Cost Estimating: Software or Estimator?

SoftwareCost estimating in a construction project is crucial. As a beginner to the construction industry, whether you are building residential, commercial, or industrial, you need the right tools or aids for your cost estimating. Of course, you can do the cost estimating manually, but manual methods take time. Clients give you only limited time frames to complete the cost estimating.

Two Contenders

With an upcoming deadline, you have two options to finish produce your estimates. You can either use a cost estimating software or hire estimators that can lend you their expertise and experience. Each has their own share of good and bad.

Software Strengths

Cost estimating software can help you meet client deadlines by providing immediate estimates. Basic features of such software include takeoff construction tools, cost databases implanted in the software, and estimate calculations of varying detail. In choosing a software, you can consider pricing, user experience, and what you need from the software.

Software Weaknesses

Downsides of software include the fact that the estimates the software calculates will rely on the information you input. You will have to make sure the information you have is accurate. You cannot also rely too much on the integrated cost databases of the software since costs can change over time.

Estimator Benefits

To cover for the faults of cost estimating software, you can turn to cost estimators. Cost estimators know how to use software in conjunction with their expertise and experience. Great estimators have characteristics such as knowledge of engineering drawings, expertise in construction methods and materials, and so on.

Estimator Faults

Conversely, cost estimators can also make mistakes and misjudgments during the process. They may forget to make a site visit or read a vital document for the project. They may also fail to verify the final result of an estimate.

In conclusion, which is better: the software or the estimator? From the previous details, both seem to complement each other, with you presiding over both.