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How to Achieve Success With Event Planning: 4 Tips

Event planner with two microphones

Event planner with two microphonesIn her Bizfluent article, contributor Angela Stringfellow discusses the process of organizing a seminar. She says that when an event is being planned, it should run smoothly and impress the participants. Corporate entities, learning institutions, or other fields are encouraged to have these goals in their seminars. If you’re preparing for one soon, here’s what you need to know:

Seating Capacity

There should be enough seats for guests during the seminar. Impressive event venues in St Paul, for instance, have function rooms that can accommodate up to one hundred and fifty attendees. Make sure that the venue you’re eyeing has enough seating capacity because the seminar might be disrupted if important guests aren’t able to get inside a crammed venue.

Budget for Necessities

Another concern is the things required for the event. Examples are microphones, media players, screens, Internet connections, and catering. These necessities have their respective costs, which you should discuss with an event planner to make things easier.

Reaching out to Professionals

It’s also crucial to gather the right professionals for the event. They include speakers, technicians, and event planners from the get-go. Do enough research on these individuals, so that you will be able to decide on which professionals to enlist.

Providing Assistance

Lastly, there should be assistance provided on the day of the seminar. Guests coming inside the premises should be guided by front desk officers, who can help them with the seating arrangement, food, and other concerns. This will keep confusion to a minimum and prevent irate guests. Ideally, assistants or guides should be stationed at various parts of the premises to help everyone nearby.

Planning with events or seminars is something to be taken seriously. Individuals or businesses alike should remember to check the seating capacity of the venue, prepare the budget for the event, and reach out to professionals. By doing these and providing assistance, you’ll make the event go smoothly for your guests and team members.

Bring Back the Scares this Halloween

Make Halloweens Scary Again

Make Halloweens Scary AgainMinnesota Halloweens used to be times of frights and chills before the state took a turn into dressing up as the latest cartoon characters and sexy nurses. Political correctness also added its two cents and now Halloween is considered less fun than ever.

However, you can still indulge in scary activities if you know where to look. Here are three activities that can make Halloween scary again:

Haunted Hayrides

Have a seat and let the scares begin. Trying a haunted hayride in Minnesota can be one of the scariest experiences you can have. These attractions provide a sense of authenticity in their scares because of the freedom of an outdoor setting. The limited field of vision, the darkness, and the ambient sounds raise your adrenaline levels and heightens the sense of danger. You also won’t get tired of walking and riding in a wagon, which ensures that accidents due to sudden scares are minimal.

Zombie Gatherings

Run from zombies, eat with zombies, or become one: Zombie events are numerous, but they remain scary. Zombie runs will leave you out of breath as you run a course with zombies appearing sporadically to eat your brain (not literally, though). A zombie street party features Halloween-themed establishments catering to their “zombie” customers. You can come as you are (as food), but it’s good to participate and dress up as a zombie.

Ghost Tours

Tell ghost stories while having dinner in a dark cellar or take a walk inside a haunted mansion that was originally an asylum. Ghost tours can be fun and scary. Discover a little bit of history; not everything is true, but the stories are entertaining.

Halloween is a time to have fun, let loose, and get some scares. Forget about problems, politics, and divisions — the real scary stuff — and have some fun with your friends and family.

Common Newbie Mistakes that You Can Avoid When Buying Ski Clothes

Family enjoying their ski trip

Family enjoying their ski tripOnce you get the hang of it, skiing can be a pretty fun activity. In fact, it can even be so much fun you might want to go out and buy yourself some gear and clothing as soon as possible. Before you do so, however, it’s best to take note of these common mistakes and avoid them to minimize buyer’s remorse:

Buying Too Recklessly

Rushing through any decision usually ends up very wrong. Some even make purchases online right after a party when they’re still drunk, which is a definite no-no. Take the time to at least know what you need to buy through proper queries and research. Then shop for them personally. It’s still best to try them on yourself to see if they are right for you.

Not Choosing the Right Material

Seeing as you’ll be going out into the snow, which is basically ice in a more powdered form, you need to choose a material that suits that kind of weather. Avoid clothing that absorbs water and will make you feel cold, like cotton. For your base layer, at least, choose either wool or synthetics. These materials are guaranteed to keep you warm.

Selecting the Wrong Size

Yes, that beautiful Bogner women’s ski jacket will look good on you and is perfect for skiing. However, make sure that it’s the right size because if it’s too small or too big, that will still be a problem. Ski clothing has to fit you snugly. A smaller size will impede your movement, while if it’s too big, you will lose body warmth. A rule of thumb for purchasing any piece of clothing is to try it on for size first before buying.

When you finally get to purchase your gear and clothing, make sure to take care of them properly. Follow the directions on the labels regarding their maintenance and keep them in a dry and secure place. By buying the right ski clothes and taking care of them properly, you’ll be able to enjoy skiing so much more.

Stranger Danger: Three Drowning Risks You Probably Don’t Know

Girl playing in the water park

Girl playing in the water parkMost drowning incidents happen when a child doesn’t know how to swim or when there’s no adult monitoring the pool area. However, there are other factors, which actually appear harmless, but may put your kids in danger. Here are some of them:

1. Toys

What’s a kids’ swimming session without water guns, beach balls, and floating basketball hoops? They look fun, but they could pose a risk to children when left in the pool. Kids are naturally drawn to toys. When they see that their favorite things are just lounging out there by the pool, it gives them a reason to go to that area, usually without parents knowing. They would slip into the backyard and try to play with the toys.

This is the reason drowning incidents happen even when it’s not swimming time. Hence, you need to make your pool area safer by first referring to a pool fence DIY installation guide. Consider installing safety features such as a pool fence or a gate in your yard.

2. Floaties

You may have bought pool swimmies to increase the safety of your child. But the truth is, this might all the more put them in danger. For one, water wings can slip off children’s arms as they wave their arms. They could also deflate easily when pricked by a sharp object. They restrain arm movements, keeping kids from actually swimming properly. Worse, they make parents feel that their kids are safe, causing some to be lax in supervision.

Don’t let your kids use water wings and other floaties. They don’t increase swimming safety. You can’t count on them on saving your kids’ lives when they’re drowning. The best way is still to keep a watchful eye.

3. Mobile Phones

Say what? Your smartphone may distract you from closely watching kids while swimming. In fact, a group of lifeguards is already calling out parents who do this, reminding them that putting away your mobile phone while kids are in the water is crucial. Remember, drowning can happen in a matter of seconds. A period of few scrolls and clicks on social media can be a crucial time window to save a child’s life.

Reduce the risks when kids go to your pool area. Safety is the priority. Better to be safe than sorry.

Packing Essentials for Cycling Holidays

Athlete cycling on the road

Athlete cycling on the roadWith millions of cyclists around the world, cycling is no doubt one of the top sports today. Doctors recommend cycling as a way to become fit and relax the mind.

In fact, more people are enrolling for the road cycling holidays in Italy this year. If you are planning to have your holiday on and off the bike, here are four essentials to carry on your holiday:


Pictures capture memories that you will cherish for many years. You will witness beautiful sceneries while cycling and there is no better way to have the memories than to capture the moments in real time. You will need a lightweight camera that can take high-resolution photos.

Comfortable Gear

The right equipment is important to ensure that you do not get tired quickly. Your cycling gear should be light, breathable and comfortable. Your shoes should fit you properly for longer periods of cycling. Source each of your cycling gear from a reputable sports shop to get more guidance on the right items to carry for your holiday.

Water Bottle

Cycling is a physical activity that will get you dehydrated along the way, especially if you will be cycling in hot areas. There are water bottles with unique designs to fit on your bike and are made specifically for cyclists. You do not need to worry about refilling your water bottle, as you will make multiple stops on the way.

Sun Protection

You will need to protect your skin and eyes from the sun. That said, you must bring glasses that will minimise the glare from the sun and protect your eyes from intense UV rays. A good-quality sunscreen will come in handy as well.

Cycling is among the best ways to spend your holiday. You can do it to achieve a fitter body and find an opportunity to meet other cyclists. There is no doubt you will likewise have fun.

Remove Unwanted Body Hair with Laser Hair Removal

a woman showing her armpitsHair removal is a constant battle for most women. There are tried and tested methods of hair removal, one of which uses the latest laser technology.

If you want to have safe laser hair removal in Draper, Salt Lake City, or other locations in Utah, you should first understand what it is and what it does. Clarity Skin shares more information about the treatment.

Advantages of Using a Laser

The technique uses a laser to pulse off light through the hair pigment. One benefit of the process is that it is quick. It can take you around 20 minutes, including the time to remove any makeup. This damages the hair follicle and bulb. There are many hair bulbs and when these are removed or destroyed, it takes a long time before a strand of hair replaces it. This makes laser hair removal an almost permanent solution.

One drawback is that the hair might grow back thicker than before. In case, you have this type of hair, your dermatologist will recommend a different method of hair removal.

Heat and Sun

Since the laser essentially burns the hair follicle, heat is also generated. To offset the heat, a steady stream of cold air is aimed at the laser’s focus. This helps cool down the skin and prevent burning. A side effect of this is that you can’t take part in activities that may raise the skin temperature. This means that for 24 hours after the treatment, you can’t go to the gym, a sauna, hot showers, and steam baths.

Additional skin heating may lead to bacterial growth on the affected skin. Related to the heat, you should not go out under the sun. If you have a tan, you would need to wait until it has faded before undergoing treatment.

Laser hair removal is an innovative solution to those who want hair removed from specific parts of their body. Be sure to work only with a licensed and experienced team of skin experts to ensure your safety and get the results you want.

Eden Prairie Tops a List of the Best Places to Live in Minnesota

High rise condominiumIf you’re planning to relocate to Minnesota, Eden Prairie might be the right place for you as it ranked number one in Best Places to Live in Minnesota, according to the data Niche gathered. The affluent area west of Downtown Minneapolis placed number two on Money Magazine’s 2016 Best Places to Live.

What Makes Eden Prairie the Best?

Eden Prairie is proud of its booming, diverse economy. There are at least 2,800 businesses that continue to grow as the city becomes a popular business destination. The city, with a population of 63,206, has a friendly, diverse community.

The city is also well known for having a highly educated labor force. According to recent data, 60.9 percent of the residents in the city have earned a bachelor’s degree or higher.

Known for its booming economy, highly educated labor force, and excellent quality of life, Eden Prairie consistently ranks among the best places for businesses in the US.

What are the Perks of Living this Popular City?

Mixed-use development, Southwest Station Condominiums shares that location spells the difference between a good home and a great home.

With Eden Prairie as your preferred location, you may have plenty of job opportunities. Money Magazine reports that there are 57, 000 jobs in the city, while Niche reveals that the unemployment rate is only 2.4 percent and the poverty rate is 4.3 percent.

If you want to visit the place first, you can book a room in any of the hotels and sample the sumptuous cuisine in any of the award-winning restaurants in the city. Eden Prairie attracts roughly 13-million visitors per year.

To keep a balance between industry and nature, Eden Prairie made efforts to have a lot of parks, trails and open spaces.

In terms of crime and safety, 67 percent of respondents in a Niche survey said that they feel very safe in the place. Additionally, 80 percent of participants said that police are visible and responsive.

Conducting thorough research will surely help you choose the right place when you’re planning to move to a new place. And with Eden Prairie’s many appealing features, it could become your new home.

5 Tools Every Startup Barber Shop Should Have

Scene inside barber shop

Scene inside barber shopGone are the days when men were afraid to go to salons and spas because they had a macho image to protect. The 21st-century men now acknowledge their need to stay well-groomed and pampered, just like women. That is why the traditional barber shop has evolved into something more than just your regular trim and shave.
If you’re putting up your own shop, you must have the essential tools to cater to the needs of the modern men. Online shops, such as NJ Barber Supply, have a wide variety of tools that every barber shop should have.

Here’s a list of what you should buy:


You can’t be called a barber shop if you don’t have shears. Start with texturizing and thinning scissors. You should also buy small scissors for the detailed cut, as well as bigger, heavy-duty shears for the wider cut.


Men’s haircut usually starts with these. Get a detachable clipper with multiple blade sizes to control the cut. Match it up with an adjustable trimmer for the tapered cut.

Shaving Tools

This service is specific to a barber shop, so you must do it right. Get a good straight razor, hot towels, and natural oils for pre-shaving. Your customers will appreciate the effort you’ll put into cleaning up their act, so to speak.


This is a tool you shouldn’t go cheap on. Since you’ll be using a hairdryer more times in a day than a fashion model, you’ll want to get a high-quality dryer with multiple heat settings and a built-in heat damage protector.

Neck Dusters, Capes, and Brushes

Don’t let your customers leave with trimmings on their neck. Get enough capes and neck dusters for the capacity of your shop. When it comes to brushes, you’ll want to get different types because not all men have the same type of hair.

Remember that the service you offer is more than just giving a haircut. It’s also giving your customers time away from the daily grind to think of nothing else but to relax.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing Fishing Rods

Fisherman holding a rodTo some people, a fishing rod is just a stick with a hook. But for those who are more familiar with fishing, you know that the type of fishing rod affects your fishing experience. The market has a variety of rods to offer, but choosing one isn’t as simple as merely picking whatever you fancy without thinking. Some factors have to be considered when buying a fishing rod.

Fishing Activity Influences Rod Choice

The type of fishing done is a crucial factor when purchasing rods from fishing stores in Michigan such as D&R Sports Center. Some fish for pleasure or as a recreational activity. Some do it as a sport, while others fish for commercial purposes. If the reason for fishing is business, the fishing rod you purchase should be sturdy enough for the process. For those who do it for fun, regular rods suffice.

Determine the power of the fishing rod before buying. Power is the amount of pressure applied to a fishing rod to the point that it bends. Heavy rods require pressure while light rods require less pressure to bend. Manufacturers categorize the rods as light, medium and heavy. You should know your needs so that you choose the most appropriate for your purpose.

The action of a fishing rod should be determined when buying rods from fishing stores in Michigan. Action is described as the speed the rod takes to go back to its initial position. Depending on your purpose for fishing, you will need to pick a rod with the required action to efficiently suit your goal.

It is advised that you visit a fishing store or do thorough research if you are not sure of the type of fishing rod you require. Through this, you will be well informed and make the right decisions for a productive fishing trip.

Find the Best Assisted Living Facility for Your Parents

Senior woman being assisted on a nursing homeOver 800,000 elderly Americans live in assisted living facilities across the United States today. In these institutions, elderly adults live as if in luxury resorts that happen to offer assistance when they need it. Even with the assistance, however, residents continue to live in independence.

Do you want to transition your parents to an assisted living facility here in Las Vegas such as Legacy House of Centennial Hills? You first have to ask a few questions to find the best facility.

What Do Your Parents Need?

First, you can evaluate the health of your parents to learn what they need help with. Assisted living facilities offer help with daily living. When your parents need help in such areas as bathing, dressing, cleaning, laundry, and more, an assisted living facility can help.

One facility in Las Vegas even offers memory care for residents who develop or have dementia.

What Is the Quality of Care?

Second, you can evaluate the quality of care that a facility provides. You can make sure the facility has a license to operate. You can ask residents themselves about what they think about the facility.

You can even call the Nevada’s Long-Term Care Ombudsman to find out if people filed any complaints against the institution you are inspecting.

How Much Does It Cost?

Third, you can evaluate the costs of your parents living in a facility. You may have to pay high prices, but when the facility offers premium care and service, the costs will be worth it. Examine the fine print of the resident contract.

You can ask what circumstances can cause additional costs, and if there is any way to reduce such costs.

What Are the Discharge Terms?

Lastly, you can examine the release terms of the facility. By knowing in what ways your parents will need to transfer facilities, you can prepare for such possibilities. You can even research other information about assisted living facilities online.

Life in an assisted living community can be an enjoyable experience for your parents. As long as you find the best one here in Las Vegas, your parents will be well taken care of.