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How Can SIP Trunking Benefit Your Business?

Woman answering a call on a flower shopHave you heard of SIP and what it is used for? Session Initiated Protocol (SIP) is a protocol most commonly used in 3G telephony. Also known as VoIP communications, it allows users to communicate through voice and video calls for free on the internet.

According to SIP.US, SIP trunk has the same functions as traditional analog phone lines — but with a twist. Instead of using physical wires, it uses the internet to connect phone systems. Mostly, businesses that need multiple phone lines for their employees use this technology.

Benefits of Converting to SIP Trunking

Think about the use of traditional analog phone lines. A business owner would need to connect all his employees to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) individually.

SIP trunks remove the need for the complex IP-PSTN gateways and its corresponding costs. SIP trunks allow you to use the same IP network connection for a particular bandwidth that you can choose to increase in small increments based on your needs. This removes the need to purchase in blocks of 24 or 32. You only pay for the trunks you need. This also means it’s easier to scale up or down depending on your business needs. Most SIP trunk providers would even allow a bunch of connected phones to a single PBX or key system. Offices can also make savings on telecommunication costs, especially on long distance calls.


SIP trunking is great, but there are still some considerations you need to think about. When you use SIP for your phone lines, you are putting your phone system on the internet. This admittedly is not the safest place to be without proper precautions. So, you need to make sure that you have the right firewall installed. Avoid malicious attacks, such as theft and fraud.

SIP trunks eat bandwidth. So the more phone calls your employees make, the more data bandwidth you need. Verify with your SIP provider that their service is compatible with your IP PBX and if they support fax.

In Summary

SIP trunking can significantly reduce your telecommunication costs. You only need to pay for the trunks you need. However, there are certain things that you need to take into consideration. These include security, how much bandwidth your business needs, and the compatibility of your infrastructure with your SIP provider.

Nurture a Credible Online Presence on the Web and Grow Your Sales

Man working on a laptopAs technology evolves, the Internet continues to prove that it's a powerful business tool. You'll now see companies scrambling to establish a presence on different platforms. Thanks to the emergence of smart devices, it made things easy for customers to connect to the World Wide Web. They can shop for goods and services while on the go and from the convenience of their homes or office.

Ensure the site is user-friendly

Online marketing is always changing, with new techniques cropping up almost every day. Your ability to retain an edge on the market hinges on your capacity to keep abreast of these changes. While having a professional looking website remains crucial, it is only the beginning. You need to make sure that potential clients can access your services from any device. Again, you should pull all stops to ensure it loads quickly. 

With many websites competing for your readers’ attention, you should not give them a reason to leave. Working with a credible web design firm in Connecticut can help you hit the ground running.

Watch the bounce rate

Business success ties closely to your visibility on the internet. As a result, it is of the essence to show up on the first page of search engine results in your area of specialization. After working on page rankings, you need to capture and hold the attention of your readers, so they dwell on your page longer. This involves creating customer-centric content on all pages. Rather than pushing products, you need to be persuasive in your approach. Let the clients know how your products help to solve a pressing problem.

Although profitable, marketing your goods on the Internet takes a considerable amount of effort and skills. These use pointers can help you hit the ground running and establish a credible presence on the web.

Technology is Revolutionising Australia’s Agriculture

Farming Equipment at WorkLike in almost every part of modern-day life, technology is now revolutionizing the agriculture sector in Australia. It offers new ideas and innovative alternatives to traditional farming practices that result in better use of resources, greater harvests and a more profitable industry.

Here are a few innovations to farming equipment that is breaking new ground in the agricultural sector.

Drone Mapping

Farm owners can now determine if their crops are having health issues or under stress using drones. Drones can conduct normalised difference vegetation index (NDVI) – a method of mapping that determines if an area contains live vegetation or not.

Although the use of NDVI has been possible through aeroplane and satellite surveillance for over a decade now, drones allow the user to gather a more detailed resolution. In fact, they can provide information on areas that are accurate down to the centimetre, as opposed to the limited metre reading that satellite and aeroplane surveillance offers. Furthermore, they are also faster and cheaper.

This use of drones will enable farmers to make accurate and data-driven decisions.

Remote-Controlled Tractor

Tractors and other farming vehicles are gradually making the jump to remote-controlled operation. The cameras, radars and sensors on a tractor allow the farmer to remotely operate it from a control room or on a tablet.

Because of the automated and remote-controlled upgrades, some tractors can run for more than 20 hours a day. This kind of production output from expensive farming equipment is extremely valuable during harvest season.

Hi-Tech Field Sensors

Using high technology field sensors can help farmers optimise their harvest. One farm in Tasmania is using hundreds of these sensors in its black-soil fields, in fact. They monitor the microclimate of almost all its lettuce. In turn, the owner can accurately grow the best quality of lettuce and project their ideal picking time.

Lastly, the sensors can help improve the shelf life of harvests, reduce waste and boost the overall sales.

Technology is slowly improving every aspect of the agricultural sector, from making the produce inspection process more convenient to enabling an autonomous harvesting method. It will continue to modernise the industry over the years.

Stay Competitive and Grow Your Business in a Tough Market

Manufacturing Advances in technology spell a healthy future for players in the manufacturing sectors. Evolving technology translates into a need to create new machines. Changing market demands call for faster and more efficient devices that meet specific consumer needs. As such, you need to update your production process to keep abreast with the latest technologies and remain competitive.

Keep Production Lines in Good Order

Machine failure can have your entire production systems halting, causing you to incur massive losses. Regular maintenance keeps the plant running in good condition and increases the lifespan of your machinery. For quick repairs, Herrick Industrial Supply recommends ordering some milling parts online. That way, you save time and avoid unnecessary delays in meeting customer needs.

Understand the Market

Consumer preferences evolve alongside technology, and as such, you need to keep an eye on the implications on your business. Changes in consumer trends affect the kind of machines you need. You don’t want to stick to old technology that provides lower quality products. Proper market research lets you meet and anticipate the needs of your clients to give you an edge. It also helps to focus your production lines on the goods that are in demand.

Avoid Overstocking

With new technology hitting the market every now and then, you may want to reduce the amount of stock in the store. Better yet, you should overhaul your production process to reflect this reality. Manufacture on demand is proving to be an efficient approach. Rather than holding stock, you can restrict your production effort to when clients place an order. That way you don’t tie too much capital in dead stock that takes much of you precious storage space.

Staying competitive in a changing market takes quite some effort and preparation. Making the necessary changes enables you to meet customer needs and grow your sales.

3 Technologies That Make Drivers Prone to Accidents

Car Accidents There are about a billion and a half cars on roads around the world today. There are about 1.3 people for every car in the United States alone. Imagine how many car accidents happen each year. Car crashes are a sad fact that every driver must accept. Being a skilled driver is not enough to be safe on the road. Proper precautions must be taken, and avoiding distractions should be one of them.

The fact that car accidents can occur anytime is the reason having auto insurance in North Carolina is a law. There are many things that can cause crashes and collisions. Being distracted by technology is one of them. Here are three technologies that make drivers prone to accidents.

  1. Smartphones

Drivers using smartphones are at high risk of being involved in an accident. These devices require eye and hand coordination. Texting is especially dangerous because it fully diverts a driver’s attention. Using smartphones proves to be so distracting that drivers miss traffic signs and signals.

  1. In-Car TV Screens

These attention hogs prove to be such a distraction that even drivers of neighboring cars are affected. In-car TV screens impact a driver’s reflex resulting in slower reaction time. They pull a driver’s attention because of their visual appeal, a far cry from the monotony of the road.

  1. GPS or Car Navigation Systems

This technology proves to be more of a risk than a help. Some navigation systems use touch-screen features, and typing in directions takes away a driver’s attention from the road. Even those with speech recognition capability proves to be hazardous as research shows that talking while driving leads to crashes.

Keeping your car well-maintained is important for both its optimal performance and your pleasant driving experience. It’s critical to remember, though, that human error accounts for the majority of car accidents. After all, your car is just a vessel while you’re the navigator.

When It Involves Acidic Pollutants, Employing Wet Scrubbers is a Great Move

acidic pollutants
Air pollution is one of the greatest dangers/byproducts of industrialization. It can contaminate any space it occupies, as proven by the global problem with automotive emission. In the setting of a factory, though, pollution poses an even bigger danger, especially when it involves acidic pollutants. There are certain operations that give off spectacularly dangerous aerial wastes, such as sulfur trioxide and hydrochloric acid, and it’s important to eliminate it.

In such dangers, wet dust collectors are the best solution. There’s a case for dry collectors, but when there’s a pressing need for absolute aerial sterility, it’s vital to be certain. Acidic pollutants will destroy a person’s respiratory system, and as always with wet dust, combustion is a danger.

Why It’s Cost Efficient

In most industrial plants, it’s the primary equipment that takes the space. Everything must revolve around them, especially when it comes to air circulation. Clean air and good ventilation prevent performance dips in equipment as they rely on an inch-perfect environment. Wet scrubbers meet all requirements for an effective dust collector in such a context: it’s not big, and it’s tough on aerosols, not to mention that it can remove 99% of all pollutants.

This scenario is most common in the burgeoning biomass industry, where acidic particles are dense. It even gained comparison with acid rain, both on its effects and abundance. The biggest danger is the process of burning biomass will create an unstable concentration of acidic presence in the area, which will affect plants, animals and humans.

Choosing Between Dry and Wet Systems

The kind of dust will ultimately decide which dust collection system you use. While wet systems are more effective, there are particles that could react badly if it makes contact with water. On the other hand, dry systems are perfect for large-scale dust collection, though it consumes a lot more water and treatment is a constant need.

In the end, dust testing is your best move. Efficiency is a vital need to fill, but the results will dictate what’s good for your operation in the long run.

The truth remains that wet dust collectors are immensely effective, but there are restrictions to its application. Should there be none, you can consider installing a wet collection system for maximum performance.

The Hunting Ground: The IT Professional’s Guide to Today’s Job Market

information technology services
This is the best job market in recent years. You can expect more IT employers vying for your attention as the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects “rosy” outlook for mid- to senior-level employees. Aside from demand, wages are also going to be at a premium, especially if you switch careers. But first, you need to roll up your sleeves and lay the groundwork for a successful job hunt.

A Degree is Not Enough

This year is a job seeker’s market, but it doesn’t mean employers will hire without scrutiny. An emerging trend among companies is focusing on skills and not simply looking at degrees. You may come from a community college, but if your IT skills match the company’s needs, you can get a job offer.

Work toward getting certifications for certain skills, too. Ensure achieving credentials by taking practice tests, such as a practice exam for CompTIA’s Network+. Building up critical skills and getting certification not only secures the best positions in the best organizations. They also provide premium wages.

Use Technology to Find the Best Opportunities

You can use certain apps to customize your résumé, and even use keywords to search for the ideal companies. And improve your professional profile on social media.

Prepare for the Interview

Finally, you may have brilliant skills, but if you’re less than engaging in interviews, you lose your edge over other applicants. Technical qualifications are essential, and so are interpersonal skills.

Whether you’re meeting a hiring manager or the hiring committee, prepare for potential questions. Practice your answers. And watch the body language because this can tell a lot about you.

A career in IT is lucrative. But it takes work to gain opportunities and land a good job in a stable company. Follow a plan, and guarantee your success in today’s job market.

The Essential Role of Cost Estimation Software for Construction Projects

 Construction Estimation SoftwareOne of the main functions of a construction company is the efficient estimation of the cost of materials and labor on a particular project. This gives clients how much it would cost to complete their requirements and how much their budget can actually give them.

This makes construction estimation software vital in completing a construction project. Here’s what it can do:

Error-Free Computations

The company and its staff will not have to compute the cost manually, so they will make little to no error in computing estimates when using construction estimating software. The only time when grave errors take place is if they had a wrong input. Having these programs handy is to your company’s advantage since your clients will require accurate estimates for their construction needs.

Better and Faster Proposals

With a more or less accurate estimate for the cost of a project, your customers can see if their budget will fit their requirements. They can also make faster decisions whether they will continue the project with your company or not. With faster submission, you can complete negotiations immediately for a faster approval rate. Swift and efficient proposals can also encourage a customer to approach you for future contracts.

Completion of More Projects

Being able to give more timely and accurate bids can make a huge difference in a construction company’s business. You can now find time to bring in more clients. You can also create loyal clientele and returnees within your customer base because of speedy completion and approval. Moreover, you are most likely to be recommended by your existing clients to their contacts due to your efficient and fast work.

Construction companies can profit greatly by using the proper cost estimation software for their needs. Consider it a great investment to further your business and expand your customer base. As long as you contact a reputable provider, then you’re on your way to receiving more contracts in the future.

Cost Estimating: Software or Estimator?

SoftwareCost estimating in a construction project is crucial. As a beginner to the construction industry, whether you are building residential, commercial, or industrial, you need the right tools or aids for your cost estimating. Of course, you can do the cost estimating manually, but manual methods take time. Clients give you only limited time frames to complete the cost estimating.

Two Contenders

With an upcoming deadline, you have two options to finish produce your estimates. You can either use a cost estimating software or hire estimators that can lend you their expertise and experience. Each has their own share of good and bad.

Software Strengths

Cost estimating software can help you meet client deadlines by providing immediate estimates. Basic features of such software include takeoff construction tools, cost databases implanted in the software, and estimate calculations of varying detail. In choosing a software, you can consider pricing, user experience, and what you need from the software.

Software Weaknesses

Downsides of software include the fact that the estimates the software calculates will rely on the information you input. You will have to make sure the information you have is accurate. You cannot also rely too much on the integrated cost databases of the software since costs can change over time.

Estimator Benefits

To cover for the faults of cost estimating software, you can turn to cost estimators. Cost estimators know how to use software in conjunction with their expertise and experience. Great estimators have characteristics such as knowledge of engineering drawings, expertise in construction methods and materials, and so on.

Estimator Faults

Conversely, cost estimators can also make mistakes and misjudgments during the process. They may forget to make a site visit or read a vital document for the project. They may also fail to verify the final result of an estimate.

In conclusion, which is better: the software or the estimator? From the previous details, both seem to complement each other, with you presiding over both.

What You Need to Know about the Recall of Samsung Note 7

Product RecallSamsung has recently announced a global recall of their flagship smartphone, Galaxy Note 7. This is due to the phone’s faulty components that have caused a number of battery explosions. Samsung stopped selling Note 7 and recalled all of those sold before September 15, 2016 for replacement.

It All Started with the Battery

Reports of the Note 7 exploding and catching fire have shocked the public. Several airlines across the world have banned the smartphone from their planes. Samsung’s official statement on this major recall states that the problem is due to the battery cells placed in some Note 7 units.

According to Budget Computers & Mobiles and other experts in the field, low-quality battery cells are likely to overheat and fail when charged frequently. While Samsung is not notorious for having low-quality products, a report by Korean regulators indicated an error in production, and it could be the source of the excessive heating of battery cells in some Note 7 phones.

The “Safe” Replacement

Samsung will replace the returned phones with a safe Note 7 unit. The company has already marked the boxes of safe Galaxy Note 7 units, but if you are still unsure about your replacement, you can always check their recall database. To differentiate the batches of Note 7s, Samsung has developed new software for the replacement units that changed the colour of the battery indicator. The software also shows the battery indicator in the power-off menu whenever a user presses the power button long.

Samsung is not the only electronics company that experienced a manufacturing error and ordered a product recall. Therefore, it all boils down to the level of trust you can give to Samsung. If you trust that the company has fixed the issues on the first batches of Note 7, you can get a new and safe Note 7 phone. If you feel that you do not want to risk your life for a smartphone, however, you can always use a different phone.