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Which States Have Expensive Fines for Speeding Violators?

Officer writing ticket to a violator

Officer writing ticket to a violatorDrivers in Illinois and Virginia have a bigger reason to comply with speed limits than other motorists in the U.S. due to the costly fines that may reach up to $2,500.

On a national scale, fines cost an average of $150 for drivers. The actual number of fines also vary every year, although states with expensive penalties are usually where the most number of people are caught with a police speed gun or other speed traps.

State Penalties

Georgia, Nevada, and North Carolina impose the second most expensive fines in the country, as violators may pay between $1,000 and $2,000 on their first offense. You could also land in jail from two months to one year, aside from paying the steep penalties.

Some places even require you to drive 10mph below the speed limit when passing by school zones, such as in New Hampshire. Most states in the East Coast impose a 70mph speed limit, while the majority of states in the Midwest and West Coast have a speed limit ranging from 75mph to 80mph.

Not Just Money

Proper observance of traffic laws won’t just let you avoid costly fines and jail time; it will also keep your insurance premiums low. In California, for instance, your rates would surge significantly if you are found to go above the state’s 70mph limit.

The state also charges a maximum fine of up to $600. It may be cheaper than other states, but it’s still expensive compared to Tennessee where the maximum fine is just $50. Other states with low fines of up to $100 include Colorado, Idaho, and Kentucky.

Motorists could simply avoid paying tickets and spending time in jail by following the traffic regulations in their state. Since technology allows law enforcement to use different speed-measuring devices, it’s going to be tough to prove that you weren’t going over the mandated limit.