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Three Ways to Improve Airflow in Your Home

Cleaning an air duct with a brush

Cleaning an air duct with a brushAirflow inside your home is essential for your health and for maintaining temperatures indoors. You need to circulate warm air during winter and cold air during summer.

With a mechanical ventilation system, you can reuse fresh air to cool your house and save energy. The good thing about this system is that any reliable HVAC service in Knoxville can install it. However, this isn’t the only way to improve airflow in your home. The following tips might come in handy:

1. Attic Vents

Install vents in your attic to release the warm air trapped inside your house. During summer, you can open the vents to keep your home cold and shut them during winter to maintain heat. Make sure that the vents are correctly fitted to prevent freezing, drafty air from seeping in during winter or rain dripping during the rainy season.

2. Windows and Doors

Open your windows and doors to improve airflow in your home, especially during the day when you are around. Drafts will ensure that fresh air is distributed in your home as compared to you just turning on an air conditioner, which is positioned in one room since its functionality can be limited.

3. Furniture

Position your furniture in such a way that airflow is not restricted. Having a big piece of furniture such as an armoire in the middle of the room will prevent the flow of warm air during winter and cold air during summer.

Additionally, you can install fans to circulate air around the room. For the kitchen and bathroom, you need to install exhaust fans to extract air. Make it a habit to clean your AC filters to prevent dust and other allergens from entering your home.