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Protecting Vulnerable Parts of Your Building

People walking around office buildingNo matter how updated your security system is, some areas are considered weak spots. They are potential entry and exit points for burglars, which means a commercial building should pay special attention to them.

Because there are so many things in the office that could be targeted by burglars, you should reinforce these areas:


The garage holds your company vehicles–and everything you’ve left inside the cars. Moreover, it can be a potential entry point into the main building. You need commercial garage door services from professionals in Salt Lake City like Price’s Guaranteed Doors to inspect it for any signs of problems, which burglars may exploit to gain entry. Here’s another reason to have the garage doors inspected regularly: when they are damaged, they might cause accidents, which may cost money and lives.


Companies usually position security cameras near entryways such as doors, but make sure you are positioning the cameras in the right direction. Check that the direction of the door opening will not hinder the camera’s view, as that defeats the purpose of the security tool in the first place. A person may hide behind a door, and your camera will not see their face, especially if it watches the door closely, not the area surrounding it.


Glass windows are sophisticated. They show a certain boldness because everyone knows that glass can be broken. Because of this, the glass you choose for your windows should be strong and can withstand a strong impact. This is for safety reasons as well, as glass shards may hurt people who happen to be nearby when they break. It would also be beneficial if you have window blinds in place, so people cannot easily look into your rooms. This is to prevent your building from being a target in the first place.

There are necessary precautions that improve the security of your commercial building. Each one of these is important, so don’t choose just one area to protect.

Six Office Designs That Will Make Employees More Productive

Office InteriorHappy employees tend to get the job done fast. This makes room for more progress. That is why if you want to increase sales, you have to give your workers a functional space.

Professional stylists in Perth from thecaretakers.com.au confirm that it’s possible to design office interiors with the right touch of class even with limited resources. ‘What’s the big deal with office designs’, you ask. Well, for one, good ambience pleases workers. And to make the employee-employer relationship work, you have to give before you take.

Here are six office designs that can absolutely make your employees work conveniently and at peace.

Department Rooms

Give separate rooms for each department. This way, one group’s work won’t get with the way with another or vice versa. This also minimises unnecessary noise that might disturb intense discussions between sectors.

Spacious Cubicles

Personal offices don’t have to be as big as the boss’s main office. You can provide cubicles with enough space for a person to move around and think. And, it’d be best to put doors in those spacious cubicles. Your employees deserve privacy to focus on their workload too.

Glass Partition

One of the many benefits of doors, windows and walls made of glass is getting a clear view of the other side. Employees would be wise enough not to barge into your office seeing the presence of VIPs through glass doors. It also improves communication between sectors.

Interactive Walls

Instead of putting up paintings or quote-in-a-frame for a wall design, it’d be better to pin up a freedom wall. It can be an information board too. This is a good way for everyone inside the office to interact and be informed.

Whatever pieces of office design you instal in your interior, make sure that it has good ergonomics. Do not compromise your employees’ health and safety by putting up risky furniture. Furthermore, remind yourself to always add up a little bit of green lush to calm the busy minds.