every three to six weeks. However, there are still many other things that you need to take care of to make this kind of business succeed.

Find the best location

One of the first things you should do when planning to open a barbershop is to search for the most suitable location for the business. As your target market is composed of men, consider opening your shop near other establishments that men frequent.

Situating your barbershop across public basketball courts, for example, is a feasible option. Also, you may not want to set up your business near other barbershops, so take note of the ones already in your area.

Invest in quality tools

A barbershop, of course, requires different kinds of tools. This doesn’t mean, however, that you’ll just purchase the first items you come across. Do your research to find out the best appliances, equipment, and supplies you can get to your shop.

There are actually online stores where you can review and buy items like Wahl clippers, shears, combs, and even barber chairs. Other items you’ll need include trimmers, razors, blow dryers, brushes, and hair products (pomade, styling cream, hair wax, etc.).

Create the right atmosphere

The right atmosphere will help your barbershop stand out above the rest. Apart from having barber’s pole and mirrors, you should design your barbershop with your target market in mind.

For instance — using the previous example of opening a shop across public basketball courts — you can decorate your shop with framed jerseys of LeBron James and Steph Curry or photographs of Kawhi Leonard with his braids and James Harden with his beard.

A barbershop is a great idea for opening a business, and you can improve the chances of your very own succeeding by having the best location, tools, and atmosphere.

You Asked: Should I Hire a PR Agency for my Start-Up?

PR Agency Start-upThere are opposing opinions about whether one should hire a PR agency to further their business achievements. Some argue that such an agency will drain a large amount of financial resources the business could have used for other marketing activities. But sometimes a professional PR person can do more for your company than your own ideas for promotion.

Know your business and its objectives

It may sound counter-intuitive, but the truth is some great start-ups fizzle out because the people behind them just didn’t have a clear line of sight toward their own objectives. Know your product, know your brand; then know where you want it to go. What is your place in the market? Who are the competition and how are they doing?

Know when to hire outside help

Not all business owners are great ambassadors for their brand. It’s quite simple; not everyone was born for marketing, even the brilliant minds behind brilliant start-ups. This is when you should hire outside help. Hire a Melbourne PR company because they can help you get your product and brand out there, and not because you only think you need one. One thing that should not be missing in this equation is money. Don’t hire a company if you don’t have the budget to sustain the campaign they will launch. Set aside a budget for this.

Know which agency to work with

It’s all about chemistry. A good agency may have the connections and the right ideas, but remember that not all of the good agencies are ready to work with start-ups. They have tailored activities for big companies. So find one that’s comfortable working with you, and vice versa.

A commitment to promote your brand and make it stronger via the work of an agency is a huge undertaking especially for a start-up. Know what you should prepare before you start calling and shortlisting agencies.

3 Hottest Start-Up Sectors in New Zealand

Profitable Start-UpsA stunning year-round weather, lush natural landscapes, and an easygoing vibe make New Zealand one of the most sought after destinations for migrants and business-seekers.

New Zealand has often emerged at the top of many start-up friendly countries list. It features a stable and open business culture that fosters entrepreneurship. Unlike other nations, New Zealand does not have complicated tax procedures. 
Here are some of the country’s hottest business sectors as listed by I.R.Thompson Associates Ltd:


Due to its vast natural resources, agriculture and related businesses are huge moneymakers in New Zealand. You can start anything from dairy farming to sheep rearing and pig farming. Organic fruit and vegetable farms are fast emerging business trends in the country, as healthy eating has become a global phenomenon.


Tourists are visiting New Zealand in droves for its gorgeous landscapes and adventurous sports activities. The year-round stunning weather makes tourism an all-season business. Tourists in NZ generated revenue of about $2.5 billion for fiscal year ending March 2015. Entrepreneurs can tap into this sector by investing in resorts, holiday villas, home stays, restaurants, adventure sports destinations, local travel agencies, and more.


Healthcare is also one of the steadiest and fastest rising industries in New Zealand. Budding executives can launch businesses related to the manufacturing and retail of medical equipment, healthcare gadgets, and software for medical practitioners.

Launch your own business and cash in on the evergreen and emerging business sectors in New Zealand. Ventures related to agriculture, tourism, and healthcare are currently booming due to an increased demand from the local and tourist population.