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Packing Essentials for Cycling Holidays

Athlete cycling on the road

Athlete cycling on the roadWith millions of cyclists around the world, cycling is no doubt one of the top sports today. Doctors recommend cycling as a way to become fit and relax the mind.

In fact, more people are enrolling for the road cycling holidays in Italy this year. If you are planning to have your holiday on and off the bike, here are four essentials to carry on your holiday:


Pictures capture memories that you will cherish for many years. You will witness beautiful sceneries while cycling and there is no better way to have the memories than to capture the moments in real time. You will need a lightweight camera that can take high-resolution photos.

Comfortable Gear

The right equipment is important to ensure that you do not get tired quickly. Your cycling gear should be light, breathable and comfortable. Your shoes should fit you properly for longer periods of cycling. Source each of your cycling gear from a reputable sports shop to get more guidance on the right items to carry for your holiday.

Water Bottle

Cycling is a physical activity that will get you dehydrated along the way, especially if you will be cycling in hot areas. There are water bottles with unique designs to fit on your bike and are made specifically for cyclists. You do not need to worry about refilling your water bottle, as you will make multiple stops on the way.

Sun Protection

You will need to protect your skin and eyes from the sun. That said, you must bring glasses that will minimise the glare from the sun and protect your eyes from intense UV rays. A good-quality sunscreen will come in handy as well.

Cycling is among the best ways to spend your holiday. You can do it to achieve a fitter body and find an opportunity to meet other cyclists. There is no doubt you will likewise have fun.