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Assisted Living Facilities for Persons in Early Stage Alzheimer’s Disease

An elderly man trying to remember his ageAssisted living offer much needed support for 70 percent of Americans over 65 years of age who will need their services. Residential, memory care, and independent living facilities here in Provo do not offer similar services.

The important question to ask is whether this type of facility is appropriate for persons with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementia.

Finding the best care

When loved ones affected by dementia and related disorders are no longer independent in performing daily tasks, we must consider finding the best care for them. Adult care providers agree in recommending assisted living facilities for persons who are in early-stage Alzheimer’s disease.

Here are a few reasons why.

The right kind of support

Persons with cognitive impairment and behavioral aberrations due to degenerative brain disease require very specific care. Helping a person with illness function at the highest level is one of the objectives of support service.

For persons in early stage Alzheimer’s, most of the symptoms that compromise their safety and well-being are not yet manifest.

While memory care facilities offer a more appropriate and adequate setup for persons with Alzheimer’s already advancing in the disease, assisted living staff may still be of great help to older persons with dementia still capable of looking after themselves.

A plan of action

Determining which assisted living community is the right choice, the family unit must formulate a plan of action. The person who is ill should be part of the decision-making process. Restoring a person’s functionality, and keeping him or her productive while the disease takes its course requires a team effort.

The family is the core component of this team, and support services will only be able to do their job well if the family is one in their love and support.


The consequences of a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease can be devastating for the family. Finding the best and most appropriate support for your loved one is your responsibility. For more information on dementia care, you may start reading available literature online.

Find the Best Assisted Living Facility for Your Parents

Senior woman being assisted on a nursing homeOver 800,000 elderly Americans live in assisted living facilities across the United States today. In these institutions, elderly adults live as if in luxury resorts that happen to offer assistance when they need it. Even with the assistance, however, residents continue to live in independence.

Do you want to transition your parents to an assisted living facility here in Las Vegas such as Legacy House of Centennial Hills? You first have to ask a few questions to find the best facility.

What Do Your Parents Need?

First, you can evaluate the health of your parents to learn what they need help with. Assisted living facilities offer help with daily living. When your parents need help in such areas as bathing, dressing, cleaning, laundry, and more, an assisted living facility can help.

One facility in Las Vegas even offers memory care for residents who develop or have dementia.

What Is the Quality of Care?

Second, you can evaluate the quality of care that a facility provides. You can make sure the facility has a license to operate. You can ask residents themselves about what they think about the facility.

You can even call the Nevada’s Long-Term Care Ombudsman to find out if people filed any complaints against the institution you are inspecting.

How Much Does It Cost?

Third, you can evaluate the costs of your parents living in a facility. You may have to pay high prices, but when the facility offers premium care and service, the costs will be worth it. Examine the fine print of the resident contract.

You can ask what circumstances can cause additional costs, and if there is any way to reduce such costs.

What Are the Discharge Terms?

Lastly, you can examine the release terms of the facility. By knowing in what ways your parents will need to transfer facilities, you can prepare for such possibilities. You can even research other information about assisted living facilities online.

Life in an assisted living community can be an enjoyable experience for your parents. As long as you find the best one here in Las Vegas, your parents will be well taken care of.