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What You Need to Know About Finding the Right Jewellery Shop

Jewelry BoxPeople buy jewellery for all sorts of reasons. Some do because they want to commemorate a special occasion, like a wedding or an anniversary. Others simply want to accessorise their outfits. Then there are those who make strategic purchases for investment’s sake. Whatever you plan to do with your precious pieces, here are three things you should know before you visit jewellery shops.

Let your preferred jewellery guide you

Where do you start with finding the right jeweller? Your family and friends and even colleagues may provide you with a recommendation, but you can cut your search time in half by determining the type of jewellery you want or need. Certain jewellers specialise in certain pieces. For instance, jewellery shops in Hatton Garden have handcrafted pieces. If you need classic pieces, you can look for jewellers who offer vintage jewellery; some will even focus on certain eras, like the Edwardian period.

Look for credentials and relevant certifications

Established jewellery shops need to show their credentials. These could include membership in leading organisations, such as the National Association of Jewellers, which is the new industry association from GIA and BJA. Industry association membership means that the jeweller adheres to high standards. Meanwhile, certifications ensure that your gems meet your specifications, giving you value for your money.

Set a budget

It’s important to know your spending limits, even your credit limit, because it narrows down your options. This approach not only saves you time and effort, but also keeps your shopping to a minimum. When you’re looking for that special engagement ring or anniversary jewellery, a budget keeps your choices realistic. Of course, if you have money to spare, an investment in the appropriate pieces would make a sound decision.

A Final Word

Once you’ve found your ideal jewellery shop, think about the maintenance of your precious pieces. Whether it’s a rare diamond engagement ring or a typical pair of hoop earrings, proper jewellery care will ensure the longevity and beauty of your finest personal ornaments.

Only the Best: What to Consider When Choosing a Dust Collector

DustDust collectors are important to manufacturing companies as it can improve worker productivity and enhance the air quality in a facility. Manufacturing companies searching for an ideal dust collector need to consider a wide range of variables when purchasing a dust collection system, from air flow dynamics to the type of dust needed for filtering and collection. If you’re looking for an aluminum dust collector that can satisfy your company’s industrial requirements, keep these things in mind.

Fewer Wires

In the past, one way of enhancing the performance of a dust collector was to mount a control panel and automate certain functions. Doing so required the help of an electrician to install and wire this piece of equipment.

Nowadays, innovative companies design industrial ventilation equipment that integrates electronic control panels that remove the need to install or add an auxiliary control system. Additionally, these cloud-based control systems offer predictive maintenance capabilities and maximize system efficiency. So, opt for a dust collector that says goodbye to wire-dependent technology.

Safety Features

Dust collection systems that have built-in safety features are a better option compared to other products on the market. One great feature is an automatic fire suppression system that immediately activates during an accidental ignition of combustible particulates.

Look for dust collectors that have advanced smoke and heat detection features as well. If the dust collector detects heat, it will release a fire suppressant gas to smother a fire. If it detects smoke, meanwhile, the dust collector will close a damper to get rid of oxygen and put the fire out.

Self-Contained Design

An ideal dust collector should have all the parts needed to make it operational. Choose one that has the filters, safety features, control panel, blower, motor, and cabinet housed in one self-contained design. This will help you avoid spending too much time assembling and installing your industrial ventilation equipment.

Take note of these criteria when shopping for a dust collector for your manufacturing operations. Look over each piece of dust collection equipment carefully and ask questions about all available options.

Delegating Business Processes to Insurance Outsourcing Vendors


OutsourcingMany companies can benefit from outsourcing. Apart from reducing costs, it also allows them to offer efficient services to clients. Companies that do choose to outsource, however, need to be selective about the business processes that they are going to outsource to a vendor. Insurance companies, for instance, can outsource these back-office and administrative processes to an insurance outsourcing provider.

Accounting and Bookkeeping

Insurance outsourcing vendors like Proview Global can manage accounting and bookkeeping services, such as insurance reconciliation between the company’s enrollment data and the insurance company records. Instead of keeping multiple full-time, in-house bookkeepers, insurance firms can outsource specific bookkeeping tasks that require only a few days a month to finish.

Data Entry

Data entry work in insurance companies can be time-consuming and tedious as they need to deal with large volumes of data. In addition, they would need to convert that data into a database-ready format to ensure faster verification claims and easier process payments. Delegating all that work to an outsourcing provider that offers excellent data processing services can help insurance firms refocus their efforts into other areas of the business.

Lead Generation and Telemarketing

Gathering potential clients using market research requires intensive study and research. Rather than investing a large amount of time and resources in searching for an untapped potential market, it’s best to leave the burden of non-core but required processes to an outsourcing vendor. Hire a firm that offers outbound calls and research services that can handle all the workload, from attracting prospective clients to taking care of existing leads.

Achieving smoother business operations and better customer satisfaction is possible when companies delegate tasks like accounting, data entry, and lead generation to an outsourcing vendor. Companies looking for a vendor should not focus solely on cheap labor costs. They should, instead, focus on the quality of service offered by the outsourcing provider.

Looking for the Best Gift for Your Mother on Her Birthday? Check These Out

A Mother's BirthdayFlowers and chocolates already seem traditional to give your mom on her birthday. A little bit of art, uniqueness, and love would be a perfect combination to find the best gifts that your mother will surely love and appreciate.

Stacked Apothecary Jars

Traditional with a twist, the stacked apothecary jars is a bathroom necessity that your mother can use to organize her beauty supplies. With a stacked apothecary jars, you get the modern version of stackable and beautiful glass containers which helps save space that your neat mom will truly appreciate.

Scented Home Candles

It’s only natural for mothers to make their homes beautiful and nice smelling. Scented home candles, such as a Botanicals candle, will achieve just that. Perfect anywhere – be it the living room, the bedroom, or the bathroom – scented candles always add a relaxing air that is perfect for every home.

Eyeglass Holder

Instead of letting your mom put her eyeglasses somewhere where she might forget, give her a cute eyeglass holder that may be shaped like an owl, a hand holding it, or any other design that you might find attractive. With such a gift, not only will mom have something to hold her eyeglass when she takes it off, it’ll add some character with the house’s decoration too.

Massage Cushion

If your mom is the career type who has to sit in an office chair, a massage cushion gift would be in order. Letting your mom rest on her old hair won’t just cut it for relaxation. Remedy that by giving her a nice massage cushion to soothe the tension lodged on her back and shoulders.

Birthstone Jewelry

Whatever the occasion is, birthstone jewelry is a safe and timeless choice to give your mother. As a gift, it’s something that you can easily find in stores so you can just take your pick whether you’d give your mom a bracelet, a pair of earrings, or a necklace sporting her birthstone. If you really want to go overboard and impress your lovely mom, just grab a set of birthstone jewelry and let her say “WOW.”

Show your love to your mom by giving her some of these gifts on her special day.

The Practical Reasons You Need Steel

Buying Steel Supply OnlineThere are many reasons steel is the number one choice of several industries when it comes to materials that they have to use. Fortunately, you can now buy some online — and you can then use the material for a number of things.

Here are some of them:

Flying Safely

The aviation industry definitely makes use of steel supply online, especially those with high alloy content, as it proves to be durable and long-lasting. Definitely needed to make crucial parts of airplanes, helicopters, and other flying vehicles, as they’re not the simplest kinds of vehicles around. And safety should really be taken into consideration before using them. This material certainly makes sure of that.

Sterilization and Cleaning

Steel is also useful when it comes to cleaning and sterilization in surgical centers, clinics, medical offices, hospitals, and kitchen industries. Of course, in the medical industry, a patient’s health should be a top priority. So it would be no good to use materials that are not durable enough. On the other hand, food is definitely something that should be treated with caution as wrong ways of handling and cooking could bring out bacteria, and be toxic to some people and animals, too.

A Long List

There are many other things that stainless steel can do. It can be made into utensils for the kitchen, parts of appliances and furniture, surgical instruments and equipment, laboratory equipment, tubing, sheets, wires, space and aeronautical materials, components of cameras and lights, cutlery, cookware, and hardware. It’s one of the most versatile materials around, and that’s always good because it just means your money has been put in a good place — and it can do a lot for you.

All You Need in One

Buying steel means you’d be able to do so much with just one product. You would not be wasting money, and you can also be sure that safety will be the top priority. With a reliable material like this, you surely can’t go wrong.

Understanding Google’s Penguin Update and its Impact on SEO

Google AlgorithmThe biggest recent update to happen in Google’s algorithm is Penguin 4.0, officially rolling out as part of the search engine’s core algorithm. For the uninitiated, Google makes use of an algorithm of more than 200 distinct signals, such as keywords, the relevancy of content, and PageRank. Penguin, which first came out in 2012, is a search algorithm update that serves to reduce and “punish” websites with spammy and manipulative links. In layman’s terms, the Penguin update is part of Google’s criteria for providing sites on the results page. It scans sites with sketchy links.

Why do links matter? This is primarily because the search engine relies on links as a ranking signal. These are, in a way, a form of affirmation between websites. Google judges a website with more links as one with more “right” or authority regarding a particular topic. These sites, more often than not, can provide you with more information. With more authority, a website’s links can impact others.

Engaging Search Engine Optimization

Since search engines like Google somewhat control how online traffic works, SEO has to keep up to ensure that a website remains relevant. Penguin impacts search engine optimization in this regard. If you happen to be a small business in need of SEO in the Twin Cities, for instance, your focus should be on optimizing your website for local searches. You can make use of Penguin by loading up your site with geo-targeted links.

The Last Penguin Online

With Penguin 4.0 now being real time, the data refreshes and changes will be much faster and obvious. After re-crawling and re-indexing a page, you will be able to see how demotions and promotions of a site’s organic rankings play out.

It impacts an entire site now, from the domain to folders, pages, and maybe even keywords. This is how crucial Penguin is to organic rankings – there are going to be tiny penalties that may slip by. For websites with spammy links, beware, because this is the final Penguin update.

Don’t Lose Your Cool: Dealing with an Irate Customer

Dealing with an Irate Customer'Hello! How may I help you'?

You know that it was a sweet, pleasant greeting. But you’re returned with a raised voice and a problem to solve. In business, dealing with an irate customer is certainly the last person you would want to deal with. At times, you will be tempted to slam the phone down and walk away. But have some patience. A skirmish will not only cost you a customer dropout, but it may give your business a bad reputation.

The first thing you need to do is get yourself a customer service software package to help you manage the minor aspects of customer interaction, JobLogic reasons. That way, you can focus on the following:

Do not Interrupt

The irate customer will completely lose his cool if you attempt to justify the fault (if there really is one). What you need to do at this point is to stay put and listen to the story of the customer. As you listen, write down their concerns. If you notice that the customer’s emotion is getting high, don’t be tempted to argue back. Show sympathy as much as possible.

Give a Concrete Solution

After you’ve listened to the customer’s story, apologise and offer a concrete and specific solution. If you are not sure about how to solve the problem, do not promise anything. If the customer is not amenable to your solution and is still fuming, ask for some time and offer him some sort of compensation.

It’s not Personal

Do not take your customer’s frustration against them. Instead, look at it as an opportunity to hone your problem-solving skills. At the end of each day, it’s important that you take some time to relax. Take a walk and meditate for a minute.

These are only some of the things to keep in mind when dealing with an irate customer. After successfully resolving the dilemma, reward yourself with a bottle of beer, a bar of chocolate, a cup of coffee, or whatever that makes you happy.

Why Do Foodborne Bacteria Grow Quicker When It’s Warm?

PizzaIn terms of food safety, there’s always one concept at play: that of the temperature ‘danger zone.’ According to the rule, food is best kept either hot or cold, but never warm. The zone spans 5 degrees Celsius to 60 degrees Celsius and classifies it as the ‘danger zone.’ Anything hotter and the bacteria are destroyed. Anything colder, and bacteria cannot grow. But, why do warm temperatures present the perfect condition for bacteria to grow — and quickly at that? Here’s what instructors that offer basic food safety courses have to say:

Temperatures And General Bacterial Growth

Experts believe that higher temperatures increase reaction rates in microbes. Bacteria are highly dependent on how fast specific biochemical reactions happen, and the latter is facilitated by warmer temperatures. So, faster reactions generally foster greater bacterial growth, but it has a limit. Too hot, and the bacteria’s proteins will be rendered useless and cause death.

Perhaps the most ideal temperature range for optimal bacteria growth is close to human body temperature, at 37 degrees Celsius. This is the main reason the body is home to about 10 times as many bacteria as human cells. That equates to an estimated 500 to 1,000 different species of microbes. People need not to worry though (especially OCD ones) since most of our bodily bacteria are quite harmless, with several actually being helpful.

How Heat Kills Bacteria

Heat-treating to kill bacteria is known as pasteurisation, named after French microbiologist Louis Pasteur. To understand how, it’s best to know how bacteria are structured. These single-celled organisms are the simplest structured living beings known — inside the cell wall lies everything they need to keep themselves alive. Think of a bacterium as a single-room apartment where all living essentials are inside the walls. Humans, with much more intricate biological systems in place, are like mega cities in comparison.

When temperatures rise, enzymes inside the bacterium change shape; a process known as denaturalisation. When this occurs, the enzymes are rendered useless and the cell ‘dies.’ Heat can also kill the bacteria in two more ways: damage the protective cell wall or make the cell burst by expanding the fluid inside, which then pushes outward the damaged cell wall. Of course, warm temperatures prevent such things from happening, allowing the bacterium to thrive.

3 Things You Need to Know About Grease Trap Cleaning

Grease Trap Cleaning in PerthThe government requires all food service establishments to have grease traps. This device is responsible for eliminating oils, fats, grease, and other debris from the waste streams of the establishment. It catches and holds these wastes until a waste hauler or pumper service arrives to dispose them properly. This requirement of grease trap in every food establishment is to ensure that these waste materials do not enter any private wastewater treatment facilities.

Thus, whether you’re a new restaurant owner or an experienced restaurant manager, you have to know everything about grease traps. Here are some things to note about cleaning this device:

  1. Always Remember the Number 25

You need to clean the grease trap whenever the solid waste materials or the fat and oil fraction is at 25% of the total trap volume. If the grease fraction is greater than 25%, the risk of waste materials entering your drainpipes is higher. As a result, you run the risk of having serious backup issues.

Pacer Plumbing notes that the number of times you need to call a waste hauler mainly depends on the grease build-ups. So you should always monitor the grease traps and remember the 25% grease fraction.

  1. Emergency Drain Cleaning is More Expensive

If you forget to clean and drain your grease traps, you will most likely have a backup issue. This plumbing problem needs an emergency drain cleaning service so you can resume your operations immediately. To avoid higher emergency plumbing bills, you have to enforce regular cleaning and draining of grease traps. The money that you’ll invest in regular grease trap cleaning is much cheaper than having to resort to emergency drain cleaning services.

  1. Grease Traps are an Ideal Shelter for Rodents

If not maintained properly, grease traps could be a rodent habitat. Rodents dig out underneath the traps, and it may result to grease traps shifting out of level. This shift can cause serious problems, such as blocked drains, waste materials streaming into the drainage system, and overflow that may cause a mess, odours, or potential health illnesses.

Restaurants and other food service establishments must not neglect this cleaning device. Grease traps are just responsible for collecting waste materials, but they are also instrumental in maintaining a smooth business operation.

Meeting Meatless Expectations with Your First Vegan Menu

VeganWhen it comes to concocting delectable meals, creating the menu is a challenge — especially if you have chosen to bid meat adieu.

Many people these days are adapting to the trend of eating healthy. One way they do so is by switching from a regular diet to one focused only on plant-based dishes, a.k.a. going vegetarian, or vegan if it has become a general lifestyle. With so many vegan recipes available online, it seems easy to build a menu of plant-based foods.

But how do you do it perfectly?

Season as the Reason

The current season can be your main driver in planning your meals. It must be one of the reasons why you are preparing a certain dish. First, the weather plays a huge role; after all, who would want to eat summery salads on a rainy day? Instead, your guests would want a cozy soup or shepherd’s pie. Choosing weather-appropriate food goes without saying and keeps you from receiving weird looks from your vegan friends.

The season also informs you of the availability of fruits and vegetables. Keep in mind that produce tastes better and are also cheaper when they are in season.

Strike a Balance

Custom Culinary, provider of authentic flavor solutions, recommends prioritizing the balance of your menu. Your dishes need to work together despite the lack of meat. The same goes for the feel and flavor of all your meals.

For example, starting with spicy dishes will overpower courses that have delicate flavors. If your main course is heavy, set it off nicely with a light fruit-based dessert, such as a sorbet.

Be Realistic with Your Budget and Time

Planning the menu involves a thorough look at potential time constraints and the money in your wallet. In a perfect cooking world, you can afford all the time and exotic ingredients. Unfortunately, this is reality and sometimes, you have to fit everything within a budget and a time limit.

If you are short on time, choose recipes that you can cook in advance. For low-cost menus, no need to worry because seasonal fruits and vegetables, as well as whole grains, are available at cheaper prices. Just check the internet for inexpensive vegan meals.

A menu without meat is not the end of tasty thrills. Building your vegan menu will open endless – and equally delicious – possibilities. The most important thing is to use your imagination and have fun with vegan cooking.