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Common Types of Domestic Contracts

Couple reading a document

Couple reading a documentOne element that most couples do not consider is domestic contracts. This is an agreement between cohabiting partners or spouses regarding the boundaries of their relationship.

For the contracts to be legally binding, they should be in writing and signed in front of a witness. Getting a family law attorney in Boulder to advise you is the best way to protect your rights in the contract.

Here are some types of domestic contracts.

Cohabitation Agreements

For couples planning to cohabit for an extended period without legal marriage, a cohabitation agreement is prudent.

This agreement outlines the couple’s rights regarding property and support after termination of their relationship. Should a couple decide to marry later, the cohabitation agreement becomes a marriage contract.

Marriage Contracts

Typically known as prenuptial agreements, this contract includes the conditions of a separation or divorce should it happen. They define the terms of spousal support and property division after divorce.

The couple typically signs this contract before entering a marriage, though in other instances they sign in the course of a marriage. Some of these contracts include the religious, educational and moral training of children born during the marriage.

Separation Agreements

These domestic contracts are for after termination of a cohabitation relationship or marriage. It outlines the division of property and responsibilities of the partner after separation.

These also include the custody and rights of the parents for any children born during the relationship. Courts might, however, disregard the provision for child custody in these agreements if they are not in the child’s best interest.

There are some instances where the court might disregard domestic contracts. These include cases where one party failed to disclose assets at the time of the agreement or contracts signed under undue influence. If one partner did not comprehend the consequences of the contract at signing, the court might disregard it as well.

Success Means More Than Just Emotions: The Business of Your Marriage

The Business of Your MarriageYou can’t base a successful marriage solely on how spouses feel about each other and how they care for their family. Emotions, after all, are not quite constant. The love might always be there, but it will not stay exactly the same all throughout — especially when you’ve been together for a long time.

A wise couple would consider, then, the business side of their marriage. Many would think that a marital agreement would kill the romance of a relationship but it actually makes the bond stronger. It prepares you and your partner for financial problems you might encounter as a couple.

Here are some things about pre- and postnuptial agreements you should know:

Marital Agreements in a Nutshell

A marital agreement is a written agreement that answers to the business side of your marriage. It supports a successful and long-term relationship by clarifying and handling the financial aspects of both parties. Moreover, your Denver family lawyer draws up terms that are applicable and will help you resolve financial issues in case of separation, divorce, or annulment.

More often than not, it is a prenuptial agreement that you work on before the actual marriage. As the state of Colorado is among those that allow agreements after marriage, you and your spouse may come up with a postnuptial agreement if you didn’t have one beforehand.

Possible Aspects of a Marital Agreement

A pre- or postnuptial agreement requires you and your partner to be transparent about each other’s financial well-being. It addresses related issues that could arise, such as the segregation of separate and marital property as well as of financial obligations. It also handles retirement accounts, tax returns, and life insurance policies, among others. Moreover, it predetermines marital property division and debt responsibility in case you file for dissolution of marriage.

Colorado law will recognize that your marital agreement is valid when you enter into it voluntarily and with legal counsel. A reasonable and sufficient disclosure of assets and obligations is also necessary. The agreement is effective either upon marriage (prenuptial) or upon signature of both parties (postnuptial).

Dating Before the Finalization of Divorce: End Things Without a Third Party

Divorce“Can I finally move on with my life by seeing other people now?”

Most divorcees often ask this question. After years of dealing with a loveless relationship, it is only natural to seek a new love. The stress of the proceedings causes you to long for someone who will make you feel new again. But should you date immediately or during your divorce proceedings?

The simple answer is: “Not until you finalize your divorce.”

Answering the Big WHY?

You might wonder: “Why can’t I have some fun during this stressful period?” There are numerous strategic and legal reasons as to why you should refrain from dating during the proceedings.

Emotions are still raw for both parties during the separation. When you meet someone else, it is as if you are rubbing salt into your soon-to-be ex-spouse’s wounds. Doing so often leads to messier and more difficult divorce proceedings. Your partner may seek revenge to compensate for the pain.

Legally, the courts can consider dating during divorce as adultery. Divorceattorneyinlongisland.com, a county divorce lawyer in Suffolk, believes that this can affect the outcome of your separation in terms of property division and spousal support.

Think About the Children

Dating immediately during a separation does not set a good example for the children. The mere fact that their parents are separating already casts doubt about commitment; do not push it further by showcasing your new beau.

During proceedings, it always pays to put the children first. The same applies in this case. Your children are still recuperating from the idea that Mom and Dad are divorcing. It will only hurt and confuse them more, which takes away precious time they need with you.

End Your Marriage without a Third Party

As much as you want to meet someone new, keep in mind that dating can complicate the situation. Your divorce calls for focus on more important matters, such as the new house, split holidays, custody issues, and emotional dealings. Rather than subject yourself to a new relationship, end your marriage without someone else—give yourself time to heal without someone else.

If you just ended your marriage, do the right thing and wait for the finalization of your divorce before saying “Yes!” to another love. Do not complicate the situation further with love—just wait for it. It will come eventually.

A Bride’s Cheat Sheet on Maintaining Hair and Makeup

Bride with Hair and Makeup Fix

Bride with Hair and Makeup FixNo matter the beauty of the dress or the majesty of the event, a bride with poorly maintained makeup may be the subject of whispers from the guests. The bride has so much to do and she doesn’t need the extra stress of thinking about how she looks. Here are ways to maintain decent bridal hair and makeup, from the start of the bridal walk to the end of the reception.


At some point during the day, some of your make-up will come off because of sweat, tears, hugging and eating or drinking. Should you have the stylist available (or a friend who knows how to do it professionally), let them touch up your makeup every two hours to keep that picture perfect look.


All those lights can get to a bride. Your skin can dry up and your hair can go all frizzy, remind hair stylists from Circles of Subiaco. Drink lots of water to replenish the fluids you sweat out. This way, you retain a healthy and natural glow.

Check online for energising infused water recipes. Have a batch ready for your wedding day. Try to get a water bottle that will not clash with your dress or the decor.

Choose Wisely

Not only do you have to maintain your makeup and hair throughout the day, but you also have to choose the right makeup for your skin. Let your makeup artist know if you have a preferred brand.

Exfoliate a few days before the event and make sure to use primer just before your makeup people start their work. A clean face free of dirt allows the primer to soak in and prepare the skin for all that makeup. This reduces damage on your skin and can keep the makeup on during the day.

Everything can be perfect in that special day, starting with how you look. It’s not just about your makeup, though. As long as you have fun and enjoy your wedding day, you’ll get some great photo opportunities and memories worth printing.