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A Safe and Fun Learning Environment: Benefits of Daycare

Children play with wooden toy, build toy railroad at home or daycare. Toddler boy play with crane, train and cars. Educational toys for preschool and kindergarten child. Cushioned furniture, chair bagAs more and more parents in New Zealand work the eight-hour shift, with many of them even spending longer hours at the workplace, the demand for daycare services has seen explosive growth. But their hectic schedules and lifestyles are not the only reasons behind the popularity of these early childhood educational facilities.

A structured environment

The best and most reliable daycare centres offer not just a safe and secure haven for young children; they also boast of a formal, organised learning environment. In addition to study and play time, they also schedule rest periods, so many of them invest in comfortable cots for toddlers in daycare.

Of course, it still depends on the overall quality of the facilities and the people running them, but as long as you make the smart choice, you and your little one can enjoy the following benefits:

A fun learning environment prioritising safety and security

Many parents prefer daycare centres over hiring a nanny because of the peace of mind that the former provides. In New Zealand, most of these facilities go through rigorous inspections for licensing. Some even have supervised caregivers in classrooms, plus a director overseeing everything that happens from the start of the day until all the youngsters have gone home.

A daycare centre also delivers an excellent early learning experience, which is something that you cannot expect when you hire a caregiver.

More benefits at a lower cost

Note also that for most daycare centres, the cost associated with signing up your child is lower than when you hire a nanny. This affordable cost, combined with the greater number of benefits you and your child can enjoy, easily makes it the smarter, better choice.

A community of support from other parents

Lastly, a daycare centre also gives you the chance to meet other parents who may lend you support and parenting tips, and whom you can share your own experiences and advice too.

Who Needs Self-Storage?

Self Storage facilitySelf-storage is a rapidly growing industry offering rental storage space on both a short and long-term basis to an equally rapidly growing clientele. Many people typically wonder who exactly uses self-storage, but you will be surprised at the diversity of self-storage users. In fact, you might need it yourself! Here are some of the self-storage clientele.


A significant portion of the Port Douglas storage clientele consists of businesses. Whether you are a large company, small business or a simple home business, self-storage may be for you. It offers a solution where you can conveniently and safely store your inventory or archive important documents. Compared to the utility bills of renting extra space in a building, self-storage is inexpensive.


Most flats and homes would need extra space, especially for those with growing families. Many would find that their home becomes seemingly smaller every year. For all the things you do not use on a daily basis, self-storage is the perfect solution to store them away and de-clutter your living area. For families that are downsizing or moving and need space, this is the ideal solution. Instead of cramming all the items you do not use in one room, get a storage space and use the room for something else.

Travelling Professionals

For people whose professions take them around the world for different lengths of time, it does not make sense to sell all your things each time you move, painstakingly move with them across the globe or rent a house for them. A self-storage unit is safe, affordable and gives you plenty of room to keep your things. You can even rent out your home for the period you are away with your items safely stored in a storage unit.

Most storage facilities offer units and sheds in varying sizes. No matter what you want to store, you’re sure to find one perfect for you.

How Can SIP Trunking Benefit Your Business?

Woman answering a call on a flower shopHave you heard of SIP and what it is used for? Session Initiated Protocol (SIP) is a protocol most commonly used in 3G telephony. Also known as VoIP communications, it allows users to communicate through voice and video calls for free on the internet.

According to SIP.US, SIP trunk has the same functions as traditional analog phone lines — but with a twist. Instead of using physical wires, it uses the internet to connect phone systems. Mostly, businesses that need multiple phone lines for their employees use this technology.

Benefits of Converting to SIP Trunking

Think about the use of traditional analog phone lines. A business owner would need to connect all his employees to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) individually.

SIP trunks remove the need for the complex IP-PSTN gateways and its corresponding costs. SIP trunks allow you to use the same IP network connection for a particular bandwidth that you can choose to increase in small increments based on your needs. This removes the need to purchase in blocks of 24 or 32. You only pay for the trunks you need. This also means it’s easier to scale up or down depending on your business needs. Most SIP trunk providers would even allow a bunch of connected phones to a single PBX or key system. Offices can also make savings on telecommunication costs, especially on long distance calls.


SIP trunking is great, but there are still some considerations you need to think about. When you use SIP for your phone lines, you are putting your phone system on the internet. This admittedly is not the safest place to be without proper precautions. So, you need to make sure that you have the right firewall installed. Avoid malicious attacks, such as theft and fraud.

SIP trunks eat bandwidth. So the more phone calls your employees make, the more data bandwidth you need. Verify with your SIP provider that their service is compatible with your IP PBX and if they support fax.

In Summary

SIP trunking can significantly reduce your telecommunication costs. You only need to pay for the trunks you need. However, there are certain things that you need to take into consideration. These include security, how much bandwidth your business needs, and the compatibility of your infrastructure with your SIP provider.

Five Steps to an Impressive Team Headshot

Team of businessman on a group shotIt takes less than a second to make a good impression on a potential client. Your group headshots may be all a person needs to decide they want your services. Here are five easy steps to creating an impressive headshot:

1. Start with a Concept

One thing that makes headshots stand out – whether for individuals or groups – is the concept that goes with it. Think of yourself as a brand, and discuss with your photographer what you would like to project. Diving instructors might opt for an underwater portrait; actors may want to recreate a famous scene and lawyers may choose to convey authority.

2. Pick a Setting

Many people prefer to have their photo shoots at the studio, but there is no rule against going on location. Colorful, dynamic backgrounds can project more energy. If you want to appear more accessible, try doing the photo shoot outdoors or in a public place rather than in a boardroom.

3. Choose Clothes that Flatter

Unless you are artists or designers, it’s best to stay away from loud prints. Small patterns, on the other hand, may be indistinguishable. Choose a flattering outfit with a more or less solid color that complements your skin tone. Try them on before the shoot to get a feel of the clothes. It is best to choose an outfit you can feel comfortable and confident wearing.

4. Consider Hair and Makeup

Put your best foot forward to make the best first impression. Don’t hesitate to get a professional to style your hair and makeup. Avoid having too much makeup, though, as this can obscure your features. Men should get a haircut before the shoot, and attend to their beards or mustaches to make sure they look neat.

5. Rest Well

Finally, make sure everyone gets enough sleep the night before the photo-op. Clear the team’s schedule ahead of time to avoid stress.

Remember these easy tips and set yourself up for a productive and enjoyable photo session. But most importantly, make sure you hire professionals you can trust to create your headshots. Invest in the best.

Strategies for Improving Road Transport Performance

Trailer delivery truck on a warehouse being repairedEvery year, companies move tonnes of goods from one region to another. This practice brings products and services closer to people who have no ready access to them. The road has been the primary method used to transport heavy goods using trucks and low load trailers since time immemorial. These moving equipment move huge and heavy products to their destination.

However, the emergence of many companies offering the same services has put pressure on many establishments. This situation has pushed the investors back to the drawing board to come up with new strategies.

1. Acquiring a modern fleet

Embracing trucks and trailers with advanced features ensure that they can manoeuvre through the terrain with ease. The vehicles should have fuel efficient engines and withstand extended periods without a need for major services.

2. Qualified staff

Today, truck drivers perform minor mechanical operations on the road. This skill enables them to detect any mechanical issue and to solve it before it gets out of hand. The company should employ qualified drivers and engineers who offer their services on time to ensure timely delivery of goods to customers.

3. Implementing road accident measures

Drivers are responsible for causing most untoward incidences on the roads. However, they are not solely to blame for this state of affairs. Partly to blame are the long hours of work, failure to recognise tiredness and use of medication that causes drowsiness. Corrective measures should be implemented to prevent unnecessary accidents and delays.

4. Have a healthy working capital

The transport sector has busy and sluggish seasons. The company should be ready to overcome pressures of low seasons and reap maximum profits during high periods.

The transport industry is a lucrative venture. Observing minimum requirements will keep your company afloat and profitable for a long time.

Artificial Intelligence: Changing the Future of Marketing

Business man shaking hands with a robot

Scientists, inventors, and tech companies continue to push the boundaries of technology. These changes inevitably change lifestyles, life choices, careers, and even marketing strategies. When you have a business, it is crucial that you and your marketing strategies can adapt to upcoming technology trends. Adaptation can mean the survival and success of your business.

Tech Trends of Tomorrow

Many technology trends have been predicted to make a splash this 2017, such as mobile, personalisation, and native and live videos. Perhaps one of the bigger trends is automation or Artificial Intelligence. Once a thing of science fiction, A.I. has started to pop up in different forms, such as Siri, Bixby, chat bots, and more.

Prepare for A.I.

You can prepare your business for Artificial Intelligence since it can revolutionise customer service, automation, and consumer engagement. Hit the mark on these three areas, and you can enjoy marketing success. You may still be wondering, however, what exactly A.I. can do for your marketing.

You can discuss Artificial Intelligence more with your digital media agency in Melbourne. You can better learn about A.I. from marketing professionals themselves after all.

A.I. Capabilities

In terms of automation, A.I. can automate back-end administrative procedures. This can maximise the marketing efficacy of your business. In terms of consumer engagement and customer service, you can easily and better communicate with new, current, and past customers using A.I.

Quality Interactions

With the previous capabilities of A.I., you can deliver highly tailored and highly engaging interactions, which are exactly what consumers today want. You can also provide them with effective and immediate solutions that are better than a human customer service representative. Take a chat bot, for example. With a chat bot, you can provide helpful customer service 24/7.

More Changes to Come

Artificial intelligence will only become bigger and more complex in the future. You can adapt to such future innovations once you have begun to adapt to the currently available A.I. technology today. A.I. may revolutionise not only your company’s marketing, but also in other ways as well.

Artificial intelligence is one of the bigger upcoming tech trends that can change the marketing game. As a business, you better adapt to achieve success.

Nurture a Credible Online Presence on the Web and Grow Your Sales

Man working on a laptopAs technology evolves, the Internet continues to prove that it's a powerful business tool. You'll now see companies scrambling to establish a presence on different platforms. Thanks to the emergence of smart devices, it made things easy for customers to connect to the World Wide Web. They can shop for goods and services while on the go and from the convenience of their homes or office.

Ensure the site is user-friendly

Online marketing is always changing, with new techniques cropping up almost every day. Your ability to retain an edge on the market hinges on your capacity to keep abreast of these changes. While having a professional looking website remains crucial, it is only the beginning. You need to make sure that potential clients can access your services from any device. Again, you should pull all stops to ensure it loads quickly. 

With many websites competing for your readers’ attention, you should not give them a reason to leave. Working with a credible web design firm in Connecticut can help you hit the ground running.

Watch the bounce rate

Business success ties closely to your visibility on the internet. As a result, it is of the essence to show up on the first page of search engine results in your area of specialization. After working on page rankings, you need to capture and hold the attention of your readers, so they dwell on your page longer. This involves creating customer-centric content on all pages. Rather than pushing products, you need to be persuasive in your approach. Let the clients know how your products help to solve a pressing problem.

Although profitable, marketing your goods on the Internet takes a considerable amount of effort and skills. These use pointers can help you hit the ground running and establish a credible presence on the web.

Why a Good Signage is Essential to Your Business

Restaurant SignThe signage of an establishment is just as important as the product labels because they are the ones that catch the potential customer’s attention. Below are the reasons you should seriously consider planning your signage, as it will greatly determine your success.

Your signage says a lot about you

Your business signage tells people things that are not just about your business. They also tell a lot about you as a business owner. You should invest in a good one.

Something as trivial as a tarpaulin sign without tarp eyelets can affect perception on your business. Displays specialist Eurotech says a tarp signage, when outdoors, quickly gets untidy and looking unprofessional. It said tarp eyelets provide the solution to this problem.

People will relate your signage to your product, and you fail to get some people who may judge your product based on appearances.

A good signage can stop people in their tracks

Imagine walking down a restaurant district and seeing a well-placed and well-executed signage for a pizza chain that offers huge discounts at limited times. It can make people stop walking and read the copy and even walk straight into the restaurant and inquire.

The same thing can happen for retail stores which have excellent window displays. A good signage can hold so much power. Do not miss this opportunity to get people walk into your store.

A good signage has the power of recall

Imagine driving on a highway and spotting a new billboard for a product that you like or even a very new product that you have never heard of before. If the advertisement is good, you will be able to recall it even days after.

Otherwise, you will forget all about it, and the investment business owners make on making that particular signage will go to waste. A good signage has the power of recall and makes people think about your product for days.

Signages are that important. They are your first lines of marketing offence, so to speak. Many times, you fight the battle for the hearts and minds of your would-be consumers outside your store, before they even enter.

The Long-Term Strategies to Boost Your Retail Store’s Online Sales

Online Sales In retail, you should always be thinking of ways to improve sales. Some strategies are quick fixes, giving you a temporary sales boost and sudden cash flow. But, what if you want something more long-term without needing months of planning and preparation?

These three strategies can be done today, and can affect your numbers in a big way:

1. Craft an appealing brand.

People like products and companies that show personalities they can vibe with. Determine a company personality and brand that appeals to your target market and stick to it. Take advantage of social media and rework your marketing collateral to reflect this voice. This improves engagement that will lead to high conversion rates.

2. Check complaints against your competitor and offer the solution.

When researching your competition, don’t just look at what they’re doing right. Focusing on what they’re doing wrong might give you a stronger, better edge. Find recurring instances of the same complaints and tweak your operations to address these weaknesses. For instance, if the common complaint is stringent return policies, offer a more lenient one.

3. Determine the right way to be competitive.

Once you’ve addressed what the competition is doing wrong, it’s time to see what they’re doing right. The objective is to offer an equivalent or better option that won’t sink your profit margins. It’s a good idea to have competitive price monitoring systems in place to figure out the right time for price cuts and discounts, says industry expert PriceManager.

You can also compete in other ways such as customer loyalty programs, strong customer service or even improved user experience on your online store.

You don’t need lengthy board meetings and exhaustive project development to make improvements that could drastically boost sales. Consistent branding, collecting the right information, and competing in the most advantageous ways could impact your bottom line for the better.

You Asked: Should I Hire a PR Agency for my Start-Up?

PR Agency Start-upThere are opposing opinions about whether one should hire a PR agency to further their business achievements. Some argue that such an agency will drain a large amount of financial resources the business could have used for other marketing activities. But sometimes a professional PR person can do more for your company than your own ideas for promotion.

Know your business and its objectives

It may sound counter-intuitive, but the truth is some great start-ups fizzle out because the people behind them just didn’t have a clear line of sight toward their own objectives. Know your product, know your brand; then know where you want it to go. What is your place in the market? Who are the competition and how are they doing?

Know when to hire outside help

Not all business owners are great ambassadors for their brand. It’s quite simple; not everyone was born for marketing, even the brilliant minds behind brilliant start-ups. This is when you should hire outside help. Hire a Melbourne PR company because they can help you get your product and brand out there, and not because you only think you need one. One thing that should not be missing in this equation is money. Don’t hire a company if you don’t have the budget to sustain the campaign they will launch. Set aside a budget for this.

Know which agency to work with

It’s all about chemistry. A good agency may have the connections and the right ideas, but remember that not all of the good agencies are ready to work with start-ups. They have tailored activities for big companies. So find one that’s comfortable working with you, and vice versa.

A commitment to promote your brand and make it stronger via the work of an agency is a huge undertaking especially for a start-up. Know what you should prepare before you start calling and shortlisting agencies.