Industry Options for Careers in Field Service Engineering

Two engineers working onsiteMachines are a vital part of the modern world. Field service engineers play the role of keeping these machines in tip-top working condition. A career in field service engineering can be demanding, but with passion and commitment, it can be one of the most rewarding fields.

When conducting field service engineering recruitment, recruiters look for candidates with a good grasp of the general working of machines and technical skills. The ideal candidate should also have logical reasoning, communicate efficiently and have excellent interpersonal skills.

For those considering a career as field service engineers, below are the highest-paying sectors you can work in.


Field service engineers in the banking sector are tasked with installation and maintenance of ATMs. Most banks subcontract this service to the original ATM manufacturer. The manufacturer trains their field service engineers.

An extensive criminal background check is essential for engineers in the banking sector since you should be trustworthy to handle large sums of money.


Biomedical field engineers primarily handle medical diagnostic equipment. These include PET and MRI scanners, life support, X-ray, and ultrasound machines. A small number of biomedical field service engineers work in hospitals and diagnostic centres.

The majority work for equipment manufacturers and companies that sell or rent the diagnostic equipment. For proficiency in the biomedical engineering field, basic knowledge of patient monitoring and testing is often required.


These field service engineers work for equipment manufacturers. They instruct equipment consumers on proper maintenance and handling of the equipment. Typical assignments for field service engineers in the teaching sector include hands-on instruction at the location of the manufacturer or consumer.

One year as a field service engineer teaches you more than five years in an office designing machines. Engineering, after all, is a hands-on field and practical experience is imperative. Field service engineering involves frequent travel. You are hence sure of excitement in this career.