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The Year of Challenges for Digital Advertising: Boosting Your Ranking This 2017

Seminar About Digital MarketingThis year, experts and practitioners in the marketing industry predict that it would be rather more difficult for marketers and businesses to score in terms of organic rankings. Google and the other major search engines have stepped up their game as far as ranking websites are concerned.

Often, even the savviest digital marketing gurus are left scratching their heads whilst looking at the latest ranking of the websites they are trying to help. That's because SEO is not an exact science. It’s more a trial and error type of game, particularly because search engines like Google are not too forthcoming about the way they determine where websites should fall.

All that being said, it's foolhardy to assume you do not need to place on search, or that you can do away with your SEO altogether. That will make it even more difficult to achieve that top ranking you and several million other website owners are vying for. Perhaps one of your next big steps is to strengthen your local small business marketing. Here are some suggestions:

Focus on where you are

The good news about Google is that it now supports local searches more heavily. In the old days, trying to rank for a local search gets you between a rock and a hard place. Nowadays, if a mobile user is searching for what you offer, the suggestions they may find on their mobile search change as they move.

Use the right listings

Listings are important, particularly because reviews by customers now hold even more weight. Google’s algorithm can now determine whether entries on different listings belong to one person or business, and so those presences on listings help Google determine how legitimate your website or business is. 

It helps to be present on listings that are focused on your industry. For example, if you own a restaurant somewhere in Singapore, using HungryGoWhere advertising may give you an edge over your competition. This listing website is a food guide authority in SG, so make sure you are there.

Strengthen your social game

Many digital marketers in the past looked down on efforts made using social media. Now, they're coming around to the fact that it seems to exercise more power than plain old organic search. People are on social media, and they trust their peers more than they trust traditional advertising. To reach out to your customers, you have to be in contact with them through their Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest.

This is the year when the old ways of doing your SEO are taking a backseat to welcome newer and more influential channels. Make sure to get in touch with your SEO agency to talk about new strategies that you cannot afford to ignore.

Boost Your Business: 5 Ways to Improve Website Traffic

Web Traffic

Web TrafficYour website is the heart of your business online. Therefore, it is important to ensure that your heart is able to pump enough blood, in the form of website traffic, to keep your business growing. In an era of highly competitive online schemes, however, how does a business remain visible and competitive?

1. Focus on the Content

Website design can affect the interest of your audience in your website. That's not enough to make them stay, however. What makes an audience engaged is the content. Shareable content like facts and quizzes are relatable, while scheduling monthly newsletters have also become effective.

2. Social Media Marketing

Almost all companies have their own respective social media accounts. Use these accounts to lead your audiences in visiting and engaging to your websites.

3. Optimize your SEO

Optimizing your SEO with the help of professional agencies is one way of buying website traffic. The more traffic you have on your website, the wider your reach is. Nevertheless, the quality (engagements) of website traffic is something you should monitor for it to become effective.

4. Blogs Work Wonders

Bloggers are their own stars online, and there's a good reason for that. A 23-year-old blogger might have a million followers while your business has a hundred thousand. Gain mutual benefits by working with bloggers. Have your business featured by bloggers that target your niche and see your web traffic increase in no time.

5. Participate in Forums

Participating in forums is a good way of manually establishing your business and website’s credibility. Answer Q&A’s and be the expert in your field of work. This will make people interested and would eventually draw them to your website.

These suggestions can help you get increased traffic. However, it is also important to take note that increased traffic doesn’t mean increased profit because in this case, quality should be maintained over quantity.