Go Fish! Why Deep Sea Fishing in Destin, Florida is the Best

Fisherman happy with his fish trophy

Fisherman happy with his fish trophyDestin, Florida is, undoubtedly a place where the waters offer tourists and travelers an exhilarating experience. If you are a water sports enthusiast, then deep sea fishing in Destin, Florida is an adventure that you will enjoy. This city was once a fishing village and beach town, but now it is home to the largest fishing fleet in Florida.

A More Physically-Demanding Fishing Trip

Deep sea fishing requires a lot of patience, skill, and energy. In Destin, Florida, it could take more than all hands on deck. You should know the proper way to hook a fish and intensify your efforts since they can swim and fight for a longer time.

Learn to Work with Different Types of Rods

In this case, the tackle must be more tolerant to sea water. For your lines to withstand pull and game weight, they must be far more durable. Remember salt water corrodes metal faster so choose one that withstands corrosion at a slower rate.

Go Fish in the Right Season

In Florida, fishing is a regulated sport, so you should be aware of their seasonal calendar and know what kind of fish you can catch at a particular time of the year.

If you plan to visit from June to October, then you’re in time for the sailfish, marlin, and tuna open season. Destin is popular for the variety of game fish in its waters, so take the opportunity to go off-shore game fishing during these times.

In June and July, you can fish for grouper, but you cannot fish for amberjack. When you visit in the spring or winter, it’s the best time to catch amberjack. Grouper fishing is closed at this time, so your best catch is amberjack.

Look for Expert Charter Boats

Hire a charter boat for your water sports activities. There are many in Destin, but you need to focus on your budget, the kind of fishing you need to do, and the fishing season.