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Useful to Know: Threats Present in Your House

Man Installing Carbon Monoxide DetectorDanger lurks everywhere, even in the one place that we all should feel the safest: our homes. There are household hazards we can easily identify, but there are also some that are more difficult to detect.

Here’s a rundown of some of the threats present in our homes:

Hazardous Substances

Dangerous substances found at home pose a big threat to you and your family’s health and this is often worsened because most of them are hardly visible. Your walls, for example, may contain asbestos—exposure to which can cause lung cancer—without you even knowing it.

Carbon monoxide, lead, mold, and other harmful substances may also be found in your house. To check for their presence, you can hire companies that conduct carbon monoxide, lead, mold, or asbestos testing in Salt Lake City.


Household pests aren’t only annoying; they can also be dangerous to your health. From rashes to leptospirosis, these unwanted guests bring different types of diseases. Bedbug bites, for instance, can result in itchy welts and allergic reactions, while mosquito bites can transmit malaria and chikungunya fever. Keep your house clean or hire professional pest control services to keep rodents, ants, flies, and cockroaches away.


While the objects in your house obviously serve one function or another, they can become safety hazards as well. Your gorgeous living room rug, for one, can send you flying onto your coffee table if it’s not anchored securely. The haphazardly placed vase on your display shelf can also fall on your toes anytime.

The good news is you can easily avoid such accidents by simply keeping your things, such as power cords, decorative items, and carpets, properly secured and organized.

The danger is present even in our own homes, so let’s get started on minimizing the threats by first knowing which ones may be lurking in our houses.

3 Technologies That Make Drivers Prone to Accidents

Car Accidents There are about a billion and a half cars on roads around the world today. There are about 1.3 people for every car in the United States alone. Imagine how many car accidents happen each year. Car crashes are a sad fact that every driver must accept. Being a skilled driver is not enough to be safe on the road. Proper precautions must be taken, and avoiding distractions should be one of them.

The fact that car accidents can occur anytime is the reason having auto insurance in North Carolina is a law. There are many things that can cause crashes and collisions. Being distracted by technology is one of them. Here are three technologies that make drivers prone to accidents.

  1. Smartphones

Drivers using smartphones are at high risk of being involved in an accident. These devices require eye and hand coordination. Texting is especially dangerous because it fully diverts a driver’s attention. Using smartphones proves to be so distracting that drivers miss traffic signs and signals.

  1. In-Car TV Screens

These attention hogs prove to be such a distraction that even drivers of neighboring cars are affected. In-car TV screens impact a driver’s reflex resulting in slower reaction time. They pull a driver’s attention because of their visual appeal, a far cry from the monotony of the road.

  1. GPS or Car Navigation Systems

This technology proves to be more of a risk than a help. Some navigation systems use touch-screen features, and typing in directions takes away a driver’s attention from the road. Even those with speech recognition capability proves to be hazardous as research shows that talking while driving leads to crashes.

Keeping your car well-maintained is important for both its optimal performance and your pleasant driving experience. It’s critical to remember, though, that human error accounts for the majority of car accidents. After all, your car is just a vessel while you’re the navigator.