Moving On: Getting Over a Painful Breakup by Moving Out

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Getting over a recent break-up may seem a small issue for some, especially if the romance is short-lived. However, the emotions, time, and energy invested in the relationship can make the separation a painful one.

Should you find yourself wallowing in the past and unable to move forward, take these suggestions to effectively get over your past relationship:

Move to a New Address

If you see your partner’s face everywhere you look in your house, it’s high time to move. You don’t need to sell your home, unless you really feel you should. If you’re living in a rental, find another apartment to rent. If you’re a homeowner, consider renting your property out. Ask a close family member or friend for temporary living space while you look for another place.

Find Another Job

This advice is especially effective if your former partner works in the same office or building. Not that you’re trying to avoid them, but if you feel your work capacity has been affected, look for options elsewhere. This can help you stop ruminating about the past whenever you pass by a restaurant or date spot in Indiana.

Take a Trip

If you can’t sacrifice your work or your present residence, the next best thing is to ask for a leave, pack your bags, buy a ticket for one of the cheap flights from South Bend and take a vacation. Go on a jam-packed guided tour of every possible tourist spot in your destination, or bask in the luxury of your hotel room. Whichever path you take, focus on healing before going back to the real world.

Leaving for a while to lick your wounds is not a sign of defeat. It’s giving yourself a chance to heal, so you can start a new and better life. Just remember that your ultimate goal is to come back a stronger and recovered you.