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How Much Does It Cost to Rent a House in New Zealand?

Panoramic view of New ZealandThe cost of Stratford rental properties may have increased in April, but it was cheaper compared with other places such as Auckland and Wellington.

An index showed that rents in the Taranaki region rose by 2 per cent to $380 per week for the month. In Auckland, weekly rental rates increased almost 4 per cent to $550. Rental properties in Wellington surged even more at 16.7 per cent to $480 per week.

Reason for Increase

Demand served as the main reason behind the nationwide increase in rents. This caused rental listings in Taranaki to rise by 122 per cent in April, while those in Southland rose even more with a 164 per cent increase. In Gisborne, the high demand for rental properties caused rates to increase by 20 per cent.

Rents in Southland cost $270 per week during the month, but it represented a 10.2 per cent growth on an annual basis. Despite the increase, Taranaki and Southland were among the regions where rents cost less than $400.

The dearth of properties for rent also contributed to higher prices, which led investors to consider developing more multifamily projects.

Multifamily Development

Simon Felton, Colliers International investment property specialist, said that multifamily properties could be the next big asset class in the property market. Felton believes that more multifamily projects could help in solving a shortage of houses, which may then lower rental prices.

However, there are certain challenges for developers such as familiarising themselves with the concept and industry regulations. Still, multifamily apartments may provide a steady income stream since people will always need shelter, according to Felton.

The place where you live plays a big role in how much you pay on rent. As wage growth continues to lag behind rental price hikes, it may be better to rent a house or apartment outside cities such as Auckland or Wellington.

Common Applications of Shot Peening

a man working on metalShot peening is one of the most cost-efficient and effective techniques to create surface residual compressive pressures to extend the life of processed metal parts. This method is likewise used for hardening to straighten distortions, enhance wear features, texture surface, and produce aerodynamic curvatures for aerospace-related applications.

The common media used for shot peening include ceramics, steel and glass.

Spring Making

Cams and camshafts, gearwheels, coil springs, connecting rods and suspension springs use shot peening. It is a crucial process in making different types of springs, such as leaf, extension, and compression springs. Shot peening is also used for engine valves because of its high cyclic fatigue that ensures longevity.

But as modern engines evolve, automotive manufacturers are transitioning to better machines to create higher stressed valve springs. Newer designs require multi-step shot peening that can withstand the extreme surface pressure that may exceed material specifications.

Cosmetic Effect

The process can be used for aesthetic purposes as well. The abrasive blasting and shot peening can spread on materials on metal surfaces to create a better finish.

When the shot particles or grit are placed through a powder or liquid that has the desired finishing, they affect how the appearance of plates or coats will turn out. This process is widely used to embed ceramic finishing, although it is not high-coverage. Fine powders of metals or non-metals are placed onto the surface using a blast medium. The process now uses solid lubricants like molybdenum disulphide when applying to surfaces.

Shot peening is a long-established technique for various types of applications in different industries. It offers many benefits, including resistance to hydrogen embrittlement, stress-corrosion cracking, cavitation erosion and intergranular corrosion.

EPA Removes Alabama Site from Superfund National Priorities List

A polluted environmentThe Perdido Groundwater Contamination Site in Alabama no longer exists in the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) list of the most polluted places in the US.

The EPA decided to remove the site from its Superfund National Priorities List, after announcing that there is no need for further clean-up efforts.

Crisis Management

Training for hazmat response in Utah formed part of broader contingency efforts by local law enforcement, EMS, and hospital systems. The drills aim to determine the capability of the state to handle risks from natural disasters or human-made hazards.

The mass-casualty training drill took place in Salt Lake City. Jason Nicholl of the South Salt Lake Fire Department said that the drill has been on the drawing board for at least six months. Aside from a hazmat situation, it took into account other factors such as a bombing situation or a shooting incident.


The site had been on the list since 1983 due to a chemical spill caused by a train accident, which led to groundwater contamination. The accident occurred in May 1965, when around 7,600 gallons of benzene leaked from one of the rail cars. It was only until 1981 that residents noticed a different taste and smell to their potable water, which explained the gap in declaring the site as a polluted area.

In the last five years, the EPA’s progress reports show that groundwater at the site contains benzene less than five micrograms per liter of water. This proved enough to remove the site from the Superfund list. Meanwhile, other states are preparing how to respond in the event of biohazard threats or natural disasters.

The public and private sectors in Alabama, Utah or any other state should have a clear understanding of the risks of a hazmat situation. What is your state’s contingency plan for a chemical spill?

How to Prevent Accidents When Working With Chemicals

Scientist and chemicalsWorking in chemical factories, laboratories, and other related industries is just one of the most hazardous jobs there is. This is why you must strictly implement safety nets, precautions, and guidelines as suggested by the standard operating procedures and manuals.

From providing easy access to a chemical spill kit, and from having a fire extinguisher to installing the most sophisticated fire sprinkler systems, workers and the facility itself must have protection at all times.

Here are some suggestions you can implement that can help minimise exposure to harmful chemical exposures.

Strict Implementation of Guidelines

There are different ways of properly handling chemicals. As such, implementing guidelines and procedures on how to handle and dispose of chemicals properly must not only be part of the training, but you must post strategically charts within the premise.

A Clean Room is a Safe Room

Promoting cleanliness and orderliness can help prevent any unfortunate accidents. While keeping the floors clean and dry may look easy, it is actually one of the top causes of accidents, not to mention the loss of time and money.

An organised storage room not only promotes better business management; it also adds to preventing accidents. More importantly, you should strictly follow policy on installing standard exhaust system based on the type of chemicals stored.

Easy Access to Immediate Relief

Even if you are one of the most experienced on the job, better be prepared for any accidents. Having easy access to first aid and chemical spill kits is important to prevent further damage to one’s health if exposed to harmful chemical substances.

Take note that there is a specific neutralising agent and cleaning materials for a specific chemical so make sure to follow the instructions accordingly.

Acknowledging is one thing; knowing what to do is a totally different thing. So before assigning to any specific post inside the factory or a laboratory, it is best practice to have your employees undergo training regarding safety nets and precautions.

Top 3 Career Choices for Adventurous People

a police officer talking on the radioThere are many careers to consider after finishing high school, but not all of them can be exciting and fulfilling. Choosing the profession to pursue has a lot to do with a person’s passion and attitude, which is why it is important to take your time before making a decision.

If you have always been the adventurous type, here are a few career options that might suit you.

Police Officer

Joining the Police Academy is one of the most thrilling careers out there. You need to possess great analytical skills and must be physically fit to make the cut. To give you an edge over other applicants, you can also take private investigator training programs.

Seeking advice from someone in the police force will also give you a good insight into the job.

Cruise Ship Staff

If traveling has always been your passion, you will love working on a cruise ship. Not only do you get to travel, but you also get to do it for free. Those who are taking up hotel and restaurant management, culinary arts, or coast guard training can list this under possible career options.


Those who are passionate about cooking will find being a chef to be a rewarding career. Whether you create your own recipes or update an old one, being a chef lets you expand your culinary repertoire.

Whether you prefer to work for others or put up your own business, your journey will allow you to explore your culinary talents and make good money out of it.

When it comes to choosing a career, getting an edge is essential. You can research on programs and training available in your area or take ones that are available online or on DVD. These options will allow you to take the training without disrupting your current work or school schedule.

No Water in Your Well? Here Are the Possible Causes.

A well being drilledOwning a home well is a great milestone. Coming home to no water is a frustration on your end, and that means no water to cook, bathe, wash your dishes or give your animals. It is your responsibility to do water testing and treatment, but even when you have done all that you need to do, your well can disappoint you.

Below are some of the things that could lead to no water from your well and you should consider them before calling a well drilling professional:

Insufficient Well Depth

Is your local area experiencing short- or long-term drought? Carlyle Drilling notes that the lack of enough surface water could affect the amount of underground water available. If such is the case, you might need to dig deeper into the water aquifer to access water.

If your well is deep enough, you can open new fractures through hydrofracturing to improve the flow rates of water and restore water flow to normal.

The Status of Your Well Pump

Your well pump requires electricity to power and check the pump shed. If you throw the circuit breaker of the pump, you might need to reset it and start the pump again. If it does not start, the chances are you are dealing with a pump problem, and you need an electrician for that.

Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure in your home is a significant sign that there could be a problem. If your water pressure in the home has gone down, consider looking at the pressure tank and re-adjust the pressure reading on the gauge. You might also consider having a constant pressure system that pumps water from your well.

Problems in your well operation are not inevitable, and you need to act fast to restore water flow to your home. Regardless of what the issue of your well is, always liaise with your well drilling professional to determine the cause of the well problem and resolve it as fast as possible.

Bad Bathroom Behaviors: Are Your Habits Destroying Your Bathroom?

Bathroom sanitizationWhen you are in the bathroom rushing around to get ready for the day, it can be easy to forget good bathroom habits. However, your bathroom habits might be causing the problems you are now facing, such as mold growth and clogging. Below are two common bathroom behaviors that you might not be aware you’re doing and may cause serious problems:

Tossing Cotton Swabs in the Toilet

People are going gaga over facial care routines these days. If you’re the type who undergoes this routine twice a day or more, you might be using a good amount of cotton swabs or facial scrub pads. Inadvertently flushing them down the toilet will cause clogging. You think it’s just a soft material? You should talk to drain cleaners about how these items look down there when they’re all combined and balled up.

Calling in a company to help you with plumbing repair or drain cleaning in Salt Lake City such as Action Plumbing is the obvious solution. A professional can come and unclog your toilet for you, but as long as you retain your bad bathroom behavior, the problem won’t go away. Toss your cotton balls and facial pads in the trash bin, not the toilet.

Having a Long, Hot Shower

A hot shower can provide amazing relief, but it can also create a lot of humidity in your bathroom. As the humidity rises, you might notice condensation building on your bathroom mirror. Unfortunately, that is not the only place where you will see condensation. If you look up, you will notice the same on the ceiling, too, which could lead to mold and mildew buildup.

There are some things you can do to solve moisture buildup problems in your shower;and bath. If you have an exhaust fan, make sure to turn it on each time you use the bath or toilet. If you don’t have a fan, have one installed. Alternatively, you can place a dehumidifier in your bathroom that will absorb the excess moisture. Another solution is to open a window slightly to allow air in and moisture out. Make sure you clean any black spots on the shower curtain, ceiling, or walls with a combination of water and bleach.

By being aware of how your sanitization practices affect the bathroom and plumbing, and replacing bad bathroom and toilet behaviors, you can save yourself from potentially expensive damages or health hazards. It is best to keep your bathroom in tip-top shape by doing the recommendations above.

Fight the 8-Legged Creepy-Crawlies Waiting to Enter Your Home

SpiderUtah has its fair share of pests, including four varieties of spiders that can prove to be harmful. The hobo spider, wolf spider, brown recluse spider, and black widows make up these four types. They can enter your home and become a nuisance — unless you take measures to get rid of them. How do you do so? You can learn from the different measures below, as shared by Salt Lake City’s spider spray experts Greenside Pest Control.

1. Use Pesticides

This makes it on the list for obvious reasons. You can easily have pest control workers spray your home to rid of spiders and other pests. Pest control can help with other pests at once, allowing you to hit several birds with one stone.

2. Eliminate Food Sources

Yes, pest control can get rid of currently residing spiders and other pests in your home. However, you also have to protect your home against any more pests entering it. One way to do so involve controlling the food sources of spiders which are insects in the home. Again, pest control can help with this since they have chemicals that can get rid of other pests.

3. Seal Your House

Besides food source elimination, you can spider-proof your home and sleep soundly. You can keep spiders from ever entering your home by sealing cracks and holes in your roof or walls. You can also seal any gaps under or around your home’s windows or doors. You can be as exhaustive as you can. Remember that spiders can enter through the smallest of spaces.

Safe from Nuisance and Danger

You will have to make an effort to rid your home of spiders and other pests. Yes, it is a hassle at first. But, doing so can and will save you from dangerous spider bites, infections, and nightmares. You can end up in the hospital with a spider bite, forcing you quite a bit of money.

US Adds More Jobs, But Salaries Rise on Slowest Pace

Nuclear power plantDespite the creation of more jobs, salary growth in the US increased at the slowest pace in July over the last three years.

Wages nationwide increased 1.2% in the month to a median annual base pay of $51,120 compared to last year. The figure, however, fell from June’s 1.5% increase and from the peak growth of 3.1% in January. The most affected include middle-class workers, such as financial advisers and office managers.

Energy Employment

As job growth in the US continues, the energy sector particularly recorded an increase in employment. In 2016, jobs in the Traditional Energy and Energy Efficiency sectors rose almost 5% in 2016 with the addition of more than 300,000 new jobs, roughly 14% of all created jobs, according to the 2017 US Energy and Employment Report.

Today, these sectors employ approximately 6.4 million Americans. Aside from salaries, job applicants should know that there are other forms of compensation for those working in the energy industry, including Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program Act or EEOICPA benefits.

Job Statistics

Factors such as a 4.3% jobless rate, the creation of 222,000 jobs in July, and 5.7 million vacancies, still failed to uplift wages. In terms of salary growth, recruiters emerged as the employees with the fastest pace of pay increase in July year over year, up 6.5% to a median base pay of $51,050. Baristas and restaurant cooks followed with a 6.4% and 5.8% salary growth to $24,336 and $28,696, respectively. While pay growth has been slow in middle-class jobs, the wage increase is rising for those on the top- and bottom-tier employment sectors.

The employment trend in the US seems to be on neutral ground, with slow wage growth countering the increase in jobs. It is safe to say that we could expect either improvements or a further decline in wages in the future. Let's just hope things will get better soon.

Three Industries that Benefit from Royalties

MoneyYou've heard the term "royalty" used countless times, but do you know who is entitled to it? Some industries, companies, and professions receive royalty payments, while others don't. 

Royalty payments are especially important in these three industries: 

Food Industry 

If you're thankful for that branch of Papa John's or Domino's that is near your area, you might have franchising to thank for that. Though not all food establishments offer to franchise, many do so in order to get their food to more places all over the world. Here, royalties are earned by the franchisor on a monthly basis, usually as a percentage of the revenue of the franchisee. Royalty payments accounting professionals usually handle the books to make sure the right amount of the royalty payments come through each month. 

Publication Industry 

Your favorite books reach you because your favorite author gave a certain distributor the license to distribute the original work internationally or locally. The license usually expires after a certain time, but while it's valid, the author receives royalty payments from the sales of the books. Some of the payments will have to be adjusted, however, considering that authors may require a royalty and book advance even before the book has been completed. 

Music Industry 

A lot of thought and hard work comes into the creation of a song. An entire album takes months or even years of work and attention to detail. For all their troubles, songwriters and composers are paid music royalties for the distribution of their work and for the use of their track anywhere that generates income for the distributor. The use of a person or band's name may also fall under a copyright and will require negotiation. 

The IT industry and the hospitality industry may also rely on royalty payments as part of their regular monthly income, if not its sole source. Know how royalty payments are computed before you use any copyrighted material or brand name.