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High Tuition Fees Shouldn’t Stop You from Becoming a Lawyer

Female AttorneyMany people give up on their dreams of joining the legal fraternity due to the high tuition fees in law school. Becoming a paralegal puts you closer to achieving your goals and can save you a tidy bundle in the process.

There’s a great deal of pride in pursuing law as a career. You get to help people attain justice. However, becoming a lawyer carries a hefty price tag. You need almost a hundred grand in tuition fees to attend a public law school.

It takes about a quarter of a million dollars to join the most prestigious private law schools. Luckily, if that tag is on the higher side, you can still achieve your dreams. You can pursue a paralegal certificate at The Center For Legal Studies.

Lower the Entry Barriers

Most prestigious law firms need an army of paralegals to help them research and prepare cases. These people help lawyers defend their cases before a judge. They will gather facts, search for precedents, and draft legal documents as needed.

As such, they play a pivotal role in the overall success of a law firm. To this end, you’re likely to land a position quickly by taking this route and familiarizing yourself with the workings of the legal sector.

Escape the Hefty Tuition Fee

Getting someone else to pay your tuition is the best way to escape massive debts. As a paralegal, you have a better chance of getting your employer to do just that. You only need to prove that you’re indeed worth the effort. Luckily, you only need to tend to your duties diligently and show enthusiasm and other positive attributes that demonstrate your commitment.

If your employer deems you an asset to their practice, they’ll be happy to pay your tuition fees while attending law school. Once you pass the bar with flying colors, you have a position waiting for you at the firm. Best of all, you get to graduate from law school without carrying a mountain of debt.

If you’re keen on becoming a lawyer, but your finances don’t allow you to pursue your dreams, there’s still hope for you. You can opt to become a paralegal and then have your employer put you through law school.

Divorce and Legal Separation: What’s the Difference?

photo of a couple signing a paper in front of a lawyer

photo of a couple signing a paper in front of a lawyerKnowing that your marriage isn’t working anymore may be one of the hardest realizations in one’s marriage. Some couples try to work things out, while others give up altogether. If a couple is in a state of indecision about pursuing a divorce, they may choose the option of legally separating.

But what is the difference between legal separation and divorce, and which one is right for you?

Legal separation and divorce are similar, but not the same.

A legal separation is similar to a divorce in that couples still need to negotiate spousal support and child support, visitation, and custody if they have children. Both processes need legal representation, too. According to a Santa Fe divorce attorney, do-it-yourself separations only work for some cases and have higher risks of making costly mistakes.

The difference between the two is in the legality of the marriage. When a couple chooses legal separation, they are still married in the eyes of the law, but they’ll stop living as a couple.

Meanwhile, a divorce is the absolute dissolution of marriage. This is the option for people who are confident that there’s no fixing their marriage. During the proceedings, all the assets acquired as a couple will be divided. Once the marriage is dissolved, the former spouses may not share legal benefits.

Benefits of a Legal Separation or a Divorce

Since in a legal separation, former couples would still be legally married even though they’re separated, one spouse will remain an eligible beneficiary of the other’s health or insurance benefits. Apart from this, if the couple decides to work out their differences, they can easily get back together without having gone through the tough process of divorce.

The benefits of divorce may be more of a feeling of freedom. Getting out of a marriage that hasn’t been making a person happy is a huge benefit to his or her mental and emotional well being. Plus, the spouses can opt for legal union with another person.

The process of ending a marriage, whether permanently or not, can be stressful. Knowing the subtleties and technicalities of the ways you can end your marriage may help you decide which is right for you.

The Legals of House Buying

Couple consulting a solicitor about buying a house

Couple consulting a solicitor about buying a houseIt’s a well-known fact that alongside bereavement and divorce, buying a house is one of the most stressful things that people have to go through. Not that that seems to put off many Brits, who are the keenest homeowners in Europe. In most other European countries, people are pretty happy to rent, but in the UK, the desire to own a house is partly because it is seen as an investment, which they can either use to their advantage in later life, or pass on to the children when they die.

Of course, even in Portsmouth, house prices are going up and up, and that means that young people are having to find larger and larger deposits for their first homes. However, once that all-important deposit has been scraped together, it’s time to find a good conveyancing solicitors in Portsmouth to help get through the stages involved in buying a property.

The first step is to get a good mortgage and it is advised to do this before making an offer on a house. Then, when the offer has been accepted, the conveyancing solicitors in Portsmouth can get going on the various things that need to be done before contracts can be exchanged. There are various good solicitors available, including Andrew & Andrew Solicitors.

The buyer instructs the conveyancing solicitors in Portsmouth to handle all that needs to be done to ensure a legal transfer of ownership. This involves a lot of paperwork, such as contracts, questionnaires about the property, and transferring the funds.

Some solicitors may not be heard from for weeks; other conveyancing solicitors in Portsmouth are much better at staying in touch and regularly letting the client know where they have got to in the process.

What is going on behind the scenes is that the seller’s solicitor sends over information about the property, which the buyer’s solicitor reviews. They may need to clarify some points. The solicitor also carries out searches on the property. It is worth checking how the conveyancing solicitors in Portsmouth charge for their services; whether it’s flat rate or separate fees for each little part of the buying process.

Three Reasons to Have an Asset Protection Lawyer

lawyer signing a paperwork

lawyer signing a paperworkWhether it’s about mitigating debts or preparing for your passing, asset protection is a critical consideration for anyone. To do it correctly, it helps to have an asset protection lawyer from Barski Law Firm PLC. Here are three reasons why you need one:

1. Legality

Navigating the myriad of laws that govern credit, debt, and even succession can be very challenging. If you don’t have a lawyer watching out for your interests, it can be effortless to get mired in complications that cost you more money. A competent lawyer will be able to figure out the best solutions to any problem that you might have. This will allow you to attain the resolution that you want with minimal fuss.

2. Networks

Another advantage brought by great lawyers is the people they know whom can best help with your current situation. These are people whom you might not even think that you need at all. With a network of people supporting you and your cause, it can be much easier to find a great solution to your problems and pave the way for a much brighter future. It helps to have a lawyer who knows the right people for the job when they are needed.

3. Support

Less noticed is the value of having the support of someone thoroughly committed to your needs and who’s willing to ensure that your assets are well protected. It’s partly a psychological benefit because this can affect how you feel about the future. It’s also a practical benefit as well, especially in the case of succession, since you need someone reliable to ensure that the right people get what you set apart for them in your passing.

For these three reasons, having a great asset protection lawyer is a smart investment for the future.

Individual Disability Insurance: The Basics

Man with arm in cast signing a documentThe most valuable asset you have is not your car, retirement account, or even your home. It is your ability to work and be able to make a comfortable living for you and your family. Disability insurance pays a particular portion of your income if you’re unable to work for a long time due to an injury or illness.

Find out how it could help you and why you need one.

What Disability Insurance Covers

While you are disabled, your income would be paid to you in the form of disability insurance either every week or month, as a predetermined dollar amount or portion of your income. The exact payout period would be dependent on whether your disability was a result of an illness or accident.

In general, individual disability insurance policies usually come in two types:

  1. General Disability Insurance — This provides benefits to individuals who are unable to perform jobs they’re qualified for due to injury or sickness. This means that as long as you’re still able to perform specific jobs you’re qualified for, you won’t be able to recover.
  2. Occupational Disability Insurance — This provides benefits to people who can’t perform their regular jobs due to injury or sickness.

According to one of the top attorneys at Haffner Law in Los Angeles specializing in disability insurance claims, the distinction between the two types is immensely crucial.

For instance, if a neurosurgeon loses his hand, he might not be able to do surgery again, but would still recover benefits if he were covered by occupational disability insurance, even if he could still work as a doctor, just not as a surgeon. However, if he were only covered by general disability insurance, he won’t be able to recover benefits, even if his only job alternative is to become a salesperson for example.

Potential Legal Issues

Some individual disability insurance policyholders get denied when they file a claim after being injured since their insurance plans don’t cover specific injuries or their insurance provider disagrees that the policyholder is indeed disabled. Additionally, some policies, usually those that employers provide, are regulated by complicated procedures and rules that must be followed, and if an individual fails to do so, his or her claim might be denied. When this happens, the denied policyholder would need to file an appeal and if that doesn’t work out, a lawsuit.

With this in mind, if you’re having issues recovering from your disability insurance provider, your best recourse is to consult a lawyer to find out the best strategy for your claim.

How to Come to a Parenting Agreement

child undergoing a divorce

child undergoing a divorceDivorce is hard on the whole family. However, it is especially hard for children. Many children feel that the divorce is their fault. This feeling becomes stronger when parents fight about parenting rights. It is important to try to come to a parenting agreement without going to court.

Family lawyers in Wellington can help by keeping the child’s best interest at the centre of the discussion and get approval from the court. If you need advice on how to come to a parenting agreement, find out what you need to do.

Choose Neutral Ground

Talking about parenting time with your ex-spouse can be emotional. You do not want to do it where the child can hear you. You should choose a place that does not put either of you at the defensive. It could be at a quiet restaurant or a mutual friend’s house.

Have someone at hand to keep the conversation on point, such as a mediator. The important thing is to focus on finding the best way to make the situation as easy for the child as possible.

Avoid Pointing Fingers

It can be hard to keep tempers from flaring when talking with an ex-spouse. This is especially true if your divorce was not amicable. Pointing fingers and placing blame is very tempting.

However, that is not constructive. This is about the well-being of your child. You should put your differences aside so that you can talk about how the child can spend time and have a relationship with both of you.

Look for Compromises

A child needs to have a good relationship with both parents. Try to find ways to make sure the child spends quality time with both you and your ex-spouse without making the child feel like a ping-pong ball.

A way is to arrange a schedule — for example, you could have them on weekdays, your ex-spouse on weekends. You could also have alternate weeks with the child. Also consider trades for holidays. For example, you can have them on Christmas; while your ex-spouse could have them on New Year’s Day.

Coming to a parenting agreement without fighting is a big step in the right direction. It will help your child come to terms with divorce. Family lawyers can help create a parenting agreement that the court will approve.

How You Could Lose Your Timeshare to Foreclosure

Solicitor Mortgage Lawyer

Solicitor Mortgage LawyerThose who take out a mortgage to purchase a timeshare fully intend to make good on their payments. However, in difficult times, such as losing your job or unexpected healthcare expenses, making good on your timeshare payments could become a low priority. Do note, though, that failing to pay your monthly payments could result in you losing your timeshare to foreclosure.

Could I Lose My Timeshare Due to Foreclosure?

If you own a deeded timeshare, the interest you own in that property could be foreclosed if you fail to keep up with monthly mortgage payments. Likewise, if you fail to pay the utilities, maintenance fees, taxes, and other related costs, you stand to lose your timeshare to foreclosure. While it’s state law that governs timeshares, the specific process for foreclosure would differ from one state to another.

Depending on the laws in your state, the foreclosure process could be judicial. This means that your lender would go through the state court and make their case against you, or non-judicial, meaning that the foreclosure process won’t go through the court.

In addition, the timeshare foreclosure procedure might differ from the usual procedure for residential property foreclosures. In some states, for instance, residential property foreclosures always go through court, but state law might enable lenders to go through non-judicial means for timeshare foreclosures.

Deficiency Judgments After Foreclosing on a Timeshare

During a foreclosure, your total debt might be higher than the sale price of your foreclosed timeshare. The difference between your foreclosed timeshare’s sale price and your total debt is known as a deficiency. For instance, your debt is $12,000, but your timeshare only sold for $8,000, then your deficiency is $4,000. Fortunately, it’s up to state law to determine if you would be facing a deficiency judgment following foreclosure.

It’s crucial to note that once the foreclosure procedure for your timeshare has started, it would move fairly quickly. That being said, if your timeshare is up for foreclosure, get help from a lawyer experienced in timeshare cases to learn about the options and laws that would apply to your foreclosure case.

4 Key Factors When Hiring a Lawyer

Client consulting with lawyer

Client consulting with lawyerWhen it comes to any legal proceedings, you need to find a seasoned lawyer to help you. The question is how would you know if you’re dealing with the right professional to work on your case? While the hiring process may not be too complicated, it’s important to be cautious when talking to your prospects.

To find the right lawyer in Macon, GA, consider the following factors:

1. Profile Check

First thing you need to check is their credentials and work experience. Keep in mind that you can’t leave one aspect out. That means their work experience should validate their credentials. Check out their portfolio and job history. What is their educational or professional background? How’s the win-loss rate? What was the result of the previous case they’ve worked on? These things should help you decide whether you want to continue working with them or not.

2. Specializations

Just like doctors, lawyers have different specializations. For example, some lawyers are well-versed in family law matters, such as child custody or divorce. On the other hand, some attorneys specialize in business processes, criminal cases, personal injury or road accidents, and so on. As much as possible, find a lawyer who has worked on cases like yours.

3. Personality

Choose a lawyer you’re comfortable working with. There should always be a chemistry between you and your attorney. If it’s hard for you to trust them, then it’s better to look for other options. However, you should still consider their expertise. So, spend more time talking to them and ask the right questions.

4. Costs

Usually, the entire process can take a long time. That means more consultation with your lawyer and court visits. Ask your prospects about their rates and preferred payment schemes. This will help you prepare your budget. While some lawyers may charge you per hour or per session, others prefer the sum for the entire case. Be sure to put everything on paper to avoid disputes in the future.

Finding a good lawyer shouldn’t be that difficult if you do your homework. Use your network. Get referrals from your family and friends.

Paralegal Specializations: What is a Corporate Paralegal?

Woman typing on laptopAbout two out of 20 paralegals work as a corporate paralegal. Corporate paralegals are paralegals that work for corporations, instead of law firms. They are still however supervised by lawyers and work under them. The job responsibilities and work setting of corporate paralegals, however, vary significantly from paralegals that work in private law firms.

If you’ve recently completed an online paralegal degree or are about to enroll in one, The Center For Legal Studies notes you need to know about your options, one of them being a corporate paralegal, so you’ll have a plan after finishing your degree.

Basic job responsibilities and work environment

Depending on the type, size, and specific location of the workplace, the work environment of corporate paralegals could be relatively similar or different than that of paralegals who work in law firms. Huge corporations with usually have big legal departments with a couple of lawyers and paralegals, while smaller corporations might only employ two to three lawyers and one to two paralegals.

Aside from assisting lawyers with legal research, administrative tasks, preparing documents, and interviewing clients, corporate paralegals also perform various tasks that are specific to business and corporate law such as:

  • Drafting corporate documents – These documents typically include organizational documents require for forming partnerships, limited liability companies, and corporations, as well as stock certificates, license applications, meeting notices, withdrawals, amendments, and dissolution and merger agreements. Corporate paralegals also sometimes help create and maintain corporate minute books.
  • Helping in various corporate transactions – Corporate paralegals work directly with their supervising lawyers to prepare and close corporate transactions including initial public offerings, acquisitions, and mergers. Primarily, they work on due diligence investigation inquiries for these transactions. They likewise conduct SEC filings, prepare audit letters, and draft UCC or Uniform Commercial Code agreements.

An important note on salary

The corporate paralegal specialization is among the most in-demand paralegal professions within the field mainly due to the higher salary. Generally speaking, standard paralegal salaries would differ depending on the size of the corporation or law firm and the location, but corporations and law firms in large cities generally offer higher salaries than those in small cities, and large firms and corporations offer higher salaries than smaller ones.

Also, corporate paralegals would earn more than paralegals who work in a law firm in the same location, that’s about the same size of a corporation. This is something you need to mull over when going the corporate paralegal route.

Why Hiring an Asset Protection Lawyer is Important for a Divorce

Lawyer explaining separation of assetsDivorce can place a great deal of stress that most people tend to forget the importance dealing with debt, whether or not it originated from you. However, there is a need to hire an asset protection lawyer or attorney to take care of your finances, especially if you are nearing retirement.

Otherwise called a gray divorce, elderly couples that plan to dissolve their marriage may put their retirement funds at risk.

Community Property States

The place where you live will be a major factor to determine how you and your spouse would settle debt payments. The community property states in the U.S. comprise Arizona, Idaho, California, Nevada, Louisiana, Washington, New Mexico, Texas, and Wisconsin.

The law in these states generally dictates that all accumulated debt during a couple’s marriage will fall under the responsibility of both parties, whether or not you were unaware of it. Couples who live elsewhere in the United States, which are called common law states, have to pay debt according to the beneficiary.

For instance, if your spouse has credit card debt solely under her name, then you no longer have to worry about it.

Legal Loopholes

Even if you live in a common law state, that does not mean lenders would simply avoid chasing after you for your spouse’s financial obligations. A divorce decree would not stop creditors from contacting you for missed or late payments.

In cases of collateral debt, the spouse who keeps the asset would normally have to pay for any outstanding balances. This becomes complicated when both parties signed up for the loan such as a mortgage since it would involve removing you or your spouse’s name from the contract.


Life during and after divorce can be a stressful experience, but you can try to make it easier by trying to keep your assets under your name. Consult an asset protection attorney to know how you can still start over after a failed marriage.