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Stranger Danger: Three Drowning Risks You Probably Don’t Know

Girl playing in the water park

Girl playing in the water parkMost drowning incidents happen when a child doesn’t know how to swim or when there’s no adult monitoring the pool area. However, there are other factors, which actually appear harmless, but may put your kids in danger. Here are some of them:

1. Toys

What’s a kids’ swimming session without water guns, beach balls, and floating basketball hoops? They look fun, but they could pose a risk to children when left in the pool. Kids are naturally drawn to toys. When they see that their favorite things are just lounging out there by the pool, it gives them a reason to go to that area, usually without parents knowing. They would slip into the backyard and try to play with the toys.

This is the reason drowning incidents happen even when it’s not swimming time. Hence, you need to make your pool area safer by first referring to a pool fence DIY installation guide. Consider installing safety features such as a pool fence or a gate in your yard.

2. Floaties

You may have bought pool swimmies to increase the safety of your child. But the truth is, this might all the more put them in danger. For one, water wings can slip off children’s arms as they wave their arms. They could also deflate easily when pricked by a sharp object. They restrain arm movements, keeping kids from actually swimming properly. Worse, they make parents feel that their kids are safe, causing some to be lax in supervision.

Don’t let your kids use water wings and other floaties. They don’t increase swimming safety. You can’t count on them on saving your kids’ lives when they’re drowning. The best way is still to keep a watchful eye.

3. Mobile Phones

Say what? Your smartphone may distract you from closely watching kids while swimming. In fact, a group of lifeguards is already calling out parents who do this, reminding them that putting away your mobile phone while kids are in the water is crucial. Remember, drowning can happen in a matter of seconds. A period of few scrolls and clicks on social media can be a crucial time window to save a child’s life.

Reduce the risks when kids go to your pool area. Safety is the priority. Better to be safe than sorry.

Helping Your Child Deal With Cyberbullying: The Must-Knows

Cyberbullied Kid in Salt Lake City

Cyberbullied Kid in Salt Lake CityIf you think that your kid is a cyberbullying victim you should confirm your suspicions first before anything else. Choose an appropriate place and time to speak with your kid. You must both be calm so that your kid would be able to open up to you.

Cyberbullying Prevention Tips for your Child

First, tell your kid that it’s not his fault and that you would always be there to help him. Tell your kid not to respond to the messages, emails, or posts because bullies carry out these bullying activities to get the reaction they want from the one being bullied. Doing this would take the control and power of the cyber bully.

Teach your kid how to block the cyberbully from his mobile phone and social media sites, so that the cyber bully won’t be able to contact your kid or see his posts. You should also tell your child to report the cyber bullies. Social media sites have reporting options and these are entirely anonymous. Hopefully, the cyberbully’s account would be suspended or closed altogether. Lastly, ask your kid if you could see the images and posts. Help him print out this information so that you have evidence of the cyberbullying incidents.

What You Could Do

As a parent, it’s understandable that you feel hurt and scared for your kid, but you have to be strong, help your kid deal with what’s happening and try to put an end to the cyberbullying. Be there for your kid emotionally, let him or her know that their emotional well-being and safety are your main priorities. Allow your kid to continue with his or her online activities, advises a school psychologist from one of the top charter schools in Salt Lake City. Otherwise, you might be isolating him or her from close and supportive friends. For your part, increase your online monitoring and tell your kid that you’re only doing what you’re doing for his or her protection.

Get support from other people. Consider speaking with the parents of everyone involved in the cyberbullying incidents to try and resolve the incident together. But, take note that you should consider going to the authorities if the cyberbullying is making your kid feel unsafe and threatened, or it involves potential criminal activity.