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A Country of Math Whizzes: Singapore’s Love Affair with Numbers

Math Equation on a BoardStereotypes are normally a negative concept. When it comes the generalization that ‘Asians are good at math’, however, Singapore seems determined to live up to the stereotype. The city-state is consistently topping global rankings in mathematics, in fact. Their secret? An innovative approach to teaching elementary math.

The Singapore Mathematics Method

The ministry of education employed a team of teachers in the 80’s to develop the aptly labelled ‘Singapore Method’. They studied behavioral science and traveled to different countries to observe effective teaching methods. They also relied on the studies by the American educational psychologist Jerome Bruner which stated that people should learn in three stages: first by using real objects, followed by pictures, and then through symbols.

After their observations, the researchers settled on teaching a curriculum that focuses on modelling mathematical equations using visual aids and colored blocks.

Focus on Mastery

The Singaporean curriculum in schools and universities focuses on fewer topics but is particular about discussing it in greater depth. Students don’t just study math to get an answer for their exams later on — they learn how the equation works. There are 13 to 15 concepts discussed per grade level, and the Singaporean Method enables them to master each one.

Layered Lessons

The American approach to teaching math involves revisiting lessons months, even years, after students first learned them. This is often jarring for both students and teachers. On the other hand, the Singaporean curriculum focuses on one skill and uses it as a foundation for future lessons. This makes the progression from one concept to another easier and more natural for learners.

Aligned with Common Core Standards

Policymakers based the formulation of the Common Core standards on the success of other high-performing countries. It is no surprise, then, that some parts of the Singapore Method align with them. Further efforts to calibrate their educational system have pushed the state introduced new textbooks in 2014.

Singapore’s not-so-secret method on how to excel in mathematics involves using visual aids and focusing on mastery when learning equations. This tried and tested technique might encourage other countries to follow suit and step up the math education efforts.

A Few Essential Tips on Finding Apartments in Singapore

Service residence in SingaporeSingapore may be a tiny island city-state, but that doesn’t mean you should just wing it when looking for the apartments or other residential properties.

Although the odds of finding a good apartment are relatively good, there are certain pitfalls that you should avoid in doing so. One of them involves not contracting with the right kind of real estate agents. The only thing worse than that is not using an agent at all.

Avoid doing business with incompetent and inexperienced agents. It may appear as a given, but many people still fall trap to this mistake when looking for apartments.

Consider Your Options

A serviced residence in Singapore is one of the several alternatives to choose from if you’re looking to live in the city-state either for work or migration. These properties offer most of the amenities you’ll find in hotels such as restaurants, fitness centres, laundry facilities and even room service.

The location is another thing to keep in mind, but don’t get too concerned about it. If you’re an expat scheduled to work in Singapore, try to search for homes at least one month before your planned transfer. This can give enough time to assess your options and be less likely to rush into any lease contract.

For the same reason above, closing an apartment rental transaction in Singapore can take a while, particularly when dealing with Housing & Development Board flats.

Higher Charges

Look out for apartment rentals that could be affected by an increase in development-charge taxes, especially if you’re in a cash bind. Taxes for private apartment sites in District 9 will increase up to 12.2 per cent, The Straits Times reported.

This increase stemmed from higher land values in areas of downtown Singapore. This, in turn, will lead developers to pay larger development-charge taxes for the construction of projects.

If you’re still interested, seek help from property agencies to secure the best apartment with a reasonable price that fits your budget and living preferences.

When in Singapore: A Closer Look into this Famous City

Exploring SingaporeNo one can argue that Singapore, one of the greatest cities in Asia, is brimming with tourist attractions. From shopping to themed parks to beaches, you will never run out of things to do. Naturally, you would want to get the most out of your vacation so here's a list of tourist spots in Singapore you might want to insert in your itinerary.

Botanic Gardens

Teeming with a diverse variety of floral and fauna, this UNESCO World Heritage Site is truly a sight to see. Open from 5am until midnight, this place gets busy with joggers, nature lovers, and families enjoying a picnic, especially on a weekend.

This also houses other attractions like the National Orchid Garden and Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden.

Shop till you drop

In search for some serious retail therapy? Rejoice, shopaholics, your salvation is on Orchard Road. To feast on luxury brands, trendy home-grown labels, and chic high-street fashion collection head over to ION Orchard, TANGS, Paragon, Orchard Gateway, and Robinsons The Heeren.

Discover a whole new culture

Head over to the Peranakan Museum, Katong Antique House, and the Baba House to discover and be fascinated with the Peranakan Culture, A culture originating from the Chinese immigrants. 

Skydiving like you've never experienced before

You want to experience skydiving but are afraid of jumping out of an actual plane? This is understandable that's why there is an indoor skydiving facility at ifly Singapore. 

Life's a beach

Singapore is not just all about shopping, themed parks, gardens, and parks. It is also home to some really amazing beaches. Two of these are the following:

  • Palawan Beach

This family beach has interesting shops and restaurants that are sure hits with both the adults and kids alike.

With kid-friendly ammenities, this beach will be a sure hit with the family. Let your kids have fun in the Port of Lost Wonder and KidZania Singapore. 

  • Siloso Beach

Combine bars and restaurants with a beach and it equates to perfection for fun-loving people.

This beach is alive with activities, day or night. You can simply soak under the sun or take a dip. If you are more into athletic activities, you can surf the man-made wave. There are also volleyball courts available on a first-come, first-served basis. You can also try skimboarding, kayaking, cycling, rollerbladin and the list goes on. 

Of course, your time will not be complete in Siloso without participating in the night activities. Celebrate the beach life and party all night long in one of  the vibrant bars and restaurants.

  • Tanjong Beach

Are you one of those who value their peace and quiet? Well, Tanjong Beach is perfect for you. You can spend hours basking under the sun or reading your favorite book. 

Of course, Singapore does not limit its tourist spots to only these. Give Singapore a visit and discover other attractions. Explore, have fun, and enjoy!

Top 4 Museums You Must Visit During Your Singapore Holiday

SingaporeWhen Singapore is mentioned, most people are quick to think of a small, wealthy country. Singapore offers many interesting places to visit. It is a culturally diverse state with influences from the Indian, Malay, Chinese and even European influences. If you love art, you’ll be thrilled to find out that Singapore has excellent artworks from renowned artists both locally and internationally. Here are some of the museums you can visit to get a sneak peek into the country’s rich cultural heritage.

Singapore Art Museum

Being one of the stunning museums, Singapore Art Museum is located just two blocks from the famous Raffles Hotels. With a huge collection of contemporary Asian artworks, you’ll find art from various time frames. The museum was opened in 1996 with an aim to give local arts international exposure. You’ll find electronic arts and Chinese calligraphies exhibited in the museum.

National Museum of Singapore

If you are a sucker for history and culture, the National Museum of Singapore is guaranteed to make your visit to Singapore an exciting one. Featuring an array of treasured items such as paintings, movies and a collection of images, you’ll be stunned by the artefacts exhibited in the museum.

Asian Civilization Museum

Featuring 10 thematic galleries that exquisitely parade well-preserved artefacts, the Asian Civilization Museum was built in 1865 and it’s one of the best places to visit. Explore various artefacts that depict the traditional aspect of Asia’s civilization, culture, and religion. Get to see the Dehua porcelain figures, calligraphy and the Buddhist statuary.

Peranakan Museum

Run by the Singapore National Heritage board, the Peranakan Museum is a partner museum of ACM. The museum hosts a collection of art. Peranakan objects that depict their tradition and culture.

Visiting these museums during your trip to Singapore will make your trip memorable as you get to learn the various aspects of Singapore’s culture. While most of them are free to the public, you may have to pay for special exhibits.