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Applications of CT Scanning in Product Manufacturing

conveyor belt in a product factory

conveyor belt in a product factoryComputer Tomography (CT) scanning has helped in diagnosing various conditions and treatments to aid doctors and their patients. But now CT scanning is a part of the manufacturing industry, used in testing products and machinery.

Engineers and designers can use a CT scan machine to create top-of-the-range products. There are various laboratories equipped with this machine to complete all the required tests. Here are the multiple ways manufacturing companies can use CT scans.

Failure Analysis of Systems

Failure analysis is crucial in determining your product’s reliability and performance. CT scanning can be used to assess how metal, plastic, and rubber components fit and function as a whole. It negates the need to disassemble or destroy products to evaluate them.

Permeability Testing

Permeability testing is a vital measurement in the container manufacturing industry. This CT scan measurement ensures a container’s walls are not too thin that its contents leak, evaporate, or have a reduced shelf life. Bottle top manufacturers will also benefit from this test to analyze their product’s leakage and sealing efficiency.

Determining a Product’s Amount of Plastic

CT scanning can help plastic manufacturers save on production costs. The technology helps them identify the least amount of material that can be used to make a durable and leak-free plastic container. With the recent push toward environmental sustainability and plastic recycling, it is vital to assess how many times a manufacturer can recycle plastic without loss of the material’s integrity.

With CT scanning, the time needed to produce various items can be slashed from months to hours. The redesign of materials is also based on definite dimensions rather than a manufacturer’s intuition. This then assures manufacturers of safe and high-quality products, which can make them industry leaders.