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Nurture a Credible Online Presence on the Web and Grow Your Sales

Man working on a laptopAs technology evolves, the Internet continues to prove that it's a powerful business tool. You'll now see companies scrambling to establish a presence on different platforms. Thanks to the emergence of smart devices, it made things easy for customers to connect to the World Wide Web. They can shop for goods and services while on the go and from the convenience of their homes or office.

Ensure the site is user-friendly

Online marketing is always changing, with new techniques cropping up almost every day. Your ability to retain an edge on the market hinges on your capacity to keep abreast of these changes. While having a professional looking website remains crucial, it is only the beginning. You need to make sure that potential clients can access your services from any device. Again, you should pull all stops to ensure it loads quickly. 

With many websites competing for your readers’ attention, you should not give them a reason to leave. Working with a credible web design firm in Connecticut can help you hit the ground running.

Watch the bounce rate

Business success ties closely to your visibility on the internet. As a result, it is of the essence to show up on the first page of search engine results in your area of specialization. After working on page rankings, you need to capture and hold the attention of your readers, so they dwell on your page longer. This involves creating customer-centric content on all pages. Rather than pushing products, you need to be persuasive in your approach. Let the clients know how your products help to solve a pressing problem.

Although profitable, marketing your goods on the Internet takes a considerable amount of effort and skills. These use pointers can help you hit the ground running and establish a credible presence on the web.

Digital Marketing & the Life of a Social Media Influencer

Social Media Influencer in Brisbane

Social Media Influencer in BrisbaneToday, internet use and social media sites are prevalent as ever. This everyday consumption of information from the web has given birth to an industry of its own. Advertising and marketing, as examples, have learnt how to incorporate the two into its strategies, leading to the rise of digital marketing. In using the internet and social media, marketers now have another platform wherein they can better reach out to a target market.

Take, for instance, that there are 4.5 billion Likes on Facebook, 500 million tweets and 95 million photos and videos on Instagram daily. Facebook, alone, has 1.71 billion active users every month, logging in and out of the site for an average of at least 20 minutes a day. Given the large user population in social media sites, bambrickmedia.com.au affirms that effectively advertising on social media networks can increase conversions and decrease marketing expenses through many ways.

Whilst traditional marketing strategies use endorsers, like celebrities, to promote their wares, digital marketing uses a similar method, albeit subtly. Social media sites, such as Facebook, have enabled marketers to engage and interact with an audience in a different way. Instead of having mainstream actors and professional athletes appear in public for huge fees as they praise a brand’s product, social media marketing has an alternative: the social media influencer.

Connecting to an Audience: Lily Maymac

Lily Maymac, a 21-year-old Filipino-Australian model, works as a model and social media influencer. Currently, she has 2.3 million followers on Instagram, where she constantly shares photos of clothes and a slew of products that she uses. Her following has become so large that she has also experienced getting harassed for it after a popular Korean boy-band member followed her.

As a social influencer and model, it is hard to tell when she is sincerely sharing a brand or promoting it because of work. Her earnings as an influencer range between $200 and $15,000. She says that her posts aren’t promotions, but closer to inspirations. She only features the products that she uses every day and this is what creates a genuine connection between a brand and the audience. There are times, though, that she uses the hashtag, ‘#ad’, to be transparent with her followers.

The perception of consumers these days is that a post is sponsored as long as it includes a brand mention, but this isn’t always the case. Conclusively, Lily Maymac thinks that using influencers to market a brand is ‘a smart idea’ as ‘it’s not unethical’. This is how much of an impact social media has made – regular people can now be celebrities, too.

Powerful Digital Marketing Strategies That Work

Digital Marketing in BristolThe world of marketing and advertising is one that faces constant change and evolution. Now that a significant amount of this activity happens over the internet, digital marketing companies are scrambling to build their client base. While some service providers claim to produce the best results, one look at their services will tell you if theirs is a company you should be working with. Choosing an advertising agency in Bristol, TN does not have to be difficult. Here are some things to look out for when short-listing companies:

Outstanding Web Development and Design

Your website represents your company and acts as its home on the web. You cannot simply make do with a portal created haphazardly. It needs to display the very best of your brand and the products and services you offer. The only way to make this a reality is by working with a digital marketing firm that can build and develop the web presence you need. Whether you already have an existing site and need to tweak it or have to build a new one from scratch, the company you work with should have the capacity to deliver both.

Social Media Engagement

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Google+ are where the conversations are happening. It comes as no surprise that these networks are a great platform for your digital marketing goals. Choose an internet marketing service provider that will help you establish a strong and meaningful presence on these websites. Once your company has a social media presence, make sure to keep it active by posting regularly and engaging customers through it.

Mobile Presence

More consumers are using their smartphones and other handheld devices to browse the internet and even make transactions now more than ever. Although you may already have a website, there is a stark difference between viewing it on an actual computer and on a smaller gadget. You have to cater to both audiences and develop a mobile website that is easier to access and view on a phone or tablet. This will undoubtedly push your marketing efforts forward.

These are the biggest things to look for when hiring a company for website strategies. Invest in help from experts and watch your presence on the web grow. This, in turn, will improve the tangible results and help bring in bigger revenues for your company.

Content and Influencer Marketing Work Hand-in-Hand

Social Media Influencer In BrisbaneVacation in beautiful destinations? Check! Posing wearing luxury brands? Check! Riding sports cars and jet setting? Check! Sounds like a life of a celebrity or a socialite, but do you know who Sara Donaldson is? The 25-year-old Sara is not a famous actress but is a new breed of famous online personalities because of her blog, Harper and Harley, which has about 70,000 monthly readers and has more than 700,000 followers between her Instagram and Facebook accounts. Marketing gurus and brands are using influencers like Sara to reach their target markets.

Influencers as a Direct Connection to Your Audience

Content is king and influencers hold an advantage because they already have followers that share and like what they post on Facebook, twitter or Instagram. If we you an influencer for the products or services you offer, you already gain access to a market that is likely to become a consumer. You don’t have to make anything new — a blog post, meme or video — because your identified influencer will do those for you while showcasing your brand.

As a brand, creating a long-term relationship with your chosen influencer is important to the success of your online marketing campaign. Building this connection takes time, but it is worth the investment because an engaged online personality increases their participation in the programs you want to kick start.

Effective Content Distribution

Some Brisbane SEO services companies cite that content distribution is easier and faster with help from an influencer. Distributing videos, memes, photos and posts with your products or services is vital to the success of any online marketing campaign, experts from Bambrick Media said. Influencers can influence their followers into buying your products or services whenever they share what you want them to share through their social networks. In a way, influencer marketing is an extension of word of mouth advertising. An online personality has a profound influence on the purchasing behaviours of their followers.

Utilising the influence of online influencers gives you leverage and a competitive advantage. Identifying who best suits your company’s values will enable you to convert website visitors at a higher rate.