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Five Steps to an Impressive Team Headshot

Team of businessman on a group shotIt takes less than a second to make a good impression on a potential client. Your group headshots may be all a person needs to decide they want your services. Here are five easy steps to creating an impressive headshot:

1. Start with a Concept

One thing that makes headshots stand out – whether for individuals or groups – is the concept that goes with it. Think of yourself as a brand, and discuss with your photographer what you would like to project. Diving instructors might opt for an underwater portrait; actors may want to recreate a famous scene and lawyers may choose to convey authority.

2. Pick a Setting

Many people prefer to have their photo shoots at the studio, but there is no rule against going on location. Colorful, dynamic backgrounds can project more energy. If you want to appear more accessible, try doing the photo shoot outdoors or in a public place rather than in a boardroom.

3. Choose Clothes that Flatter

Unless you are artists or designers, it’s best to stay away from loud prints. Small patterns, on the other hand, may be indistinguishable. Choose a flattering outfit with a more or less solid color that complements your skin tone. Try them on before the shoot to get a feel of the clothes. It is best to choose an outfit you can feel comfortable and confident wearing.

4. Consider Hair and Makeup

Put your best foot forward to make the best first impression. Don’t hesitate to get a professional to style your hair and makeup. Avoid having too much makeup, though, as this can obscure your features. Men should get a haircut before the shoot, and attend to their beards or mustaches to make sure they look neat.

5. Rest Well

Finally, make sure everyone gets enough sleep the night before the photo-op. Clear the team’s schedule ahead of time to avoid stress.

Remember these easy tips and set yourself up for a productive and enjoyable photo session. But most importantly, make sure you hire professionals you can trust to create your headshots. Invest in the best.

Strategies for Improving Road Transport Performance

Trailer delivery truck on a warehouse being repairedEvery year, companies move tonnes of goods from one region to another. This practice brings products and services closer to people who have no ready access to them. The road has been the primary method used to transport heavy goods using trucks and low load trailers since time immemorial. These moving equipment move huge and heavy products to their destination.

However, the emergence of many companies offering the same services has put pressure on many establishments. This situation has pushed the investors back to the drawing board to come up with new strategies.

1. Acquiring a modern fleet

Embracing trucks and trailers with advanced features ensure that they can manoeuvre through the terrain with ease. The vehicles should have fuel efficient engines and withstand extended periods without a need for major services.

2. Qualified staff

Today, truck drivers perform minor mechanical operations on the road. This skill enables them to detect any mechanical issue and to solve it before it gets out of hand. The company should employ qualified drivers and engineers who offer their services on time to ensure timely delivery of goods to customers.

3. Implementing road accident measures

Drivers are responsible for causing most untoward incidences on the roads. However, they are not solely to blame for this state of affairs. Partly to blame are the long hours of work, failure to recognise tiredness and use of medication that causes drowsiness. Corrective measures should be implemented to prevent unnecessary accidents and delays.

4. Have a healthy working capital

The transport sector has busy and sluggish seasons. The company should be ready to overcome pressures of low seasons and reap maximum profits during high periods.

The transport industry is a lucrative venture. Observing minimum requirements will keep your company afloat and profitable for a long time.

The Funeral Arrangements Industry Takes on a Whole New Perspective

Funeral ArrangementYou’ve been accustomed to the general funeral arrangements – letting friends and family visit the deceased person’s body and holding a graveside funeral service. But did you know that there are different funeral arrangements available today?

The funeral services industry continuously evolves as time passes. In Utah, Lindquist Mortuaries and Cemeteries note that funeral arrangements in Layton now range from the traditional to the contemporary ways of honoring your beloved deceased.

Personalizing the Funeral Services

Funerals are now viewed as a meaningful service where you can honor your loved one and bid him a final farewell. It’s not merely the tradition of burying the deceased body anymore. That’s why you’ll likely want a personalized funeral service reflecting the preferences and personality of your deceased loved one.

Trends On the Rise

This “personalized funeral service” thinking drove several funeral service providers to offer a variety of services that celebrate the uniqueness of the deceased person’s life. Here are some of the funeral arrangement trends in Layton that you can choose from:

  • Live Broadcast Services

The death of a loved one can be so sudden that not all the family members can attend the funeral services themselves. That’s why funeral homes often provide live online broadcasts of the funeral service for the deceased person’s far-flung relatives to view. These broadcasts can also be recorded and compiled into a DVD for the family to keep.

  • Memorial Videos

Videos featuring music, photos and video clips of the deceased person can also be created. Ask your funeral home to help you make one to celebrate the memories of your deceased. Such videos can be shown during visitation services and the final funeral rites itself.

  • Cremation Services

Cremation is a cost-effective way to manage the death of your loved one. You may opt to have a visitation or funeral service for family and friends before the cremation itself. You can also have the body cremated, then hold a personal memorial service with the remains present during the ceremony.

  • Eco-Friendly Funeral Services

Opt for a so-called “green funeral” if your family is naturally eco-conscious. More funeral arrangements providers in Layton and across the country incorporate more ecological solutions in their services. These include using formaldehyde-free products in embalming, opting not to embalm, biodegradable caskets, organic food for visitors, natural flowers, and using recyclable products, among others.

Indeed, it’s better if you plan your loved one’s funeral based on his unique personality. Talk closely with your chosen funeral home’s director so that your loved one’s personalized funeral goes seamlessly well. Giving your loved one a service using any of the abovementioned trends will surely be a fitting tribute to a life well-lived.

Key indicators that your water heater system needs a replacement

Water HeaterLike any other appliance, your home water heater may break down from time to time. However, the problem may start as a small leak and consequently become an issue you can no longer handle. 

Thus, it is advisable that you observe the common indicators show there is a problem in the heating system. Being able to correct the problem at an earlier stage may help mitigate bigger problems in the future, beehiveplumbing.com recommends.

When you face such problems with your heater systems, it is crucial that you contact a water heater specialist to diagnose and correct the problem immediately.

  • When water builds up or leaks from the water heater

It is a sure sign that something in your system is not all right. The problem in most occasions is an internal fault. Ensure that you turn off the water and the power unit and contact your plumber. Leaking water is a hazard and can cause serious damage to property if not stopped on time.

  • When water is unable to drain via the drain valve

Sediments build up inside the water heater tank over time. However, flushing your system at least once in a year will extend the useful life of your heater. Unfortunately, where you do not frequently flush your system, the sediments build up and reach at a point that the issue cannot be solved. At such a point the only solution is to replace the system.

  • When you spot rust and corrosion

It is crucial that you check your tank for any rust and corrosion elements. Mostly, the most affected areas are on the temperature and the pressure valve. Also, check if the water is turning to a rusty color.

Unfortunately, incidences of rust and corrosion take much work to fix. Consequently, when rusting starts the water tanks begins to leak after some time. Hence, you should make you call a professional to have the problem fixed.

  • When your water is cold or lukewarm

When the water is not as hot as it used to be or is not hot at all, then there is something erroneous with your system. You should call an expert to check for the cause of the problem. In most instances the heater may be beyond repair and replacement could be the only option.

Performing regular water heater maintenance could help point out the problems before they go into an unrepairable point.