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Yes, Old Content Is Still Applicable to Your SEO

Content MarketingWebsuitable.com shares that it is getting harder to draw an audience in as the quantity of content on the internet continues to rise at an astonishing rate. In spite of this, brands and publishers continue to produce new pages. According to Internet Live Stats, at least 4.3 million blog posts go live each day.

Although there’s nothing wrong with publishing fresh material on a regular basis, it would be better if you took advantage of your older content pieces. By stretching the shelf life of your old content, you’ll increase your discoverability and make your investment in these assets worth it. Here’s how you’ll do it.

Identify Assets that Are Ripe for Life Extension

Audit the content currently on your site and choose which assets should be upgraded, unpublished, promoted, updated or repurposed. As quality is important to content marketing, take down old and irrelevant content. Before doing so, don’t forget to put up 301 redirects so that visitors clicking on old URLs will redirect to newer, updated pages with relevant content.

Update and Upgrade

Review your past page performance metrics and determine articles that are potentially major performers but never reached their full potential. This would be a good time to renew the talking points in your content to display the newest information and trends. To make the page more attractive to visitors, add subheaders and visuals. You can even cite data to solidify the arguments you make. Link and quote to relevant experts in your pages to acquire powerful backlinks.

Steer Traffic to Your Evergreen Assets

Your goal should be to have people constantly checking your content archives. By doing so, you’ll decrease your bounce rate and boost the natural social shares of your site. To accomplish this objective, utilize your social media profiles and email list to promote your old but great content. You can even assemble a series of rich content guides that point to specific topics and then allocate each topic to a particular target audience.

It’s time to forget the volume game and get serious about making the most of every bit of content that goes live on your site. Although you’ll end up publishing fewer articles because of these efforts, you’re likely to stay ahead of the competition.

What SEO Companies Can Do for You

SEO Companies Can Do

SEO Companies in AustraliaSearch engine optimisation, or SEO, is one of the easiest and most important processes involved in giving a business the right kind of exposure. Particularly for companies in Australia struggling to make an impact or attract the target market.

Whether you are a start-up or small business owner, the importance of SEO is something you can’t ignore. If your website simply is not reaching the right audiences or the right number of people, then it is time you consider getting some professional help when it comes to exposure for your company.

Great Things About SEO

For an increase intraffic to your website, search engine visibility is important for increasing sales and brand awareness. If you have been running short of time and efforts required increasing visibility of the website, then the importance of an SEO company is even more prominent.

Search Engine Optimisation, according to MashMedia.com.au and other SEO specialists in Sydney, can result in better lead conversions. Though it can be a complicated online marketing strategy, the results can increase your ROI. There are clear goals set and people have clarity on what they wish to achieve, the kind of results they are looking for and on the number of sales they are looking to generate, focused efforts and change are essential to achieving business goals.

Profit and Brand Awareness

Having a successful SEO campaign can also lead to greater brand awareness and more profit. For many businesses, achieving the kind of brand image they want is a planned and deliberate process. It may not always work out perfectly according to your need, but with some clear planning and targets set,you can make the company a well-known one among the consumers.

Clients who want to see specific analytics and results applied towards achieving the best outcome for their business or those who have been struggling to draw in the right kind of audience should focus on SEO and see the change in their business.

Make sure you work with SEO companies who can make you at ease, discuss complete plans and strategies, provide clear numbers and are open about how they plan to bring about and sustain a positive change in the business world.