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What’s Up, Doc? 5 Weird and Unusual Allergens

young woman scratching her itchy back Allergies are odd. How can something seemingly harmless cause someone to sneeze uncontrollably or break into hives? If you suffer from allergies, then you’ve probably wondered why something affects you badly when others are just fine. Meanwhile, if you’re unsure if your rashes are an allergic reaction, you can get an allergy test from clinics such as The Mayfair Practice.

I’m Allergic to…

Moving forward, did you know that Mel Blanc, the voice of Bugs Bunny, was allergic to carrots? We’ve heard of shellfish and peanut allergies, but carrots? Apparently, some allergies are a bit odder than others, and a small number of people are actually allergic to some of these things.


Water is needed for survival. Our body is mostly made of water as well. Despite all that, some human bodies prefer to up the ante and become allergic to it. Water in the body is not a problem for people with this allergy, but physical contact with water will immediately trigger hives. Those who suffer from this allergy are also allergic to sweat and tears.


Much like water allergy, a person suffering from this allergy breaks into hives, blisters or rashes when exposed to sunlight. The good thing is that sun allergy is extremely rare.

Cold Temperatures

Those who break into hives when exposed to cold air or cold liquids may be allergic to the cold. In this case, antihistamines can help relieve the symptoms.


It’s quite uncommon for people to actually be allergic to the leather itself. Most allergic reactions come from the chemicals used to treat leather. A rash is a common symptom. Those who wear leather shoes but are allergic to the material should wear socks to avoid getting a rash.

Tattoo Ink

This allergy is not as unusual as others on the list. A survey conducted in 2015 found that out of 300 participants, 4 percent of them experienced skin irritations from tattoo pigments. It also found that red ink seemed to cause the most irritation. No dye is 100% allergen free, so doctors advise people to choose a clean and reputable tattoo parlour.

This list can go on and on but there are so many allergies out there that finding a complete list might just be impossible. The good news is that a good number of these allergies are treatable with the right medication.

In Quest Of Straighter Teeth

Girl smiling with flower

Girl smiling with flowerAny adults considering investing in a device for straighter teeth probably do not require major bite correction. Such issues need to be addressed when people are in their young years and most qualify for braces in North London on the NHS as a teenager. People with mild misalignment are beginning to appreciate the many benefits to having braces, even if they are simply to feel better and look better.

The increase in the number of adults wearing braces has been driven by the introduction of new materials and techniques that have made braces smaller and more discreet, and even entirely new designs. Various systems of braces in North London from reputable dentists such as Denchic Dental Spa include:

Six Month Smiles

A brand of fixed braces using tooth-coloured brackets and wires that blend in with the teeth rather than dominating them. These braces are designed for use on the front six social teeth.

Inman Aligner

Springs and coils to move two aligner bars that sandwich the front teeth with gently opposing forces. Super-quick treatment times means these braces can work in as little as 6-18 weeks. The Inman Aligner is a removable device, making it much easier to eat and clean the teeth. At the end of treatment, the Inman Aligner doubles up as a retainer while the teeth settle into place. This makes the Inman Aligner very cost-effective.

Happy faces

When people have had their teeth straightened, they find they are smiling more often and more spontaneously. They begin to experience people they meet in passing smiling back, on the bus, on the street, across a crowded room. Smiles can turn into new jobs, new friends, new sources of fun, help and connect.

Patients who want to find out the best kind of brace for their issues need to make an appointment for a consultation. Some systems offer free consultations. Some also include free teeth whitening at the end of treatment.

Most systems require the use of a retainer at the end of treatment.

Braces in North London can be quite an investment for some people. Most dentists offer payment plans to help spread the cost of treatment into monthly payments.

Common Causes of Sensitive Teeth That You Should Know

woman with a toothacheIf you’re avoiding cold or hot drinks because they make your teeth hurt, chances are, you have sensitive teeth. Other things can also cause them, like sour and sweet food, or even cold air. Experts at recommend making an appointment with the dentist to treat those tooth twinges.

After all, you have to know what’s behind them so you can find a solution immediately.

Damaged Enamel

One of the most common causes of sensitive teeth is exposed nerve endings. This occurs when some of your enamel has worn away. Your tooth’s enamel is the hard, protective layer that helps with your teeth’s function.

You might be brushing too hard, taking off more than just plaque. Ditch the hard brush and switch to soft-bristled ones. Instead of side-to-side brushing, work at a 45-degree angle to your gum to prevent your enamel from wearing down. You should also avoid acidic drinks and foods, like sticky candy and soda.

Go for cheese, plain yogurt, milk, and fiber-rich fruits and vegetables instead. These will help your mouth fight away the bacteria that eats away at your teeth.

Gum Disease

Tartar and plaque buildup on the teeth can cause gums to shrink. When disease sets in, it can destroy the bone supporting your tooth. Your dentist may recommend a thorough cleaning to scrape the dirt buildup. Depending on the extent of damage, you may have to undergo medication or surgery.

Crack Filling or Tooth

A broken filling or tooth can leave the root exposed, causing severe pain. If the crack isn’t too deep, your dentist can still fill it in. Worst-case scenario, you’ll have to have your tooth pulled out.

You don’t have to endure your sensitive teeth forever. Remember that your dentist is there to help find the cause and help you get rid of the pain. Ignoring your teeth will only make things worse, so be sure to go for a checkup at least twice a year.

Modern Joint Replacement Surgery Facts and Fallacies

Surgery toolsAfter total joint replacement surgery, the average American adult who used to experience limitation of movement and pain take part more actively in daily life. And while different conditions are qualified for the procedure, there is one long-term outcome, which is improved quality of life.

Who Benefits From Total Joint Replacement Surgery?

Most of the people undergoing joint replacement with expert service from orthopaedic surgeons in Torrance suffer from arthritis or fractured bone. Damage to the articulating surface of the joint due to arthritis, disease, and overuse may reach an extent that is severe enough to cause disability. When disability due to these conditions becomes limiting, and when medication and other conservative approaches fail to effect improvement, surgery is the next recommendation.

What Goes on in the Operating Room?

Removal of the damaged components of the joint comprises one-half of the surgery. The other half is a replacement of joint components with prostheses. These mimic the natural shape of the joints so that movement is still possible and follows normal biomechanics.

The Truth About Postoperative Pain

It is false to say joint replacement ensures total removal of pain. Some pain may persist around the joint even after healing is complete. This is why it’s important to remember that the pain can originate from muscle weakness due to the inactivity of the limb while it was healing. The pain may persist for a few months, but it lessens with the right kind of exercise. Physical therapy is critical after joint replacement surgery. An experienced rehabilitation professional will ascertain the specific weaknesses of the limb, and design an appropriate program to recover muscle strength and sustain joint integrity.

It is true there are risks associated with joint replacement surgery, but it is also true the surgery removes the pain, allowing people to spend the rest of their lives as productive human beings.

What You Probably Didn’t Know About Botox

a girl getting a botox injectionBotox is a widely popular cosmetic treatment in the U.S. As popular as this procedure might sound, the public has a vague or loose understanding of what it can do. The sad part is people easily accept what they know or just heard as fact. That's why it's not surprising that this particular procedure is surrounded by misconceptions and myths. 

To help straighten out these things, here are some proven facts about Botox:

Botox is Dangerous & Can be Deadly

This is outright false. The main reason people think that way is because of the word "toxin" in botulinum toxin. While it is indeed a type of bacteria, the use of this substance is perfectly safe and risk-free for cosmetic and medical purposes. To make you feel more at ease, be sure that the ones who will administer the procedure are fully experienced and qualified healthcare professionals.

Botox Must be Received Consistently

This is wrong again. After undergoing one or three Botox special sessions in Utah, you are free to stop having it as long as you're satisfied with its result. In other words, it's totally fine to quit anytime, so you don't have to worry about long-time commitment. It all depends on what you want.

Botox Makes the Face Frozen & Expressionless

This is not true. People often turn to Botox to define and get rid of wrinkles on their face as well as in other parts of their body. While this is injected into the muscle, Botox has no effect and cannot control a person's expression. In fact, people who received this could still express as many emotions as they can as long as it's administered by licensed and qualified health professional.  

Before you believe in anything, be sure it's backed by medical studies or facts. Botox can be scary, especially if you're doing it for the first time. However, this procedure is proven to be safe. If you still need more reassurance, you could always talk and discuss it with your doctor to put any doubts you have at rest.

Risks Associated with Retaining Your Wisdom Teeth

A man with a tooth acheWisdom teeth are the final ones to erupt. These are the third molars on both sides of your upper and lower jaws. They typically develop between 18–25 years and are often problematic, says a dentist from West Jordan.

Wisdom teeth impaction is the most common problem associated with third molars. This refers to teeth that grow sideways, crooked or fail to erupt due to lack of space fully. Apart from impaction, wisdom teeth pose a significant risk of harmful effects to those who choose to keep them. Here are a few of these effects.

Occlusal and Orthodontic Issues

Wisdom teeth can cause unwanted teeth movement since its eruption occurs in adulthood. The existing teeth become crowded and at times twist and overlap. This typically warrants orthodontic treatment.

The movement can also affect your occlusion (bite). This, in turn, stresses your facial muscles and temporomandibular joint, leading to significant orofacial discomfort.

Compromised Oral Health

Harmful bacteria commonly collect on the surface of impacted teeth. This increases the susceptibility of the gums and surrounding teeth to infection. The bacteria can also enter your bloodstream and adversely affect your heart and other body organs.

Nerve Damage

Lower wisdom teeth are closer to the nerves. This affects the taste and feeling on your tongue. They are also close to the neurovascular bundle, which runs in your lower jaw. There is, therefore, a substantial risk of the lower wisdom teeth affecting your nerves and the neurovascular bundle.

Nerves close to your wisdom teeth can also be affected by the removal of wisdom teeth by unqualified personnel. It is hence wise to get your teeth removed by a qualified oral surgeon in a well-equipped clinic.

Most dentists will recommend wisdom tooth removal even if they are causing no problems. This is a preventive measure against possible issues. They are also easy to remove at a young age as their roots have not yet fully developed.

It’s Time to Have Fun! 3 Relaxing Ways to Spend Your Weekend

Woman exercising

Woman exercisingShow yourself some love and care. After a tiring and busy week in the office, you deserve a reward for all your hard work. If you are looking for ways to pamper yourself at least once every while, here are some suggestions you may try:

A salon day

Hours of typing and going to places are definitely tiring to your hands and feet. That is why your weekend is a perfect time to visit a salon such as Marilyn Monroe Spas to make yourself feel refreshed and look good. You may go for a manicure-pedicure service or if you want, go all the way and request for a full spa service. A day spent on salon is a great way to unwind and relieve your stress.

A long, warm bath

When was last time you enjoyed a warm and relaxing bath? It is said that taking a bath leisurely could instantly improve a person’s mood. Spend an ample time on your bath and feel the joy it brings. To make it even special, you may use essential oils like jasmine, eucalyptus, and chamomile.


How have you been spending your days in the office? Have you always been sitting right in front of the monitor? If yes, then it is about time you consider the idea of exercising. You might not be aware of its benefits, but working out could do more than keeping you fit. It also pumps up your endorphins, which is the type of hormones responsible in making you happy and satisfied.

Do not tire out yourself too much and learn to get rid of all the stress you have accumulated due to your busy schedule. The secret to a healthy mind and body lay on how happy and satisfied you are. So take time to unwind and pamper yourself.

Dental Implants: Helping People to Enjoy Food Again

Senior woman looking at her dental implantOne of the most troubling issues faced by people who have lost teeth is enjoying the foods they love. Most people know how important maintaining a varied, healthy diet is for their well being and how maintaining good oral hygiene is vital when it comes to being able to enjoy a balanced diet.

At practices such as Enhance Dental, the dentists will always stress the importance of oral health, encouraging patients to brush, floss and use anti-bacterial mouth wash regularly. Visiting the dentist regularly is also an important part of the dental health routine. But when tooth loss does strike in Leeds, dental implants offer a stable and durable tooth replacement option.

Dental implants in Leeds: what can they do?

Dental implants act as artificial tooth roots that are placed in the jaw. The implant itself is a screw and is usually made from titanium as titanium is accepted by the body and is allowed to integrate with the jawbone.

Any number of missing teeth can be replaced with the help of dental implants. If the patient has lost a single tooth then a custom-made crown can be attached to the implant. For multiple missing teeth, a bridge can be attached. Dental implants can even be made to support a patient’s old, worn out dentures or new dentures that have been made specifically for this purpose.

Dental implants in Leeds: the journey

The first step to restoring missing teeth is a consultation with a dentist where the patient’s treatment plan will be accurately planned.

Making this treatment plan involves dental examinations, x-rays, impressions, photographs and in some cases a CT scan of the patient’s jawbone. A dental hygiene advisor is also usually called in to assess if the implant will be placed in a healthy oral environment.

Once the treatment is fully planned, the surgical procedure can take place. A small hole needs to be drilled in the patient’s jawbone to insert the implant. The implant needs to have maximum contact with the jawbone to ensure integration.

After a period of healing, the patient’s replacement tooth or teeth can be attached to the stable anchor created by the dental implant. Once treatment is complete the implant can last a lifetime if looked after correctly.

The Case for Family Medical Services and Quality Healthcare

A doctor talking to a woman

A doctor talking to a womanWhether it was flu, an injury, or a more serious condition, you have at one point in life went to visit a doctor. Contrary to what a majority people think, all physicians are not the same, and they vary in very many angles.

Among the different types of primary care physicians throughout the country, there is none that can compare to family practice. More reasons to reach out to Putnam-based family medical teams include:

Treats the Whole Family

A family doctor should not just be suitable for you, but for your entire family as well. Family doctors have pediatrics knowledge and can also treat your kids. Also, your doctor must have geriatrics expertise and will treat your aging parents.

Have you gone to a doctor and they asked for your family’s medical history? Some health conditions are genetic, and your family doctor can diagnose and detect such health conditions even before they show and affect your life.

Comprehensive Healthcare

According to ABC Today, about 20% of Americans do not have a specific place to go for regular medical checkups. Consistency in the healthcare you receive is just as important as its quality.

A family doctor knows your medical history and the chances of getting wrong diagnosis and treatment will be very low. Also, the family doctor will let you know how often you should get checkups to keep any health condition at bay.

Vast Medical Knowledge

A major difference among doctors is the level of their education. Once a medical student completes medical school, they become general practitioners. An individual should go back to study for three extra years to become a family doctor. The three years of training involve mastering and specializing in different medical areas to sharpen the skills in medical practice.

Their knowledge and the comprehensive care they offer are enough reasons to seek a family doctor for all your health needs.

Providing Better Palliative Care For Your Loved One

A friend showing support

A friend showing supportWe can all agree that nothing compares to the pain you feel when you discover that a loved one is terminally ill. At first, it is heartbreaking and painful to imagine that you will soon lose someone you love. But as the grief dissipates and reality kicks in, you start thinking about how hopeless your loved one must be feeling

It is at this point that you should seek grief support to help you and your loved one cope with the situation., a non-profit organization devoted to helping people affected by life-limiting illnesses, shares two major tips that will help you care for your loved one better.

Seek grief support programs

In this trying time, you and your loved one need hope and guidance. As you are not experienced in this type of situation, you will need an outside voice to advice you on what to do. On the other hand, your loved one needs help to make the most of their remaining days.

The blunder most people make is engaging a grief support program too late. Make sure your loved one has good emotional support and care, as this will affect the duration and quality of life they will enjoy.

Take care of yourself

Often times, taking care of a sick loved one could drain you significantly and leave you burnt-out. This is true because of the volume of work and attention it takes to nurse them. The worst thing you can do at this point is to continue with the fatigue, as this will show in your attitude. Instead, get help from other family members, neighbors, and close friends to lighten the load for yourself.

In addition, take a few breaks during the day to unwind. Finally, check your own health by sleeping enough, exercising, and maintaining a balanced diet. Remember that the best way to take care of your loved one is by taking care of yourself.

A negative doctor’s report can change your family’s life forever. Just like any other loss, you will go through grief and hopelessness. But the sooner you involve support programs in your case, the better. This will not only strengthen your hope as a family but also restore hope and confidence to your sick loved one.