Looking after dental implants for a healthy, happy future

Dental implantsSo you’ve chosen dental implants to replace your lost teeth. Congratulations! You will soon be looking to the future with renewed positivity, vigour, and health. One thing is for sure: having suffered the horrors of tooth loss once, you’ll never want to go through that again.

Dental implants aren’t difficult to look after. You will need to visit both your dentist and hygienist regularly for follow-up checks and professional tooth cleaning, as well as advice on how to develop an effective cleaning regime at home.

Warrendale Dental Care in Ross-on-Wye has carried out many successful implant surgeries to replace anything from one to all of a patient’s natural teeth. They encourage all patients to attend regular maintenance and hygiene appointments to ensure the implants and new teeth attached to them will stay healthy for life.

Tooth loss may be caused by dental trauma, gum disease, or decay. If advanced gum disease lies behind your tooth loss, your dentist is likely to want to see you on a regular basis, both during the osseointegration period (in which your dental implants form a strong bond with your jaw bone) and after your teeth have been restored using crowns, a bridge, or dentures.

A condition called peri-implantitis, which is very similar to periodontitis, poses a real risk to implants, because it can cause the jaw bone around the implant to shrink, ultimately resulting in implant failure. As with periodontitis, it is always preceded by a less serious condition, which is similar to gingivitis.

Early warning signs include gums that bleed when you brush your teeth, or which appear swollen and red. You need to be vigilant of your oral hygiene, so if you spot any of these conditions you must contact your implant dentist immediately – the early form of the condition can be treated easily.

At home, you will need to be scrupulous with your tooth cleaning. Your hygienist will teach you the best way to clean your new teeth and implants. Crowns and bridges stay in your mouth permanently, and should be brushed like natural teeth.

Dentures may be fixed or removable. In the latter scenario, you should take them out twice a day to carefully clean them.