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Are You in Control of Your Roof Installation Process?

Roof of a modern house

No matter what you do in life, you will agree that time is a scarce resource. When it comes to your home, one day it is brand new, the next the roof looks worn out. You might be tempted to delay a home roof installation, but that often comes at a cost. Planning for this project will need care because many factors are at play. To help you do this in a flawless way, here are some helpful tips and information related to project management.

Go with the seasons

Roofing contractors in Tauranga know that there are low and busy seasons. Ask your contractor when each of these occurs so you can plan your schedule accordingly. It is advisable to match your program with that of the contractor, preferably during the low season.

Have a plan in place

A good plan is the secret to a successful roofing project or any other project for that matter. A realistic schedule and budget should put you in a good starting point. Invest in high-quality equipment and resources so that your roof will last. A small technicality can halt your roof remodel midway. No one wants to experience this. You need to be careful to get roofing permits and arrange for materials orders in good time. Remember that delays easily translate into extra costs.

Observe the weather

Seasons aside, the weather can also either ruin or enhance your roofing experience. Tauranga has a warm and temperate climate with a nice 14.4 °C average temperature. However, this does not mean every day is warm and sunny. You may want to avoid roofing in the period between May and September when rains fall. The bottom is to make sure the day is ideal for roofing work.

An efficient roof installation process is almost guaranteed if you follow a workable schedule and budget. You can save a lot in the end if you choose quality materials and roofing contractors.

A Strong Storm Forecast? Prepare Your Roof

Storm ready roofUtah has been on the receiving end of recent natural disasters, including the Hildale flash floods of 2015. While residents have largely recovered from the aftermath, what’s scary is that there’s no guarantee that such events would never come again in the future.

The best you can do is to protect your home early. Although there are no warnings right now, you’ll never know when such news may come and send everyone into a panic. Arm yourself with these tips to prepare your roof when a storm or hurricane is approaching.

Prepare For the Worst

Roof assessment for leaks and other structural problems is the best preparation you can do. Don’t wait until the last minute to rush and hire a roof leak repair expert in Utah because you might find these roofers extremely busy, especially during the peak season. If your roof has lasted for more than 25 years, you better contact a roofing professional right away.

Update Your Insurance

Many people tend to ignore this factor and yet it’s one of the most critical during a storm or any other natural disaster. If you’re not sure how much an insurance covers, now is the best time to find out. Remember that roof construction costs are increasing, so you want to be guaranteed of enough insurance when rebuilding is needed.

Secure Your Roof

To make the roof sturdy enough for the oncoming storm, you also need to consider adding roof straps. These components make wall-to-roof connections stronger. This is easy if the roof is accessible through the attic. For about $500, you will have your roof firmly connected to the wall and ready for any amount of force.

Good preparation can be the difference between your family being safe and the roof being blown away by a storm. Avoid making roof leak repair a last-minute task, as this can mess you up.


Why Becoming a Homeowner Isn’t as Hard as You Imagined

Row of houses in a subdivision

Row of houses in a subdivisionHome ownership is usually just a pipe dream to many Filipinos. Some are too preoccupied supporting loved ones financially, while others lack a reliable job with high income to commit to paying decades of mortgage.

The good news is, buying a property in the Philippines is actually less hard than you think. Here are six reasons why it’s realistic for you to become a homeowner sooner than later.

1. You Can Buy an Affordable House Outside Manila

Any Lancaster review from websites such as Real Estate Hub would tell you that CALABARZON has a lot of stock of affordable housing. This is especially true in Cavite where you can purchase a four-bedroom, single-detached house for less than a two-bedroom condominium in Pasig City.

2. You Can Qualify for a Loan without a High Credit Score

Most lenders look at borrower creditworthiness when loaning money, but having bad credit wouldn’t automatically disqualify you. If your credentials aren’t good enough for the banks, you can always apply for a Pag-IBIG housing loan or borrow directly from the developer.

3. You Can Negotiate a Better Deal

In any major sales transaction, like a property purchase, nothing is really set in stone. It’s acceptable to ask for discounts or haggle about the interest rate. You’d be surprised how generous developers, real estate agents, and lenders could be.

4. You Can Pay the Down Payment in Installments

While you can’t borrow 100% of the property’s selling price, you don’t have to pay for your entire share upfront. Many developers offer flexible payment schemes to make the down payment easier to manage.

Take note, however, that the first installment is usually used for unit reservation, which is non-refundable and has an expiration. You can’t get it back if you change your mind or fail to pay the subsequent payments.

5. You Can Lock in the Interest Rate for Multiple Years

Most housing loans in the Philippines have changing interest rates. This means that interest rate initially offered to you is subject to re-pricing. Fortunately, many lenders allow you to lock in a particular rate for a specified time.

For instance, borrowing from the Pag-IBIG Fund lets you have a fixed rate for up to 30 years.

6. You Can Prepay the Loan

A 15-, 20-, or 30-year mortgage can be a burden and a serious financial commitment. Regardless of the term, you can pay it off faster if you lender allows it without charging you any penalty. With the right prepayment strategy and discipline, you can finish your mortgage years earlier.

Be an informed homebuyer to understand how things work, and know the cards you can play. With adequate knowledge and sound decision-making, you can be a proud homeowner in no time.

Signs You Have a Hard Water Problem

Water from the sinkHard water is a problem in many countries around the world. This holds true in rural and urban areas, which are serviced with chlorinated water. Hard water is an issue not just because it can stain walls and damage pipes; it can also cause premature wear and tear on appliances.

Plumbing experts from Whipple Service Champions have also pointed out that hard water can be a health hazard.

Identifying Hard Water

Water is a colorless, tasteless and odorless liquid, but sometimes, you may notice a slight smell of chlorine in the water. This is normal, especially when it has been freshly treated or if the water treatment plant is nearby. However, the smell is just one indicator of hard water.

The simplest sign of hard water is if there is a smell when it is drawn from the tap. There are various smells associated with different types of chemicals and minerals. If there is a slight metallic taste, it probably has too much iron.

If it smells like rotten eggs, then the water might be contaminated with sulfide gas or some other agent that causes a reaction to form sulfates. Noticeable sediments can also be present in water, making it look murky. A moldy aftertaste to the water can be due to algal blooms.

Wall stains, including soap scum and calcium deposits, are indicators of hard water. Reddish streaks also indicate too much iron in the water. Clogged pipes may be due to mineral deposits, specifically calcium scaling.

Effects on Pipes and Appliances

Walls can have white spots as well as scaling. These are calcium deposits from the water. There may also be the same deposits inside and outside of steel pipes. If the deposits occur inside the pipes, it may totally clog them in the future. You must act quickly to avoid health problems and structural damage.

Hard water can be controlled with the use of a water softener. Procrastinating on solving the problem does not help the homeowner.

3 Spots to Look Out for to Reduce Dust in Your Home

Vacuuming carpet

Vacuuming carpetDid you know that there’s twice the amount of dust in the air inside your home compared to the air outside? More than being a total eyesore, dust can affect your air quality and subsequently, your health.

Dust is created when an electrostatic force attracts things like fabric, hair, dead skin cells, minerals from outdoor soil, and mold spores. The more they accumulate, the more they can affect your health. Here are some spots you should always dust off to keep an allergen-proof home:


Hiring a professional carpet cleaner or even getting a new, effective vacuum cleaner with a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter is a great investment. The carpet is one of those spots where there’s most traffic. It would not be surprising to know that a majority of the dust found in your home are stuck in those old and worn-out carpets.

As a rule of thumb, Anchor Water Damage and Restoration and other carpet cleaning experts in Riverton suggest vacuuming your carpet at least once a week and get professional cleaning services every 12 months. This should help prevent your carpets from being the home to many harmful germs that can pose negative effects on your family’s health.

Leaky Air Ducts

If your filters aren’t the problem, leaky air ducts could be the culprit. A professional technician can run a pressure test on your system to help you determine if your ducts are the main issue. If they are, you should have them cleaned and re-sealed immediately.

Air Filters

Dirty or ineffective air filters are another main source of excessive dust at home. As your first line of defense, these filters naturally collect bits of pollen and dust that would otherwise circulate around the house. A dirty air filter will lessen the efficiency of your heating and cooling system; whereas a clean filter will allow air to flow easily and cause your electricity bills to drop. It would be in your best interest to keep them clean by replacing them at least every month or two.

While dusting off may not sound like the most exciting activity, it’s important to do so if you aim to keep your house allergen-free. Take charge of your home’s cleanliness and improve your air quality by keeping these critical spots in your home in check.

Improve Your Property’s Appeal

Big luxury, modern house at duskHaving a lovely home can make a person happy and content. It also adds value to your property, but no matter how beautiful your home, your lawn and the immediate area around your house is a factor in enhancing your kerb appeal. If you feel that your house could do with a few enhancements, you should use these ideas to improve its appearance.

Improve Your Kerb Appeal

If you have a driveway, you can improve the kerbing detail of your property in Auckland, New Zealand. You could also ask your landscape designer to add edging to your entrance path. Upgrade the kerbs near your house and repair chipped or damaged areas.

Your Lawn and Doorway

Your lawn and doorway are the first places that people see. If your doorway looks shabby, you could repaint it to make it look new. You could also replace the door knobs and locks to upgrade your security system.

You can place potted plants on your lawn, so your pathway or driveway could be more appealing. You could also place shrubbery and small trees to improve your lawn’s appearance. However, you need to make sure that you could manage the greenery so your home won’t be overrun with plants. If you have a larger area, hire a landscape designer to help plan out your lawn’s appearance.

Light It Up

If your home is dim at night, you can add light fixtures in some chosen areas to enhance your home’s appearance. Look for different outdoor lighting lamps to suit your home. You can choose a wall or ceiling lamp, or you could even buy a small lamp post for your home.

Designing your home is only one way to improve its appearance. But if you are on a tight budget, you can do these simple things to enhance its appeal without spending too much.

Turn Your Balcony into a Lovely Outdoor Space in 4 Easy Steps

View of balcony from street level

View of balcony from street levelTurning a balcony into a lovely outdoor space where you can spend time relaxing or enjoying the view may sound challenging but is actually easy to do. Here are some ideas to turn that outdoor space into a lovely outdoor haven.

Create a Corner Nook

Utilize a corner in the balcony by setting up a comfortable outdoor couch and a small side table. This area can be your reading nook. It also serves as a place where you can have coffee al fresco while enjoying the morning view or a cozy spot for some end of day drinks while enjoying the evening view.

Grow a Vertical Garden

You can have a garden even if you don’t have a lawn and even if you have limited balcony space. Vertical gardening is a great way to decorate and liven up a balcony. For easy maintenance, choose outdoor plants that thrive in a lot of sunlight and need little watering.

You can also plant perennial flowers in outdoor copper planters you can buy from firms such as Authentic Provence to add color to your garden. These flowers grow well in these planters and add a cheerful tone to your outdoor space.

Don’t Forget Your Flooring

Use wooden planks to elevate your nook area if you have enough space to do so or lay artificial grass carpeting to create a traditional landscaped look. Using faux grass carpets is a great way to get the full garden look sans mowing and watering. It softens the look of the space and is an excellent way to spruce up your flooring.

Brighten Up The Space

Add more lighting to illuminate your space at night. Outdoor table lamps and solar powered floor lamps are a great addition to your existing outdoor lighting. Use soft tone lights for a cozy and relaxing feel.

Get started

With a little creativity and help from these easy-to-follow design ideas, you can turn your balcony into a lovely outdoor space where you can relax and enjoy the outdoors any time of the day without having to leave your home.

5 Things to Know About Mold Testing

Mildewed walls with different sorts of moldThere’s a musty odor inside your home. You suffer from respiratory symptoms that seem to get worse when you’re at home. There may be mold in your home.

If you can’t see any mildew, you should consider having mold testing or sampling performed on your property. Here are some important things to know about mold testing:

Mold inspection should precede testing

It’s important to conduct mold inspection before turning to mold testing. If your mold inspector finds mold, then there’s no need for mold testing. recognizes the importance of hiring a mold removal service to get rid of the problem.

There are many reasons for mold testing

The reasons for mold testing include:

  • You have noticed signs of mold growth, but there is no visible mold
  • To check indoor air quality
  • To find hidden mold growth
  • To identify the species of mold present in your home
  • To check if your mold removal service removed all the mold in your home

You should hire a professional mold tester

Testing for mold should be left to the professionals. Hire a qualified mold expert who has a wealth of experience in collecting and analyzing mold samples, and interpreting results.

There are three primary types of mold tests

There are various ways to take and analyze air samples. The common types of mold tests include air testing, surface testing, and bulk testing. Each has its pros and cons. Your mold tester may use more than one type of test to determine the presence of mold on your property.

Multiple tests may be necessary

The number of mold spores in a building change over time and from location to location. To get a clearer picture of the mold problem, it’s necessary to test in different places and at different times.

A mold inspection can help expose a mold problem. If the inspection provided negative results, but you still think there is mold, testing can help clear your doubts. Mold testing can also help you measure indoor air quality and identify the species of mold in your home.

5 Things to Expect from Your Pest Control Company Before Doing Treatment

Group of carpenter ants on the wallYou’ve noticed that your cupboard spiders have been multiplying each week. Now, you spend most of your time cleaning out webs, hoping they don’t come back. The next thing you know, they’re making webs in your closet, shoe rack, and every other corner of the house. You’ve tried every insect and spider spray in Utah, but while they seem to work, you can’t seem to shake off the feeling that you need to hire an expert.

Here are five things you should expect from your pest control company:

Pre-service Instructions and Communication

Tell them what pests you saw, where, and how many of them are there. After inspection, they should let you know about any preparation you’ll need before the day of the treatment. You may need to clean some areas and remove appliances, furniture, or pets that are near the treatment area. If they need the house to be vacant, they should give you enough time to be ready for that too.

Complete Time Table

They should discuss with you a complete schedule of the treatment. This should include the arrival time and the duration of treatment. If there’s a full vacancy, know for how long. There should also be margins for any possible delay.

Clean, Organized Equipment, and Professional Appearance

Quality service should be supported by neat-looking technicians with equipment ready for safety. If you see pesticide dripping on the side of a sprayer, you might want to call their attention. You don’t want to get any of that on your carpets.

Proper Identification

Every technician must show a proper company identification with photo to make sure they can be trusted to go to your house.

After treatment, you should again have a sit down to discuss what pests they found, how the treatment went, and how many follow-ups they’ll have to do to make sure the job is complete. Communication is the key to make sure your home will be pest-free.


What are the Proper Ways of Maintaining Your Lawn?

lawn maintenanceA well-maintained lawn adds value to your home; yet if you have active kids or pets around, chances are your lawn will be the most abused part of your yard. Do not be discouraged. You can still keep your lawn healthy and looking good. First off, you may seek the assistance of lawn care experts in Utah.

Likewise, you may just do the job on your own, particularly some simple tasks. Here are some tips on how to take care of your lawn.

Cut your grass to the correct height

Tall grass is prone to fungi and gets tangled while short grass restricts root growth. To ensure that your grass grows healthy, it is important to do regular mowing. Make sure that your lawnmower’s blades are sharp enough to cut your grass effectively.

Loosen the soil for better air circulation

Through the years, the ground underneath your grass will be hard and closely-packed. This will cause poor air circulation and drainage that could block nutrition absorption. However, you can prevent this with regular lawn aeration.

By punching holes three inches deep, your grass can absorb water and nutrient and enjoy better air circulation.

Water your grass as needed

Do not overwater your grass. Instead, water your grass deeply and less often. Doing so will make it grow deeper, and it will stay green. Remember that the most appropriate time to water your grass is during the early morning.

Use organic and natural lawn fertilizers

Organic and natural fertilizers make your lawns greener and healthier. They enhance root growth and provide protection from diseases. Organic fertilizers foster resistance as well as tolerance to harsh weather conditions.

Moreover, natural fertilizer is environment-friendly since they do not contain toxic chemicals that can harm people and their surroundings.

Keeping your lawn well-tended does not take much of your time if you do it regularly. If you are a busy person, there are service providers that you can count on. Just be the responsible homeowner you should be, and everything will go well.