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Fight the 8-Legged Creepy-Crawlies Waiting to Enter Your Home

SpiderUtah has its fair share of pests, including four varieties of spiders that can prove to be harmful. The hobo spider, wolf spider, brown recluse spider, and black widows make up these four types. They can enter your home and become a nuisance — unless you take measures to get rid of them. How do you do so? You can learn from the different measures below, as shared by Salt Lake City’s spider spray experts Greenside Pest Control.

1. Use Pesticides

This makes it on the list for obvious reasons. You can easily have pest control workers spray your home to rid of spiders and other pests. Pest control can help with other pests at once, allowing you to hit several birds with one stone.

2. Eliminate Food Sources

Yes, pest control can get rid of currently residing spiders and other pests in your home. However, you also have to protect your home against any more pests entering it. One way to do so involve controlling the food sources of spiders which are insects in the home. Again, pest control can help with this since they have chemicals that can get rid of other pests.

3. Seal Your House

Besides food source elimination, you can spider-proof your home and sleep soundly. You can keep spiders from ever entering your home by sealing cracks and holes in your roof or walls. You can also seal any gaps under or around your home’s windows or doors. You can be as exhaustive as you can. Remember that spiders can enter through the smallest of spaces.

Safe from Nuisance and Danger

You will have to make an effort to rid your home of spiders and other pests. Yes, it is a hassle at first. But, doing so can and will save you from dangerous spider bites, infections, and nightmares. You can end up in the hospital with a spider bite, forcing you quite a bit of money.

US Adds More Jobs, But Salaries Rise on Slowest Pace

Nuclear power plantDespite the creation of more jobs, salary growth in the US increased at the slowest pace in July over the last three years.

Wages nationwide increased 1.2% in the month to a median annual base pay of $51,120 compared to last year. The figure, however, fell from June’s 1.5% increase and from the peak growth of 3.1% in January. The most affected include middle-class workers, such as financial advisers and office managers.

Energy Employment

As job growth in the US continues, the energy sector particularly recorded an increase in employment. In 2016, jobs in the Traditional Energy and Energy Efficiency sectors rose almost 5% in 2016 with the addition of more than 300,000 new jobs, roughly 14% of all created jobs, according to the 2017 US Energy and Employment Report.

Today, these sectors employ approximately 6.4 million Americans. Aside from salaries, job applicants should know that there are other forms of compensation for those working in the energy industry, including Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program Act or EEOICPA benefits.

Job Statistics

Factors such as a 4.3% jobless rate, the creation of 222,000 jobs in July, and 5.7 million vacancies, still failed to uplift wages. In terms of salary growth, recruiters emerged as the employees with the fastest pace of pay increase in July year over year, up 6.5% to a median base pay of $51,050. Baristas and restaurant cooks followed with a 6.4% and 5.8% salary growth to $24,336 and $28,696, respectively. While pay growth has been slow in middle-class jobs, the wage increase is rising for those on the top- and bottom-tier employment sectors.

The employment trend in the US seems to be on neutral ground, with slow wage growth countering the increase in jobs. It is safe to say that we could expect either improvements or a further decline in wages in the future. Let's just hope things will get better soon.

Three Industries that Benefit from Royalties

MoneyYou've heard the term "royalty" used countless times, but do you know who is entitled to it? Some industries, companies, and professions receive royalty payments, while others don't. 

Royalty payments are especially important in these three industries: 

Food Industry 

If you're thankful for that branch of Papa John's or Domino's that is near your area, you might have franchising to thank for that. Though not all food establishments offer to franchise, many do so in order to get their food to more places all over the world. Here, royalties are earned by the franchisor on a monthly basis, usually as a percentage of the revenue of the franchisee. Royalty payments accounting professionals usually handle the books to make sure the right amount of the royalty payments come through each month. 

Publication Industry 

Your favorite books reach you because your favorite author gave a certain distributor the license to distribute the original work internationally or locally. The license usually expires after a certain time, but while it's valid, the author receives royalty payments from the sales of the books. Some of the payments will have to be adjusted, however, considering that authors may require a royalty and book advance even before the book has been completed. 

Music Industry 

A lot of thought and hard work comes into the creation of a song. An entire album takes months or even years of work and attention to detail. For all their troubles, songwriters and composers are paid music royalties for the distribution of their work and for the use of their track anywhere that generates income for the distributor. The use of a person or band's name may also fall under a copyright and will require negotiation. 

The IT industry and the hospitality industry may also rely on royalty payments as part of their regular monthly income, if not its sole source. Know how royalty payments are computed before you use any copyrighted material or brand name. 

Best Paying Industries for Fresh Graduates

Graduating Students

The new job hunting population is known for prioritizing experience over money and material things. They value work-life balance with high salaries despite being fresh graduates.
There are fields and industries which can offer you high monetary gains even if you are still new to the professional world.  These industries focus on specialization and value fresh talent with the view of honing them into industry experts. Here are the four best-paying industries for fresh graduates in the United States:

Legal profession and other allied industries

The legal profession offers both prestige and great earnings. Lawyers are paid well not only as counsels or advocates but also as corporate managers and consultants. Legal research assistants and paralegals are also highly valued due to the demands of the profession. One practicing lawyer requires a handful of paralegals to defend a case. Legal firms or quasi-judicial offices are just as demanding for researchers. Hence, the popularity of online paralegal degrees and short courses. Legal professionals earn as much as $70,000 to $100,000 on average.

Petroleum engineering and exploration

One of the most lucrative industries in the country and the world, petroleum exploration is a pursuit not too popular with the younger crowd. The work offers diverse opportunities to engineers, business and project managers, and even logistics management. Petroleum engineers earn as much as $170,000  on average.

Software engineering and information technology fields

The digital age gives us an image of a future filled with software engineers and IT experts sitting on top of the management rosters. Software engineers develop, test, and evaluate programs and automated processes.
The playing field for computer professionals is highly diverse. Many industries need them. They can thrive in game development, system analysis, business application development, systems engineering, and project management. Fresh graduates can earn as much as $60,000 to $100,000 on average.

Biochemistry and pathology

Medical professionals still dominate the list of best-paying jobs in the United States. Biochemists and pathologists lead the pack in this industry. Pathologists earn as much as $200,000 as a median base. With fewer graduates in these fields, the demand continues to grow, and the salaries increase ever upwards to attract new talent.
Whether you decide on enrolling in a university or taking up online paralegal degrees and online IT certifications, there’s a highly diverse and greatly rewarding job waiting for you.

Start Your Career in Early Childhood Education

Teacher teaching the kidsLove children?  Start your career with a course in early childhood education, begin on the path to a rewarding job in teaching or childcare, and make a difference to the lives of young children.

Completing early childhood education courses in Singapore can lead to a range of exciting careers with great prospects and good pay. Prominent institution James Cook University Singapore stresses the importance of an excellent pre-school learning, saying it truly makes a difference to the lives of children.

Gaining this valuable qualification will open the doors into a career with babies and pre-school toddlers as a day-care “educator.”

Early Years Teacher

Commonly known as a nursery teacher, qualified individuals work with babies and small children up to the age of five.  Sometimes they work with children up to eight years old in after-school club settings or private day-care centres.

Their main tasks are to ensure that each child is safe and happy in their surroundings, to encourage good behaviour and to support children in learning through play. Like any teacher, they will plan activities to do with the children in advance of the nursery times.

Fun for children

Activities vary and include supervision of free-play with a selection of toys, crafts (painting, gluing and sticking), singing songs and reading stories.  If the weather permits, they will also supervise children playing outside with ride-on cars, sandpits, climbing frames and other outdoor toys.

They should be able to foster a strong relationship with the children’s parents and provide them with regular updates and reports on their child’s progress in the nursery.

Good pay

The best place in the world to be a teacher is Singapore.  According to Varkey Gems Foundation Global Teacher Index, 2013, Singapore pays the best wages of any developed country, with gross salaries of over $45,755 per annum.

What is more is that Singapore encourages people to be early childhood educators. Ideal candidates should have an easy-going nature, are patient, calm when dealing with children’s challenging behaviour and have creative flair they can bring to classrooms.

For the creative, fun-loving types that can think on their feet and bring out enthusiasm in the young but want to be recognised for what they do, teaching is a rewarding, expressive and higher paid career that can open doors for children and teacher alike.

This is How Your Business Can Save on Energy Bills

Electric Bill under Two BulbsIf your operation costs are a pie, one-fourth of it will surely go to electricity. As you need electricity to power your production, market your products, and respond to your customers, this fact should not come as a surprise.

Still, many businesses overlook it. Some are fine with paying high-energy costs, thinking it’s a constant that is impossible to overcome. On the flip side, there are ways you can reduce energy costs — working with a commercial solar power company in Delaware, for example. In the meantime, here are some ways to help you save on energy bills.

Change your lights

Lights can eat up a lot of energy, especially if you’re using the wrong ones. If you’re still using regular fluorescent lights, it’s time to switch to LED lighting. These lights are efficient, as they use 40% to 50% less power than old fluorescent models. You should also choose lights that suit specific functions— recessed lighting that uses smaller bulbs for displays, long lights for the inventory room, and circular lights for the office. This way, each room will not require the same amount of electricity.

Set temperature right

It’s important to keep employees and customers comfortable, but you may want to check how you manage the air conditioning systems of the entire workplace. Reducing your store’s temperature can already make a big difference in your energy bills.

Collaborate with employees

Your employees should act as an ambassador of your efforts to save energy. Encourage them to use the HVAC system efficiently. You may also monitor how they use their computers. You can even turn it into an employee engagement program where the person who saves the most energy every month will win a special prize from you.

Reduce energy costs slowly, as you need to form small habits that will then turn into permanent ones. May the suggestions above help you on your endeavors.

A Country of Math Whizzes: Singapore’s Love Affair with Numbers

Math Equation on a BoardStereotypes are normally a negative concept. When it comes the generalization that ‘Asians are good at math’, however, Singapore seems determined to live up to the stereotype. The city-state is consistently topping global rankings in mathematics, in fact. Their secret? An innovative approach to teaching elementary math.

The Singapore Mathematics Method

The ministry of education employed a team of teachers in the 80’s to develop the aptly labelled ‘Singapore Method’. They studied behavioral science and traveled to different countries to observe effective teaching methods. They also relied on the studies by the American educational psychologist Jerome Bruner which stated that people should learn in three stages: first by using real objects, followed by pictures, and then through symbols.

After their observations, the researchers settled on teaching a curriculum that focuses on modelling mathematical equations using visual aids and colored blocks.

Focus on Mastery

The Singaporean curriculum in schools and universities focuses on fewer topics but is particular about discussing it in greater depth. Students don’t just study math to get an answer for their exams later on — they learn how the equation works. There are 13 to 15 concepts discussed per grade level, and the Singaporean Method enables them to master each one.

Layered Lessons

The American approach to teaching math involves revisiting lessons months, even years, after students first learned them. This is often jarring for both students and teachers. On the other hand, the Singaporean curriculum focuses on one skill and uses it as a foundation for future lessons. This makes the progression from one concept to another easier and more natural for learners.

Aligned with Common Core Standards

Policymakers based the formulation of the Common Core standards on the success of other high-performing countries. It is no surprise, then, that some parts of the Singapore Method align with them. Further efforts to calibrate their educational system have pushed the state introduced new textbooks in 2014.

Singapore’s not-so-secret method on how to excel in mathematics involves using visual aids and focusing on mastery when learning equations. This tried and tested technique might encourage other countries to follow suit and step up the math education efforts.

3 Design Trends That Can Make Your Small Kitchen Look Classy

Kitchen DesignWith Filipinos’ enormous love for food, there is, perhaps, no room more central to a typical Pinoy home than the kitchen. As such, it is no surprise that many homeowners strive to beautify their kitchens, no matter how small these spaces are.

If you’re one of them, here are a few recent design trends that can help add a classy look to your small kitchen:

Gray is the New Black

While black will always look classy, deep tone gray is one of the trendiest colors this 2017. Repaint the whole kitchen with gray or just simply use this color to blend with the existing paint job. If you choose the latter, Projects Unlimited (Phil.) Inc. suggests that you install new gray-colored modular kitchen cabinets.

Bright Light in the Kitchen

Adding more light fixtures won’t only make your kitchen brighter, but will also make it look classy. You can find a variety of modern designs today. Choose the ones that use LED technology, as they are more energy efficient.

Go for Monochrome Accessories

Accessories that come in a range of mismatched colors can easily make your kitchen look cluttered and less elegant. So, it's important that you keep the accessories within a range of tones. Remember that simplicity and harmony create balance and yield satisfying results. In turn, you can achieve the fresh look and relaxing feel you want for your kitchen.

You don't have to be an interior designer to determine the new design and setup that works best for your kitchen. Follow these three tips the next time you renovate your kitchen and you’ll definitely make the area look stylish and sophisticated.

With a new kitchen look, you’re not the only one who will enjoy spending time in this room, as your guests will surely love it, too!

Need an Auto Loan? Get a Cosigner

Car keys being loanedIf you need to buy a car, but bad credit is standing in your way, you know it’s almost impossible to get a new or used car loan. Even if you land a good auto loan company willing to fund you, chances are that you will pay exorbitant rates.

If you think these things are true, then you are fortunately mistaken. Wasatch Peaks Credit Union says that even individuals with bad credit can get auto loans in Ogden  without having to pay astronomical rates. So,  how is that possible? You only need a  cosigner to get that car loan.

No Credit? Get a Cosigner

If you are buying a car for the first time or are a student who has never applied for a loan, it means you have no credit experience. Most likely you will be unsuccessful when you apply for a loan. Having a cosigner by your side will help you overcome this barrier and see you buy your first car.

A cosigner may be a close friend, family member, or spouse who will guarantee your loan should you default your loan payment. If you get a cosigner on your loan, the lenders get the additional assurance that the loan will be repaid and will finance you.

Cosigner Requirements

Lenders require a cosigner to meet some requirements, and credit worthiness is one of them. In such a case the cosigner is responsible for missed and defaulted loan payments, making cosigning a risky business. Also, issues with loan repayments affect the cosigner’s and borrower’s credit scores.

It is important to note that a cosigner has no right to the vehicle ownership; theirs is to ensure that you get auto financing and repay the loan in time.

If you get yourself in a financial fix and you need to get that new or used car loan in Ogden, find  a willing cosigner and get approved for a loan. You can now buy the car of your choice but within your loan terms. With an agreeable cosigner, you can enjoy the freedom that comes with owning a vehicle.

Helping Your Child Deal With Cyberbullying: The Must-Knows

Cyberbullied Kid in Salt Lake City

Cyberbullied Kid in Salt Lake CityIf you think that your kid is a cyberbullying victim you should confirm your suspicions first before anything else. Choose an appropriate place and time to speak with your kid. You must both be calm so that your kid would be able to open up to you.

Cyberbullying Prevention Tips for your Child

First, tell your kid that it’s not his fault and that you would always be there to help him. Tell your kid not to respond to the messages, emails, or posts because bullies carry out these bullying activities to get the reaction they want from the one being bullied. Doing this would take the control and power of the cyber bully.

Teach your kid how to block the cyberbully from his mobile phone and social media sites, so that the cyber bully won’t be able to contact your kid or see his posts. You should also tell your child to report the cyber bullies. Social media sites have reporting options and these are entirely anonymous. Hopefully, the cyberbully’s account would be suspended or closed altogether. Lastly, ask your kid if you could see the images and posts. Help him print out this information so that you have evidence of the cyberbullying incidents.

What You Could Do

As a parent, it’s understandable that you feel hurt and scared for your kid, but you have to be strong, help your kid deal with what’s happening and try to put an end to the cyberbullying. Be there for your kid emotionally, let him or her know that their emotional well-being and safety are your main priorities. Allow your kid to continue with his or her online activities, advises a school psychologist from one of the top charter schools in Salt Lake City. Otherwise, you might be isolating him or her from close and supportive friends. For your part, increase your online monitoring and tell your kid that you’re only doing what you’re doing for his or her protection.

Get support from other people. Consider speaking with the parents of everyone involved in the cyberbullying incidents to try and resolve the incident together. But, take note that you should consider going to the authorities if the cyberbullying is making your kid feel unsafe and threatened, or it involves potential criminal activity.