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3 Common Preventable Causes of AC Failure

Hand Holding Remote For Air Conditioning SystemYour air conditioning system could be failing because of simple things you left unattended for weeks, like a loose wire. It's easy to mend these small problems without having to spend too much. All you need is to know what to do and who to call.

Refrigerant running low

The refrigerant is the fluid in the air conditioning system that removes heat from the air. When your system starts developing cracks and the refrigerant leaks, the AC will stop working correctly. The refrigerant will leak through the cracks and the system will end up with less than enough refrigerant. You cannot fix this problem by adding more refrigerant since it will continue leaking. You need to call a technician to fix the holes and the cracks.

The evaporator coils are frozen

The evaporator coils are filled with refrigerant. They work by absorbing heat from the air around them like a sponge. For them to work effectively and efficiently, there needs to be warm air around it so they can absorb the heat from the air. If the air is not circulating, the evaporator coil will get cold and a layer of cold ice will build up over it. 

Problems with the thermostat

During the AC installation for your St. Louis home, you need to know which kind of a system is being fixed in place. The older systems have a dial type kind of thermostat that's sometimes calibrated incorrectly. This means that the control system is not receiving the instructions. This is a small problem you can fix. You can either choose to replace the thermostat with a programmable one or you can recalibrate the thermostat.

You can learn more about your system by asking questions to the experts. By understanding your system, you can easily troubleshoot problems that might arise so that in the summer you don’t have a problem.

Ducted Reverse Cycle AC: The All-in-One Cooling Unit You Need

Square Air DuctWhen the need for a new air conditioner arises, whether as a replacement or for an entirely new installation, you have to take into consideration some factors. The cooling capacity, the size of the room you will use it for, and the cost are only some of them. Add to this the fact that you now have many kinds and styles of cooling equipment to choose from, and it can be quite confusing for an average homeowner.

If you want all rooms in your home to have conditioned air — cooled air in the summer and heated air in the winter — then you should consider a ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system.

Utmost comfort, control, and convenience

There are many good reasons to invest in this type of cooling system. Among all the types of air conditioners in the market, many see this as the best in terms of comfort, control, and convenience. This is particularly true for larger spaces, especially those that require cooling (or heating) at different times of the day.

Ducted reverse cycle air conditioners have a central fan coil usually installed on the roof. This then connects to each of the rooms through a ducting network. This set up lets you cool all the rooms at once, even setting different temperatures for each room. Some models let you choose which rooms you’d like to have conditioned air in; it’s that advanced.

Better cooling efficiency that saves you money

One of the most common advantages of ducted reverse cycle ACs over your other options lies in its greater energy-efficiency. As you can choose which rooms you’d like to condition to supply with conditioned air, it helps minimise wastage associated with central air conditioners.

As it helps you cut back on the number of air conditioners to buy and install for every room, this leads to your ultimate goal of staying comfortable while saving money.