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Single and Successful: Reasons Why You Should Be a Homeowner

Homeowner in TowsonBeing single and successful in your chosen career allows you certain privileges and prospects. One of those opportunities is having a home of your own. Now before you start thinking this is a sales pitch, consider these reasons first presented plainly and as straightforward as possible.

Own and Not Rent – Even if you have an exclusive address, you will never own that house no matter how long you stay there. However, for the same amount, you can already cover the monthly payments of a goodly-sized residence. There are even new Baltimore home loans like those from Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc. that offer you lower mortgages by extending your payments to more than 20 years. And no matter how long your payment takes, you will eventually own that property.

It Gives You Freedom – Many would question this statement because they believe a mortgage and maintenance can tie you down. However, your home will never be sold from under you and you can never be asked to leave because you are just a renter. You can add rooms, renovate, repaint and update your home to your specifications without asking permission from a landlord. And you can also sell it anytime you choose.

You Can Earn From It – Not only can you rent out space or rooms, you also have a better chance of earning from the sale of your own home than selling your car. Owning your own property can also give you the means to get back on your feet again financially instead of tying you down as many believe. True, you would be putting money in when you improve your house, but consider it an investment worth spending since the first one to take advantage of those add-ons is you.

These are just three of the most basic reasons why owning a house is beneficial to someone who can afford it. There a number of other motivating factors such as taxation, equity and financial reasons. Research online, ask local realtor or even talk to homeowner friend or co-worker if you need to know more about the advantages of purchasing your own home.

3 Things to Consider When Buying a Home

Buying a HomeA home is the best place to relax after a long and tiresome day. However, this is not entirely true for many because they live in space-constrained apartments. Today, buying a home is being made easier, thanks to real estate agencies and construction companies that have big projects to ensure many people can afford to buy a good home and at an affordable price. Before you purchase a home, though, it is recommended that you seek a professional realtor to help you make the buying process easier.

Vegasdreamhouse.com shares some of the factors to consider when buying a home. 


You should buy a home in a location that fits your lifestyle and preferences. For instance, your home can be located in an area that is secure but with easy access to facilities like hospitals, schools, malls, and places of worship.


You should research and ensure that the area is not prone to flooding to prevent catastrophic water damages to your property and possibly injuries to your family members. The home should not be close to river banks as they also flood after heavy rains. It should also be free from winds that move at very high speed because they may cause respiratory infections and also bring airborne diseases.

The Cost

You should buy a home that you can afford and that is worth your money. You can apply for a mortgage to finance it. However, it's imperative that the amount you're paying is commensurate to the kind of property you're getting. Assess the house properly and check if you may need to have renovations or changes done. You should also check that everything is in good condition so you won't have to worry about repairs anytime soon. 

Buying a home is a long-term investment, so make sure you're putting your money where it's worth it for you in generations to come. So, when making the purchase do it in a perfect way to get a perfect home.

Things to Remember When Buying Your First Home

Home Buying in Utah

Home Buying in UtahHave you ever wondered how many people in Utah rush into homeownership only to regret later?

Getting a home this 2016 is a good financial decision, but you need to prepare for the responsibilities that come with it. To help you avoid the mess many Americans are enduring, here are a few things you have to remember as you plan to become the newest homeowner.

Are You Ready To Settle?

You do not want to grab the next home on offer just because your brother is coming to stay in for a few months. Think about all the moves you might make in the next few years. Maybe it will be better for you if you continue renting for the moment.

Consider All Expenses

When you pay for your mortgage loan, industry professional City Creek Mortgage says it’s important to keep in mind that there are other costs awaiting you. Some of these include heating, waste removal fees, lawn care and so on. Such costs can alter the total cost of home ownership significantly.

Have Your Credit Report Ready

During the process of buying a home, you will need to have several documents, but the credit report ranks the most important. It is very easy to get your credit report. Be sure to know the key questions to ask when requesting a free copy of your credit report. Knowing how your credit looks like in advance gives you the opportunity to mend everything before applying for a mortgage loan.

Pre-approval Helps

Know what amount of mortgage loan you can afford in advance ensures you do not waste a lot of time insisting on a home you will not be able to finance. List your most preferred home features before you start looking for the ideal property.

It Is Important to Deposit

One of the general rules of lending is that the higher the deposit, the fewer the risk of getting into debt. Therefore, if you want your mortgage loan to be budget-friendly, you had better start saving as early as possible. A larger deposit also translates into fewer lenders mortgage insurance.

Whether you are planning to become a homeowner this month or wait until 2020, you can do some things now as preparation. Check your priorities, prepare your credit report, ask for preapproval and determine all the expenses.