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Just When Do You Need Your Dentist?

A woman having a tooth removedHow often should you visit your dentist? Well, as often as possible. Frequent visits to the dentist help you prevent dental problems, not just fix them once they occur. You may feel that you take good care of your teeth well enough at home, but dental care by a specialist is crucial. According to the experts at Willow Creek Dental, you can maintain good oral and dental health by visiting a family dentist.

Are you Afraid of Cold or Hot Drinks?

You may find yourself able to take only lukewarm drinks, because taking cold or hot drinks causes you pain or discomfort. That means your teeth are sensitive. In this case, do not assume all is well. Contact your dentist immediately for right recommendations.


A small crack or tooth decay can cause you sleepless nights. Do not wait until the pain becomes unmanageable. Visit your dentist as soon as you feel some pain or discomfort in your teeth.

Gum Disease

You can rekindle your smile so–as long as your gums are not painful. A painful or reddish gum is a sign that you have gum infections. Visit your dentist and have your gums and teeth checked.


Do not wait until you have problems with your teeth before visiting a dentist. Having no problems with your teeth is no reason to keep the dentist away. Make frequent visits to a dental specialist, not because you have problems but because you want to maintain good oral and dental health.

Banish Dental Woes with Regular Dental Visits

Brushing or flossing frequently is not enough reason to not visit your dentist. Dental infection is invisible and undetectable until they cause a lot of damage to your gums and teeth. Your dentist has the capability to see or detect what you cannot see. Prevent permanent damage by visiting your dentist. Your dental health is important, and that is why you should have appointments with your family dentist in Lone Tree.

Why Go to the dentist?

DentistThousands of people in the UK avoid going to the dentist out of fear. Thankfully, there is now a lot of support to help patients overcome this fear. Even those who aren’t afraid may still question the value of regular check-ups. My teeth are fine, why worry?

Prevention is, of course, preferable to cure. Regular dental appointments can flag up issues at an early stage before they become a major, and more expensive, problem. Another reason is because your dentist offers much more than you might think. For example, if you are in Ruislip, Victoria Road Dental Centre offers a wide range of treatments and not just for the teeth.

Renew your face

You would expect your dentist to provide braces to straighten teeth, restorations such as dental implants and fillings, but you may not know that you could also receive facial aesthetic treatments at your local surgery too.

Facial aesthetics are non-surgical cosmetic procedures that offer an anti-ageing effect. This includes Botox, dermal fillers and skincare peels. Botox is an injection containing botulinum toxin Type A. When injected into facial lines and wrinkles, it causes the nerves that create the lines to relax, thereby giving the face a smoother look. After having treatment, it takes around two days for the effects to show and it needs to be topped up every three to six months.

Dermal fillers are made of a naturally-occurring substance called hyaluronic acid, which is a sugar found in the skin. As we age, we produce less of it and so our skin loses firmness. The filler gives nature a boost by injecting a gel into areas such as the lips to cheeks to restore plumpness. The effects show straight away and last for around six months.

Skincare peels take about 15 minutes and offer a quick and easy way to refresh the look of your skin. It removes a layer of dead cells using a chemical solution, to reveal healthier, smoother and firmer looking skin.

Highly trained

Your dentist is ideally suited to perform these procedures; as a highly trained medical professional, they spend years learning the complex anatomy of the face and so know exactly how to apply these treatments to produce the best and most natural looking effect.

What You Need to Know about Sedation Dentistry


dentistMany are probably not afraid to go to the dentist and have that much-needed oral general cleanup or surgery. Some people may feel moments of apprehension about going to the dentist though. Are you one of the people who think of the pain even if you are still miles away from your dentist’s clinic?

Many dental patients are anxious about going to their dentists. They are nervous because the procedure might give them unnecessary discomfort or pain.

Sedatives in Dentistry

Dentists use various medications known as sedatives to help you calm your nerves, make you feel less anxious, without necessarily putting you to sleep.

Depending on the nature of the dental procedure, the dentists in South Bend Indiana can give you either an oral sedative or a stronger intravenous agent. These relax you and get your mind off the anxiety-provoking event.

Oral Sedatives

Your dentist will give you an oral sedative if the procedure only requires minimal to moderate sedation. In minimal sedation, you are fully awake but are completely relaxed. Moderate sedation may make you forget some parts of the procedure. You will feel groggy or drowsy and might actually fall asleep during the entire dental procedure. What makes it great is that its effects are often mild that you can easily be awaken with a gentle shake on your shoulder.

Inhalation Sedatives

Sedative agents delivered through a gas mask immediately take effect and have minimal lingering effects after the procedure. Inhalation sedatives enable you to drive your car, without ever worrying you will doze off. These types of sedative agents are great for procedures that require minimal to moderate sedation.

Intravenous Sedatives

For procedures that require you to be moderately to deeply sedated, your dentist will administer an intravenous sedative agent, much like the general anesthesia in surgeries. These are often required for extensive dental surgical procedures because you will have to be unconscious the whole time – partial or total.

Your dentist will evaluate you and the dental procedure before making a decision regarding the sedative to use. Don’t be nervous on your next visit to the dentist. Your dentist can restore your lovely smile without pain.