Land Surveyors: Your Partners in Property Assessment

Land surveyor A land surveyor’s work is to measure the three-dimensional aspects of land to outline the legal history of the property, its current condition and physical features. Land surveyors in Auckland, New Zealand go through a training process to qualify and be licensed to carry out the work. Here are the times when you should consider a land surveyor.

When buying new property

You would want to find out the legal history of the piece of land you are interested in including its exact size and boundaries. Only a surveyor can help you get the right information. Also, you will know whether any structures around are within the property boundaries.

 When selling the property

Buyers tend to be more at ease buying a property with a recent survey document. Although they too will have to carry out their independent survey, this will build their trust in you.

When building new structures

You would not want to build on your neighbour’s property. When putting up new structures or a fence, it is essential to have a surveyor check out whether you are within your boundaries. Also, you will want to know whether the structures meet the required legal standards in the area.

When subdividing land

Land surveyors in Auckland can help you divide property, which comes in handy when you want to sell or divide property. He can also draft a subdivision proposal and take into consideration any legal procedures to follow.

When applying for a mortgage

Banks and other financial institutions will require a recent survey of the property before they lend the money. They may not rely on the old survey carried out when buying the property because zoning and building laws change periodically.

Surveyors can help property owners when disputes arise. They can give expert evidence in court regarding the land and any structures in it. Also, a surveyor can help you avoid any legal problems even before you buy the property.