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The Proper(ty) Etiquette: 4 Rules You Should Follow in Viewing Houses

a couple looking at their houseThis is probably the less stressful part of home buying: viewing the houses. But just because it’s the fun part doesn’t mean there are no rules here. In fact, there’s an unspoken, yet generally-agreed etiquette in the real estate industry when looking at properties. Be a little more conscious about your actions and make sure you follow these do’s and don’ts:

Do: Be punctual.

At the very least, respect the time you and the agent set. Arrive at the property on time. More than communicating respect though, being punctual makes the right impression. And that is crucial, especially if you’re buying in a competitive market, let’s say, in Overland Park. You want to present yourselves as serious, responsible buyers so you could gain some advantage compared to other people bidding and increase your chances of getting this deal.

So the next time you view homes for sale that Overland Park communities offer, don’t be late.

Do: Remove your shoes.

In most instances, it’s acceptable to keep your shoes. But if you saw shoes piled up at the entrance or noticed that the carpet has a light color, it’s best to take your shoes off. Again, this shows respect to the house and the agent. Other times, there are surgical booties prepared. Whatever your fashion and style preferences are, wear them. If this is going to be your future home, you don’t want guests ruining your new flooring, right?

Don’t: Stay for too long.

It’s a common question people ask, just how long is it okay to stay in the house? Well, if you’ve already seen what you need to see and asked what you need to ask the agent, then there’s no reason to linger at the place anymore. Keep the visit short and simple.

Don’t: Bring food.

Leave your chocolates and snacks in the car. But what if the kids go hungry and throw tantrums, you ask? That points to another principle here: leave the kids at home with your babysitter.

It’s never a good idea to bring snacks to a property viewing, as it might stain or cause smudges on couches or floors. You don’t want the agent cleaning up after that mess. And it’s not a good idea also to bring kids as well, as they might keep you from focusing on inspecting the house (which is the real objective here) and they might accidentally break things. Not a fun house viewing anymore, right?

The house viewing is the fun part of home buying. These rules aren’t made to take out that fun; in fact, it’s meant to keep it a more enjoyable experience for you.

Of Lenders and Banks: 3 Reasons to Choose Lenders for Mortgages

Lender handing out new house key

Lender handing out new house keyBanks can be found everywhere, which makes them accessible options for people who need loans. Still, there are other entities that are just as accessible and able to match the services offered by banks.

For instance, you can go to a mortgage lender, which can grant you a loan once you’ve pledged your property as collateral. These lending groups are arguably more lenient than banks, which are often bound by their rules and investors.

Here’s a detailed look at why lenders are better than banks.

1. Approvals Made Quicker

Residential mortgage lenders explain that the independent nature of lending groups can make them approve loan applications quickly. As banks service many clients while attending to their investors, they might have their hands full at certain times. This could delay applications for mortgages or loans, and time spent waiting could’ve been time spent going to a lender instead.

2. Lenient Payment Terms

Banks are strict with their payment terms, while lenders are more lenient with the matter. If you’re struggling to pay off a loan or mortgage, a lender might adjust the payment schedule so you can pay without losing funds for your other needs. A bank typically doesn’t have this feature because of certain rules in place.

3. Real Estate Considerations

Some banks might decline your mortgage application if they see that the property you pledge has issues in plumbing, wiring, and many other things. They do this because of their rules, or they’re simply too busy to cater to these property issues. Mortgage lenders, on the other hand, can be considerate about these things because they specialize in handling houses and lands.

Mortgage refers to loans involving properties that are pledged as collateral. You’d have to repay the loan to get these properties back, and banks might not even grant you a mortgage loan if your property is problematic. Thanks to lenders and their independent nature, they can be flexible with payment terms, approve applications quicker, and could even fix issues with the property in the mortgage.

Smart Ways to Cut Moving Costs

three men moving boxesMoving can be stressful. It can affect you emotionally when you move away from your neighbors, friends, and the environment in which you have grown and raised your kids. Also, moving to a new place can be a reason to fear the unknown. But what causes more worry is the need to spend on a moving company. These are some ways on how you could plan your move without breaking your finances.

1. Hire an affordable firm.

One major mistake you can make is hiring the first moving company that contacts you before you even have an idea of their rates. Find a professional firm that’s competitive and can be flexible enough to work within your budget. Ask about the moving company quote estimates for extra services, such as packaging and delivering unique items, so you could know how much you need to spend.

2. Get affordable packing supplies.

If you have a lot of stuff to be packed, you will need a lot of crates and packing materials. Ask your neighbors and friends for old boxes, or use old boxes for packing your stuff. Furthermore, you can ask friends and your local supermarket to give you boxes and packing materials that they don’t need.

3. Move at the right time.

You ought to avoid moving during the summer when most people move to a new place. The end of the month is also a busy time for those who want to move. Often the cost is higher at these times.

Choose a time that’s comfortable for you and your family. If you need to move during the summer, make sure to move a few days before the weekend. Ask the movers if they offer special rates too.

There are many things you can do to ensure your move doesn’t mess up your finances. Consider these suggestions so you can make moving day easy for you and your family.

Eden Prairie Tops a List of the Best Places to Live in Minnesota

High rise condominiumIf you’re planning to relocate to Minnesota, Eden Prairie might be the right place for you as it ranked number one in Best Places to Live in Minnesota, according to the data Niche gathered. The affluent area west of Downtown Minneapolis placed number two on Money Magazine’s 2016 Best Places to Live.

What Makes Eden Prairie the Best?

Eden Prairie is proud of its booming, diverse economy. There are at least 2,800 businesses that continue to grow as the city becomes a popular business destination. The city, with a population of 63,206, has a friendly, diverse community.

The city is also well known for having a highly educated labor force. According to recent data, 60.9 percent of the residents in the city have earned a bachelor’s degree or higher.

Known for its booming economy, highly educated labor force, and excellent quality of life, Eden Prairie consistently ranks among the best places for businesses in the US.

What are the Perks of Living this Popular City?

Mixed-use development, Southwest Station Condominiums shares that location spells the difference between a good home and a great home.

With Eden Prairie as your preferred location, you may have plenty of job opportunities. Money Magazine reports that there are 57, 000 jobs in the city, while Niche reveals that the unemployment rate is only 2.4 percent and the poverty rate is 4.3 percent.

If you want to visit the place first, you can book a room in any of the hotels and sample the sumptuous cuisine in any of the award-winning restaurants in the city. Eden Prairie attracts roughly 13-million visitors per year.

To keep a balance between industry and nature, Eden Prairie made efforts to have a lot of parks, trails and open spaces.

In terms of crime and safety, 67 percent of respondents in a Niche survey said that they feel very safe in the place. Additionally, 80 percent of participants said that police are visible and responsive.

Conducting thorough research will surely help you choose the right place when you’re planning to move to a new place. And with Eden Prairie’s many appealing features, it could become your new home.

Furniture Makeover to Reduce Stress on Mind and Body

Furniture MakeoverAn unfriendly workstation has negative effects on the human body. You may not realise it but the chair you are sitting on in the office for the most part of the day might be the main reason for the pain in your back and neck. The pain that will not go away may be due poor posture and further worsened by the features of the furniture you use every day. By using ergonomic furniture, you can alleviate some of the aches and pains due to poor posture, nerve pinching, soft tissue compression, and muscle tension.

Makeover for comfort

Not all office workstations follow ergonomic principles, but many organisations in Australia are factoring in the influence of poorly designed furniture to repetitive stress injury and other occupational health hazards. A makeover, which should include replacing the chair and desk you are using should consider improving comfort and design based on scientific principles. Office ergonomics guidelines are available from various reputable sources online. What you need to understand is that there is no general design that fits all. Ergonomics principles work best when applied based on the results of the individual assessment of needs.

A new office, a new you

When you the hardware that is causing you discomfort and fatigue, you will become more productive at work. Instead of thinking about the pain on your arms and back, you can concentrate on completing tasks. Without the background of physical stress and discomfort, you can communicate more effectively with co-workers. Good ideas emerge if your body and mind are in optimal condition. You will see a huge difference as soon as you sit and work on the refurbished, ergonomic setup that will serve as your new workstation.

A new and better chair and desk allows you to work with minimal strain on the body. Nevertheless, you should supplement the changes with a better posture. It is also important to remember that doing deskwork continuously for hours is not good for the body, even the setup should be ergonomic friendly. Take breaks, move around, and stretch in between work activities to maintain a healthy body and mind.

Roof Collapses are a Domino Effect

House RoofOnce the roof collapses, the whole structure will be like a house of cards that caves in almost immediately. No matter how sturdy a roofing system may be, it’s not free from the risks of collapsing. Once it crashes, it’s a domino effect.

RobbinsRoofingInc.com knows how roof collapses affect the homes and lives of homeowners who met with the misfortune. Here’s why roof collapses are a domino effect, and how you can prevent them.

The Whole House Crashes With It

Literally and figuratively. The roof has the most exposure to harsh weather conditions, and once it gets damaged, it affects the entire house. A hole in the roof can lead to leaks during rainy days and not enough sun protection during summer. This causes discomfort to the residents.

In addition, the weathering elements may cause other materials to degrade. Rust may form on the metal pipes, and molds and termites may inhabit the wooden shingles. This weakens the roof more. Once an infested roof collapses, the pests may lay eggs in the house, and the damage goes from just the roof to the rest of the home.

When putting a property up for sale, a collapsed roof is sure to deter prospective buyers. Who in their right minds will purchase a house in terrible condition? They may even put their lives in danger if they live in it.

Some instances of roof collapse lead to fires and power outages in the neighborhood, as electrical cables and tree branches fall. As such, it’s more than just a damage in the home. It can affect other people in the community.

Preventing Roof Collapse

It’s important to take regular maintenance measures to make sure the roof is in top condition. Should natural calamities strike, seek immediate repairs to avoid further damage. Snow collapse is a common cause of crashing roofs. Make sure to know how much weight your roof can hold, and follow a snow removal schedule during winter.

Investing in rain gutters reduce standing water, which causes mold growth and rusting. Keeping track of your roofing system’s condition is the way to prevent it from caving in, no matter what the weather is.

Roof collapses are a domino effect, so you need to take extra care in making sure it’s in good shape. By doing so, you ensure the safety of your home, and lessen the risk of dangerous effects for your neighborhood as well.

Easy and Cheap Ways to Give Your Home Better Weatherproofing

Shutters in PerthThere are so many ways to improve the comfort and functionality of your home. And while some require bigger budget allotments, plenty others only need minimal expenses.

You do not have to spend a fortune when weatherproofing your home. With the right knowledge and strategies, you can protect your home against inclement weather without spending thousands and thousands of dollars.

Get rid of leaks and draughts in your windows and doors.

Leaky and draughty window and doors are some of the most common culprits to an inefficiently and inadequately weatherproofed home. Fortunately, they are also some of the cheapest and easiest to fix.

Once you notice huge gaps around your windows and doors, have them sealed right away. Not only will this make your home better protected against the weather; it will also help you save heating dollars during the winter.

Boost the performance of your newly sealed windows.

Once you have fixed your leaky or draughty window problems, make them perform even better through the installation of high-quality window treatments. In Perth, shutters are a favourite, not only because they contribute greatly to essential home weatherproofing, but also due to their aesthetically pleasing characteristics. Consider aluminium shutters for better protection against weather, criminals, and unnecessary heat loss/gains.

Upgrade or replace your existing insulation.

Your home’s insulation is much like a blanket during the winter. During the summer, it acts like a piece of cool clothing. Upgrading or replacing your home’s worn-out insulating materials will give it the energy-efficient barrier it needs, especially during inclement weather, which greatly contributes to heat gains and losses.

As a final reminder, choose insulating products that boast of high R-value. The higher the rating, the more weather-resistant and energy-saving it is. Products that satisfy the Australian Standard have R-value labels on their packages.

Protecting Your Home from Water Damage

Water DamageWater damage is responsible for a massive destruction of many properties today. Most homeowners find themselves replacing almost all the things they owned before. It can be devastating, especially if lives are lost.

That is the reason it’s best to hire a water restoration expert to somehow ease the stress of recovering from the tragedy. Professionals can help you save some important items in your home. After all, not everything is replaceable. With the right training and experience, they are able to help you reduce damage.

Regular check of faucets and hoses

According to Fixofutah.com, you need to inspect potential water damage sources. Conductin an annual check on hoses that lead to major systems including the laundry, refrigerator and dishwasher. Any small cracks on these pathways can trigger a devastating water damage. In addition, you need to replace the hose pipes at least every seven years even when they are in good condition.

Showers and tubs

Showers and water tubs needs to be watertight. It is possible for caulk to develop cracks. Fix or replace it immediately you notice anything wrong. Furthermore, caulk are inexpensive. Do not ignore minor issues at the expense of a massive water damage.

Learn where the shut valves for your mains are

You should be able to shut down the water from the mains in case the pipes burst unexpectedly. The first step of restoring a water damage is to stop water flow and supply.

Install floor pans

It is advisable to install water pans under the appliances in your home. Even though they may not protect you from catastrophic leakages, they come in handy in the slow leak situations. Do not take anything to chance.

You do not have to wait until the damage happens to act. Learn how to protect your home from water damage and implement the measures beforehand.

Moving Advice: Preparing for Your Relocation

Movers in Denver

Movers in DenverThere’s no easy way to move from one house to another. It’s always a taxing activity, whether you’re moving from a small apartment or a ranch, into a condominium or a four-bedroom modern house.

To make your relocation easier, here are some pieces of advice you may follow.

Pack early

Even if you have yet to finalize on a date, start packing. But apart from packing, you should also get everything else in order. Forward your mail to your new address about three or two weeks before you move. Know the area you’re relocating to; read up on it and take a walking tour of your environs.

Decide on what you’re taking

People who move seldom do so without leaving something behind. There are items in your house that you don’t need any more and will probably just take up space in your new home. While you’re packing, prepare some boxes for the things you won’t be taking with you. Label them as things for giving away to friends (the friends who help you move get first dibs), family and maybe a charity (for toys, clothes and such); things you’ll sell, if you have time and the inclination to post things on eBay or set up a garage sale; and things you’ll throw away.

Decide on which items need professional movers

A piano is a costly, heavy and difficult item to move by yourself, even if you have friends helping. It’s best to call professionals to move that one for you. Moving a gun safe in Denver is also a challenge best faced by pros that have the training and equipment to handle such items, according to the experts from Light Speed Delivery, Inc. Expensive paintings and other artwork, collections like vintage guitars, etc. are items you don’t want to risk damaging or losing. Call a professional moving company that has insurance.

The sooner you’re prepared, the easier your move will be. Make a list of the things you are supposed to and try to stick to it.

Roof Repair Costs: What Influences It

Roof Repair

Roof RepairA roofing contractor can give you complete details about the roofing materials and degree of restoration necessary after looking at a detailed assessment of the damage involved both on the inside and outside of a roof. Considering the particulars carefully is important when planning to install a new roof.

The type of the roof the building is an important factor when looking at costs for roof restoration. Whether it is flat, sloped, pitched, metal or shingled roofing affects the amount of money spent on roofing restoration. For asphalt shingles, the costs are typically lowest, square shingles come next in pricing and then tile shingles. Metal roofs are the most expensive, with about $1000 to $1500 being an expected estimate per square feet.

Repair permits also figure in importance when considering the costs of roofing repairs. It could be dependent on the value of the home or size of the home. Additional costs may come when there is need for hurricane straps or bracing which depends on what area the home is in and what type of roofing is necessary.

Extent of repairs: This is one of the important factors. Damage may be to a small portion, only on the surface or large with deeper layers rotted. A thorough inspection and examination on the inside and outside by an experienced personnel is important.

Chimneys and skylights: these are two aspects of the roof that can also hike up the repair costs. Check for leaks and damage here separately and include an estimate for these.

According to Bowerroofing.com.au, get a roofing contractor that can deliver excellent and personalised service.

Your roof is one of the most essential parts of your home. It protects your household and improves the aesthetic value of your house. Make sure that you take good care of it.