Choosing Glass for Your Windows? Consider the Following Factors

A house window being replacedWhether you are installing new windows or you have a glass repair in Auckland, there are factors you should put into consideration. United Glass shares some ideas.

Noise Control

A quiet home is a peaceful home. Unfortunately, there is a common misconception surrounding noise control and double glazing (IG units), stating that they are the best and only way to control noise pollution.

Unfortunately, this does not always provide the expected results. Reason being, for the double glazing glass to control the noise, you must leave enough air gaps amidst the panels, which most of the time, is not practical.

Therefore, to ensure maximum noise control, it is best to use laminated glass with sound-dampening interlayers. It is an economical and a practical way of having a nice quiet home.

Daylight transmittance

Sufficient amount of light in your house not only saves you lighting costs but also improves the overall outlook of your home. For best lighting, consider the size of the rooms, the sizes of the doors and window opening, the use of space and the orientation when selecting the glass.

However, note that large windows dressed with highly transparent glasses may give you glare issues. Similarly, dark-toned glasses on small window openings will make a room gloomy, hence necessitating artificial lighting.

Therefore, identify your needs and get the glass expert to help pick the best for each room.


The security of your home and your loved ones top the list when it comes to selecting window glass. To maximise on security, a laminated glass with interlayers is highly recommended. Even if the glass breaks during an attack, the layers hold the glass together. This makes the break-ins to your house slow and noisy.

When selecting a glass for your home windows, ensure that you know and understand its maintenance process for it to last for a long time. Also, you may want to consider your home theme to select shades that match your taste and preference.