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Satellite Service Provider Boom Signals: The Dawn of Next Generation Telecommunication Solutions

a satellite with a sunset backgroundThe big boom in data, voice, and streaming services has telecommunication companies exhausting all means to render quality service. Similar to the fast evolution of technology, most are now pressured to find ways of addressing the demand.

To date, fibre optics are considered the go-to medium for fast and efficient transmission of voice and data services. But with new technology and use of bigger data, telecommunication companies will need to prepare for something bigger.

And right now, satellite service providers are gearing themselves up to address that need.

Satellite services secretly lifting off

In various parts of the globe, companies have already started plotting the seeds with enterprise-grade satellite services. In Australia, one such provider has already capped a 10-year contract for the delivery of the service to NBN.

They will collaborate on the design, as well as construction and management, of NBN’s enterprise satellite services, a deal reportedly worth about $184 million, Computerworld reported.

NBN already has two Sky Muster satellites, launched in October 2015 and 2016, respectively.

Companies collaborate for enhanced connectivity

Delivering quality connections will need a concerted effort from multiple groups from vast regions of the globe. A reliable connection is expected to suffer from congestion at some point in time, and such is a forecast that most are now trying to work on.

In Cuba, a national telecommunications operator has already placed its foot forward after signing a deal with SES Networks for satellite services. The latter will make use of the company’s existing terrestrial infrastructure that utilises high-performance fibre-like medium orbit (MEO) capacity with the intent of enhancing connectivity among end users.

Once ironed out, the result is the delivery of fast and high-performing Internet at all times using an innovative satellite system. With the unique network capabilities, the eventual winners here are the users who require stable and fast connections for media entertainment, Internet browsing, and other content that have become a staple in the modern age.

Other regions are carefully studying the same shift, a sensitive move that requires plenty of elements to consider. This will include the cost tied up to delivering the service, which competitors are likewise studying.

Though most are content with their current service plans, the fact is that the level of service needs to be ready for eventual upgrades. With technology and new discoveries upping their requirements, higher bandwidths to maintain quality service is expected to ramp up in the coming years.