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Project Management Professional Exam: Crucial Study Guidelines

Project Management The PMP or Project Management Professional credential is widely known as the most difficult certifications that require coursework and several years of experience just to be eligible for the certification exam. Surveys state that only around 70% of individuals successfully pass the exam. To increase the chances that you don’t end up as one of the 30%, below are some practical study guidelines to help you prepare for the exam.

Create a Study Calendar

This is a crucial step in your preparation to earning the PMP credential. Focus on reading and really comprehending the terminology, knowledge areas, and processes in the PMBOK Guide. Taking quizzes is likewise important for easy recall. Additionally, consider going to preparation classes to learn about critical study tips and compare notes with other test takers.

Take Plenty of Practice Tests

This must be done later on in your study schedule after you’ve had the chance to understand your study material as best as you could. An expert from Milestone Management Partners advised to make certain that the practice tests involve situational questions and are not only recall-oriented. This is because the exam is all about measuring your capability to apply the knowledge you learned from the PMBOK Guide, and not merely your capability to recall it, advises a PMP training course instructor in Utah. To reiterate, start your studying with information recall and then move on to the more situational questions. Focus on your trouble spots and practice!

Isolate Yourself

A day before you’re scheduled to take the exam, go to a quiet place, like a hotel, close to your exam facility and isolate yourself with only your study materials. Many people have various distractions — a spouse, children, work, chores, and hobbies among others. Having this private time makes certain that you could focus on your studying and your studying alone, away from interruptions.

Lastly, make sure that you get a good night’s rest prior to your PMP exam. Take note that according to many studies, taking an exam completely refreshed and well rested could help you recall more of your study material and give you ample confidence in yourself when you take the exam.

All the Reasons You Need to Go Cloud with Project Management

Cloud-Based Project ManagementOne of the most critical aspects in any enterprise or business is project management. But with the serious advancements in technology, more and more companies have transitioned their project management applications to the “cloud” or the Internet.

Thanks to the cloud, team leaders and members now find it easier to access, manage, and complete project teams wherever they may be located. The following are the other features of cloud-based project management tools that will make you want to proceed with the transition as soon as possible.

Collaboration made even easier

When you switch to the cloud for your project management needs, you and your other team members will find collaboration even easier. These tools come with features that eliminate a lot of the difficulty of sharing data and documents with every member of the team. Team managers will even find it faster to monitor the work done by their members as well as their progress.

Affordable yet powerful

Most of the quality cloud-based project management tools come with affordable price tags, such as SpringBoard, one of the most powerful and sought after programs for its project management features and a lot more. According to LoadSpring, SpringBoard solutions have all the right features that significantly improve team collaboration, management monitoring, and even those that help enterprises have deeper and better relationships with their customers.

Benefits both the users and the clients

All the features of cloud-based project management tools, like SpringBoard, have full-service features that benefit both the company (and the team that uses them), as well as the clients. Because it makes collaboration a lot easier, teams can produce top quality work that will result in highly satisfied customers.

As you can see, cloud-based solutions like this ultimately boost your bottom line, while ensuring that your employees remain as productive as ever, and customers happy with the results they receive. So go ahead, make the transition now.

Cloud-based Project Management: Centralizing the Business Process

Project Management

Project ManagementCloud computing has become the global standard in nearly all industries, but is even more prevalent in those that require extensive IT services. It’s flexible and doesn’t take that much manpower to operate, and the technologies behind it are constantly being updated.

Its flexibility means that even project management software are finding its way into the quintessential cloud. But what exactly is the benefit of cloud-based project management software over the conventional method? To understand the advantages, you need to know what cloud computing can actually do for your business.

Faster Onboarding

You don’t need to be an IT wizard to integrate cloud computing in your business. LoadSpring explains that one of the biggest draws to cloud-based project management is that it’s easy to get on board, as all it takes is just a password to set it up.

Since cloud computing essentially shares the network, you don’t need to do any complicated installations to share files. Your data center becomes akin to the Internet, with you and your employees seamlessly connected to one another instantly.

Transparency: Improving Teamwork

Cloud computing allows you and your team to work better together, eliminating any obstructions that may come in the way of your project management strategies. Cloud-based project management software gives your team a degree of collaboration that conventional methods don’t have; you and your employees have an easier team commenting and sharing documents from the comfort of their personal computers, making strategizing a lot faster as well.

The transparency of cloud-based software also means that your team will have insight on the actual process. Traditionally, conventional project management software tends to be secretive since only those involved know what exactly is going on and what strategies are being enacted. The cloud essentially makes it visible to everyone, giving others an opportunity to comment, critique, and possibly improve the process and strategies.

Finally, establishing cloud-based management software centralizes your business process and allows for better integration with other cloud-based apps. The latter is very important as the shift in trends means that more and more applications and software will eventually make use of the cloud computing.

Cloud computing has made business processes faster and more efficient. If you want your business to stay competitive in an increasingly fast-paced world, putting your project management software in the clouds is the smartest thing to do.