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The Legals of House Buying

Couple consulting a solicitor about buying a house

Couple consulting a solicitor about buying a houseIt’s a well-known fact that alongside bereavement and divorce, buying a house is one of the most stressful things that people have to go through. Not that that seems to put off many Brits, who are the keenest homeowners in Europe. In most other European countries, people are pretty happy to rent, but in the UK, the desire to own a house is partly because it is seen as an investment, which they can either use to their advantage in later life, or pass on to the children when they die.

Of course, even in Portsmouth, house prices are going up and up, and that means that young people are having to find larger and larger deposits for their first homes. However, once that all-important deposit has been scraped together, it’s time to find a good conveyancing solicitors in Portsmouth to help get through the stages involved in buying a property.

The first step is to get a good mortgage and it is advised to do this before making an offer on a house. Then, when the offer has been accepted, the conveyancing solicitors in Portsmouth can get going on the various things that need to be done before contracts can be exchanged. There are various good solicitors available, including Andrew & Andrew Solicitors.

The buyer instructs the conveyancing solicitors in Portsmouth to handle all that needs to be done to ensure a legal transfer of ownership. This involves a lot of paperwork, such as contracts, questionnaires about the property, and transferring the funds.

Some solicitors may not be heard from for weeks; other conveyancing solicitors in Portsmouth are much better at staying in touch and regularly letting the client know where they have got to in the process.

What is going on behind the scenes is that the seller’s solicitor sends over information about the property, which the buyer’s solicitor reviews. They may need to clarify some points. The solicitor also carries out searches on the property. It is worth checking how the conveyancing solicitors in Portsmouth charge for their services; whether it’s flat rate or separate fees for each little part of the buying process.

Buying a Commercial Property in Vancouver: What to Remember

commercial propertyBuying a commercial space in Vancouver is an expensive process that you need to do with due diligence. You have to create a proper plan to ensure the success of such an endeavour. There are several factors that you need to consider when choosing a commercial property. Here are a few things to remember when it comes to choosing a commercial space for sale in Vancouver, Canada.

Look for a Good Location

You need to consider the location of the property, especially when it comes to your target market. You need to do thorough research on which areas have a higher potential to attract your target customers.

Work With A Licensed Real Estate Agent

You need to look for a certified real estate broker when looking for a property. Real estate agents can provide you with excellent properties on sale that will most likely offer you a good deal. Working with a licensed real estate broker will offer you with the assurance that they have the right set of skills to do the job for you.

Know the Laws

Most commercial properties are subject to environmental investigations to ensure that they are appropriately regulated. So, ensure that you follow the rules of law to prevent any problems in the future. You have to prepare for a property inspection and ensure that your business follows all environmental regulations set by the government.

Estimate Your Expected Returns

You should also consider the expected returns when deciding on a commercial property. Keep in mind that you’re not just profiting from your products or services. You can also create even more revenue on your commercial property as well. You should also consider rental cash flows as a measure of your ROI.

Looking for the right commercial property for your business is essential, especially if you’re looking for profitable business growth. Working with a professional can help you with your decisions and can ensure your success.

Eden Prairie Tops a List of the Best Places to Live in Minnesota

High rise condominiumIf you’re planning to relocate to Minnesota, Eden Prairie might be the right place for you as it ranked number one in Best Places to Live in Minnesota, according to the data Niche gathered. The affluent area west of Downtown Minneapolis placed number two on Money Magazine’s 2016 Best Places to Live.

What Makes Eden Prairie the Best?

Eden Prairie is proud of its booming, diverse economy. There are at least 2,800 businesses that continue to grow as the city becomes a popular business destination. The city, with a population of 63,206, has a friendly, diverse community.

The city is also well known for having a highly educated labor force. According to recent data, 60.9 percent of the residents in the city have earned a bachelor’s degree or higher.

Known for its booming economy, highly educated labor force, and excellent quality of life, Eden Prairie consistently ranks among the best places for businesses in the US.

What are the Perks of Living this Popular City?

Mixed-use development, Southwest Station Condominiums shares that location spells the difference between a good home and a great home.

With Eden Prairie as your preferred location, you may have plenty of job opportunities. Money Magazine reports that there are 57, 000 jobs in the city, while Niche reveals that the unemployment rate is only 2.4 percent and the poverty rate is 4.3 percent.

If you want to visit the place first, you can book a room in any of the hotels and sample the sumptuous cuisine in any of the award-winning restaurants in the city. Eden Prairie attracts roughly 13-million visitors per year.

To keep a balance between industry and nature, Eden Prairie made efforts to have a lot of parks, trails and open spaces.

In terms of crime and safety, 67 percent of respondents in a Niche survey said that they feel very safe in the place. Additionally, 80 percent of participants said that police are visible and responsive.

Conducting thorough research will surely help you choose the right place when you’re planning to move to a new place. And with Eden Prairie’s many appealing features, it could become your new home.

Land Surveyors: Your Partners in Property Assessment

Land surveyor A land surveyor’s work is to measure the three-dimensional aspects of land to outline the legal history of the property, its current condition and physical features. Land surveyors in Auckland, New Zealand go through a training process to qualify and be licensed to carry out the work. Here are the times when you should consider a land surveyor.

When buying new property

You would want to find out the legal history of the piece of land you are interested in including its exact size and boundaries. Only a surveyor can help you get the right information. Also, you will know whether any structures around are within the property boundaries.

 When selling the property

Buyers tend to be more at ease buying a property with a recent survey document. Although they too will have to carry out their independent survey, this will build their trust in you.

When building new structures

You would not want to build on your neighbour’s property. When putting up new structures or a fence, it is essential to have a surveyor check out whether you are within your boundaries. Also, you will want to know whether the structures meet the required legal standards in the area.

When subdividing land

Land surveyors in Auckland can help you divide property, which comes in handy when you want to sell or divide property. He can also draft a subdivision proposal and take into consideration any legal procedures to follow.

When applying for a mortgage

Banks and other financial institutions will require a recent survey of the property before they lend the money. They may not rely on the old survey carried out when buying the property because zoning and building laws change periodically.

Surveyors can help property owners when disputes arise. They can give expert evidence in court regarding the land and any structures in it. Also, a surveyor can help you avoid any legal problems even before you buy the property.

Top Factors to Consider Before Investing in Commercial Property

Commercial PropertyReal estate investment is a great way to earn revenue for years. Like other investments, if you don’t start it right, you will find it hard to go on. Consider crucial factors before stepping into the murky waters of buying commercial property.

1. Property location

A prime location today may turn out to be a detestable one tomorrow. While you can’t tell the future of any place, you can make an assessment based on the past performance of businesses in the location you intend to invest it.

Moreover, ensure that people can easily connect to the place using rail, water or road transport. Is the location near important amenities such as schools, hospitals, shopping malls and recreational facilities? Proximity to such environments can attract more customers.

2. Costs

Although you need to consider how much the property will cost, don’t forget to factor in expenses you may need to address before and after completing the transaction. Examples are water and power charges, levy, repair costs, improvement costs and municipal fees. A look at these expenses will show you the property’s total cost and the possible returns if you choose to sell it.

3. Allowable property uses

Sentinelpg.com.au says your commercial property investment may be used for varying purposes depending on its location. While assessing the property, find out its current uses and know the businesses you can or can’t carry out in a particular area.

4. The reason for sale

Find out why the property owner wants to sell it. For example, if the seller is in dire financial need, you will be in a better position to negotiate and close the deal. If the seller can’t handle major repairs on the property, use this to know whether the suggested price is plausible.

These are among the main factors to keep in mind before purchasing commercial property. Remember them and you will reap the profits from your investment.

What to Consider When Hiring Real Estate Managers

Real Estate

Real EstateInvesting in real estate sounds great only if you have access to sufficient capital to the venture. The rental property, without a doubt, provides a steady income. Despite the venture offering a stable source of money, managing two or more properties can be time-consuming and sometimes stressful if you have others thing to do. For this reason, property managers takes away the hustle involved – giving you enough time to enjoy the profit of your investment and perhaps expand your estate.

Here are some things you need to look for when hiring your next property manager:

The experience

Before you trust a property manager in Brisbane, industry professional urbanproperty.com.au notes that you need to prove their capacity to handle any property. The potential company needs to provide a list of the current and past properties they have managed and perhaps the reason they stopped. In addition, they need to show you the frequency of eviction cases on their current properties. A higher rate indicates the inadequate capacity to ensure thorough screening of tenants on admission.

The management fee

When it comes to property management, you need to understand that the agency operates to make money. The cost, however, varies from one manager to the agency and is often tied to the kind of service that you get. While you are looking to lower the cost of managing the house, you should be able to balance between high level of accountability and the fee.

Management approach

Often, your building requires physical inspections and repairs especially when the occupants vacate the premises. The contractor needs to indicate the frequency of both interior and outer surfaces to keep the house in ambient condition. If you have a low tenant turnover, the agent may be required to make annual physical inspections on the interior side of the premises. They also need to highlight the mode billing for repairs and maintenance costs.

Reduce the rate of evictions through a qualified property manager. Before hiring one, though, it’s important to arm yourself with the right information to avoid lifelong regrets.


Online Property Listings Spell Success for Your Motel Sale

Motel sign

Motel signSelling a motel property using traditional marketing methods is challenging. Imagine the cost of advertising in newspapers or classifieds; you might end up going over your budget and lose more funds than what you prepared for.

It is for those reasons that Resortbrokers.com.au and other motel brokers in Queensland recommend the use of property listings online. These marketing tools will boost your chances of a successful sale. Here’s how property listings can help with your marketing endeavours:

Greater exposure to your target market

While people say newspaper ads will indeed increase your motel’s visibility, this is not always true in most cases. The reason? Most people nowadays look for such information online through their desktop PCs or mobile devices.

On the other hand, selling your property through listings will give it better exposure to your target market. Your property will be viewed in various online platforms, including websites and social media. These listings will increase your chances of attracting buyers for your motel.

Convenience for property buyers

Buyers will look up properties online because it’s more convenient. These listings are usually geo-specific, which means property buyers in your area will see your offer easily. Your chances of selling your motel property will become higher if people can find and see your property easier.

Build credibility for your ad

There are many misleading ads about properties for sale. As such, buyers will usually verify all the details about the property before closing the deal.

Property listings will make your offer more credible, which will help your motel sale. The pictures and other information you’ll feature online will give the impression that your offer is the real deal. Plus, the fact that the property listing site featured your motel sale ad means your offer is legit.

Selling your motel through property listings will improve your market share, reach your target market and make your offer more trustworthy. As such, it’s only practical to feature your ads in such listings than relying on mass media and other troublesome methods. All it takes is the right listing site to feature your offer.

Applying for a Resource Consent: Why, When, and How?


HouseAuckland’s local government is very serious about protecting the environment. It is too easy to do irreversible harm to the land if people are too careless. This is why land ownership does not come with absolute rights; even if you own a plot, there are limits to what you can do to it.

If you are planning to build a home, do major earthwork, put in a swimming pool, or do anything else that will significantly affect the land, you will need a resource consent from the Auckland council first.

What is Resource Consent?

The Auckland Council requires two types of consent: building and resource. Resource consent deals mainly with your project’s potential impact on the environment. Requirements will depend on the impact in not only your land, but the surrounding area as well. If you are planning on designing and building a new home, you will also probably need a building consent.

What is the application process?

The application for a resource consent will depend on several factors, which can make it very complex. Many experts like Cato Bolam Consultants warn property owners that a single mistake can set the process back and lead to unnecessary costs. The actual steps will also depend on which kind of consent the developer needs.

  • Land use consent
  • Subdivision consent
  • Tree consent
  • Certificates
  • Regional consents

Depending on your project, you may have to process applications for one or more of these. The council provides advice on what types of consent you will need, along with any additional steps you need to take.

How long does it take?

The council requires you to get a resource consent within 20 days of your application, but the actual process can take longer depending on issues that may come up. In most cases, the council will “stop the clock” to give you time to look into problems that may come up in their assessment of your project. Occasionally, the process can take months before you get the Resource Consent you need.

Getting a resource consent is not a simple process. The council does expect that you will get professional help to get it done right. It is possible to do it on your own, but it will not be straightforward, and you may pay more fees than you expect. At the very least, you should consult with an experienced planner to help you along the way and keep your costs down.