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5 Qualities ER Physicians Must Possess

Doctors in surgeryBecoming an emergency room (ER) physician requires hard work. Other than having the right training and degree, an ER doctor must possess skills that will impress recruiters, patients, and colleagues.

If you need new physicians for your ER department, here are the qualities you must look for:


Confidence is important in stressful workplaces, such as hospitals. The lack of self-assurance communicates uncertainty, which may worry patients and colleagues. If you need additional ER team members immediately, you may work with physician recruitment companies. These agencies look for doctors who have the courage and confidence to withstand stress and pressure at work.

Strong Observation Skills

ER physicians must have a keen eye for observation, especially while on duty. They must know how to identify problems before they occur just by studying and analyzing available details. Being observant also helps determine and solve health concerns, which other physicians may have not noticed before.


Patients trust physicians who are emphatic to their needs. Doctors must exercise courtesy and compassion, as well as provide the best care and treatment possible.

Strong Work Ethic

Being an ER physician requires endurance and a strong dedication to work. No matter how tired or emotional, a doctor must still attend to people who need immediate care or treatment. A strong work ethic shows that a doctor is ready to face any challenges that come his or her way.

Fresh Knowledge

Doctors never stop learning. Despite having a strong foundation for medical knowledge, it is still important to stay abreast of the latest medical news and trends in order to provide the best service to patients. Recruiters look for physicians who are open to change and know how to translate that fresh knowledge into their work.

You need the right people in your ER team. A physician recruitment company can help you find reliable professionals who will improve the quality of service your hospital provides.

Five Steps to an Impressive Team Headshot

Team of businessman on a group shotIt takes less than a second to make a good impression on a potential client. Your group headshots may be all a person needs to decide they want your services. Here are five easy steps to creating an impressive headshot:

1. Start with a Concept

One thing that makes headshots stand out – whether for individuals or groups – is the concept that goes with it. Think of yourself as a brand, and discuss with your photographer what you would like to project. Diving instructors might opt for an underwater portrait; actors may want to recreate a famous scene and lawyers may choose to convey authority.

2. Pick a Setting

Many people prefer to have their photo shoots at the studio, but there is no rule against going on location. Colorful, dynamic backgrounds can project more energy. If you want to appear more accessible, try doing the photo shoot outdoors or in a public place rather than in a boardroom.

3. Choose Clothes that Flatter

Unless you are artists or designers, it’s best to stay away from loud prints. Small patterns, on the other hand, may be indistinguishable. Choose a flattering outfit with a more or less solid color that complements your skin tone. Try them on before the shoot to get a feel of the clothes. It is best to choose an outfit you can feel comfortable and confident wearing.

4. Consider Hair and Makeup

Put your best foot forward to make the best first impression. Don’t hesitate to get a professional to style your hair and makeup. Avoid having too much makeup, though, as this can obscure your features. Men should get a haircut before the shoot, and attend to their beards or mustaches to make sure they look neat.

5. Rest Well

Finally, make sure everyone gets enough sleep the night before the photo-op. Clear the team’s schedule ahead of time to avoid stress.

Remember these easy tips and set yourself up for a productive and enjoyable photo session. But most importantly, make sure you hire professionals you can trust to create your headshots. Invest in the best.

Strategies for Improving Road Transport Performance

Trailer delivery truck on a warehouse being repairedEvery year, companies move tonnes of goods from one region to another. This practice brings products and services closer to people who have no ready access to them. The road has been the primary method used to transport heavy goods using trucks and low load trailers since time immemorial. These moving equipment move huge and heavy products to their destination.

However, the emergence of many companies offering the same services has put pressure on many establishments. This situation has pushed the investors back to the drawing board to come up with new strategies.

1. Acquiring a modern fleet

Embracing trucks and trailers with advanced features ensure that they can manoeuvre through the terrain with ease. The vehicles should have fuel efficient engines and withstand extended periods without a need for major services.

2. Qualified staff

Today, truck drivers perform minor mechanical operations on the road. This skill enables them to detect any mechanical issue and to solve it before it gets out of hand. The company should employ qualified drivers and engineers who offer their services on time to ensure timely delivery of goods to customers.

3. Implementing road accident measures

Drivers are responsible for causing most untoward incidences on the roads. However, they are not solely to blame for this state of affairs. Partly to blame are the long hours of work, failure to recognise tiredness and use of medication that causes drowsiness. Corrective measures should be implemented to prevent unnecessary accidents and delays.

4. Have a healthy working capital

The transport sector has busy and sluggish seasons. The company should be ready to overcome pressures of low seasons and reap maximum profits during high periods.

The transport industry is a lucrative venture. Observing minimum requirements will keep your company afloat and profitable for a long time.

Gaming in Recruitment: Attracting the Next Generation of the Workforce

Man holding a game controller playing video gamesAbout half of the UK population plays video games. This is not a recent development. The gaming industry has been growing exponentially in recent years due to the accessibility of mobile games — with a tap of the screen, players can instantly download games on their smartphones.

Gaming is more than just everyone’s favourite pastime, however. It has, in fact, made its way into the workplace as a nonbiased way for evaluating candidates. Companies like Jennings Morton Friel Associates Ltd, after all, believe in the importance of employing a customised and personal approach to recruitment. Is gaming the new preferred tool in attracting and evaluating members of the workforce, then?

Creating an Interactive Experience with Applicants

Unilever, a provider of food, cleaning agents and personal care products has incorporated gaming into their recruitment program. Since they receive over 250,000 graduate applications every year, their digital recruitment platform uses online gaming to ensure easier candidate selection. The program mixes gaming with video interviews to single out potential hires. Leena Nair, Chief Officer of HR at Unilever, says the approach helps them create an interactive experience with applicants.

Gaming Helps Identify Candidates that fit a Company’s Goal and Purpose

Unilever’s new program is the real-life equivalent of slaying a dragon to get inside the castle. First, the company invites the applicant to play a series of games. The special games allow Unilever to determine each candidate’s potential as to whether their personal views align with the company’s mission and goals. Those who perform well in the games and the video interview score a face-to-face interview for a possible job offer.

There are various ways employers can integrate gaming elements into their recruitment process. A rewards system, like awarding an applicant with a star after completing an online test, for instance, can help keep candidates motivated. Furthermore, playing games during interviews can support greater engagement with potential hires.

Spicing up the recruitment process is possible through gaming. Apart from providing valuable information to recruiters, it also helps them attract more members of the workforce.

Factors to Consider When Hiring Land Developers

Ground breaking of a land to be soon developedBusinesses these days rely on investing their money in several areas. These could include stocks, foreign exchange, and real estate. Many companies focus on real estate and building commercial properties as these could significantly increase their company’s value. So it is essential for business owners to find developers and consultants who could help them build up their investment.

Companies like Cato Bolam Consultants advise business owners that when they are vetting land developers, it is imperative to consider a project’s duration, the land developer, and the post-project completion period. Here are key considerations to make before starting a building project with a developer.

1. Budgeting.

Understanding the financial requirement, limitations and possible solutions at the beginning of a project is critical. This helps you in planning and managing the cost of a project. As such, hire a developer who has in-depth knowledge of land development finance and can help you through the process. Therefore, it is better to hire a company that will provide financial planning consultation.

2. Industry Experience.

Whatever structure you plan to build on your property, every business has its specific requirements that not all property developers can meet. Therefore, it is critical to hire a company with the relevant expertise, experience, and ability to plan and execute that particular project. They should help you find the right property and location and execute the project from start to finish. This way, you will have your project meet your vision and overcoming possible financial strains.

3. Local Appeal.

The appeal of your project to the local and regional authorities depends on how it can benefit the community. So you should look for ways to get their approval. You need to hire a reputable developer who will help your project become acceptable to the local authorities. Additionally, have the land developer design your project in a way that it will benefit the community without negatively affecting their day to day lives.

The above factors should be on top of your checklist when sourcing for land development consultants. That way, you will be guaranteed of a successful outcome that not only meets the standards but also exceed expectations.

3 Top Considerations for Abrasive Blasting Media Selection

Abrasive BlastingAbrasive blasting uses specialised machinery and media to remove worn-out finishes, as well as prepare surfaces for painting. However, experienced specialists will tell you that using the right abrasive media is the secret to having a coating application that will adhere properly and last long.

This guide outlines the three key factors you need to consider when choosing an abrasive material.

Avoid sand

If you are keen to notice, more people are shifting from using sandblasting in their surface preparation operations, and the reasons are obvious. Sand, a silica compound, is a common cause of respiratory illnesses among sandblasters. It also has high moisture content, which reduces the durability and service life of the blasting equipment.

Steel media for peening applications

If you need an abrasive blasting medium for removing paint, rust or scale from metal surfaces, carbon steel would be the most suitable option. The angular shape of steel grit gives it a rough and tough texture that is best for peening applications. You can also use steel shots, which are round, to polish surfaces before coating them.

Silicon carbide media for etching hard surfaces

Materials such as glass and stone are challenging to work on efficiently using other blasting media. But since the cutting action of silicon carbide in blasting is extremely aggressive, this medium is most suitable for removing rust and old paint on hard surfaces.

You may likewise consider using plastic media on fiberglass surfaces, aluminium oxide for glass etching and general cleaning applications, and glass beads for smooth, bright finishes.

If you are yet to decide which media to use, you may start with gentle abrasives as you graduate towards the tougher ones. As a general rule, irrespective of the media you use, put on the right protective gear to ensure health and safety and adhere to abrasive blasting code of practice.

3 Ways To Increase Your Work Productivity

Office Board RoomThe number of tasks you can complete in a particular amount of time defines your productivity. The amount of work you contribute is crucial to your career growth and the success of the company.

According to studies, 29% of company time is unproductive. This lack of productivity costs $600 billion per year in the United States. Increasing your productive hours, whether by managing your time or de-cluttering your used cubicles in Salt Lake City, would positively affect your career.

Here are 3 easy ways to increase your work productivity:

1. Plan Ahead

Listing the tasks you need to do for the next day can help you get a restful sleep and start the next day passionate and excited about your work. Other than making a nightly routine of listing the things you need to do, make it a habit to keep a calendar or a planner. Keeping an organized schedule can help you focus and prioritize the tasks you need finish during work hours.

2. Limit Multitasking

Studies show that multi-tasking ends up becoming more distracted, delivering poor quality of work. Focusing on one task at a time, as well as having a sense of accountability and urgency, can help you accomplish your goals every day. Focus on what is more urgent and important, and then manage your time efficiently to accomplish the task before jumping into another.

3. Minimize Distractions

Distractions are not limited to chit-chats and excessive coffee breaks. Browsing social media, your personal emails, and other websites are also included. Make your desks and email clutter-free so you can use more of your time doing more productive work.

Managing your time, tasks, and activities is key to increasing work productivity. Working efficiently can help you do more and save more time to do personal things without feeling burned out.

Artificial Intelligence: Changing the Future of Marketing

Business man shaking hands with a robot

Scientists, inventors, and tech companies continue to push the boundaries of technology. These changes inevitably change lifestyles, life choices, careers, and even marketing strategies. When you have a business, it is crucial that you and your marketing strategies can adapt to upcoming technology trends. Adaptation can mean the survival and success of your business.

Tech Trends of Tomorrow

Many technology trends have been predicted to make a splash this 2017, such as mobile, personalisation, and native and live videos. Perhaps one of the bigger trends is automation or Artificial Intelligence. Once a thing of science fiction, A.I. has started to pop up in different forms, such as Siri, Bixby, chat bots, and more.

Prepare for A.I.

You can prepare your business for Artificial Intelligence since it can revolutionise customer service, automation, and consumer engagement. Hit the mark on these three areas, and you can enjoy marketing success. You may still be wondering, however, what exactly A.I. can do for your marketing.

You can discuss Artificial Intelligence more with your digital media agency in Melbourne. You can better learn about A.I. from marketing professionals themselves after all.

A.I. Capabilities

In terms of automation, A.I. can automate back-end administrative procedures. This can maximise the marketing efficacy of your business. In terms of consumer engagement and customer service, you can easily and better communicate with new, current, and past customers using A.I.

Quality Interactions

With the previous capabilities of A.I., you can deliver highly tailored and highly engaging interactions, which are exactly what consumers today want. You can also provide them with effective and immediate solutions that are better than a human customer service representative. Take a chat bot, for example. With a chat bot, you can provide helpful customer service 24/7.

More Changes to Come

Artificial intelligence will only become bigger and more complex in the future. You can adapt to such future innovations once you have begun to adapt to the currently available A.I. technology today. A.I. may revolutionise not only your company’s marketing, but also in other ways as well.

Artificial intelligence is one of the bigger upcoming tech trends that can change the marketing game. As a business, you better adapt to achieve success.

Choosing the Right Piece: How Office Furniture Improve Workplace Productivity

Office FurnitureWhen a new client enters your office, what do they first see? The products and services you offer? No. It's the furniture in your office, and how well you have positioned them. Remember, first impressions always count. There is never a second chance to create a first impression. It's important you make your first count, as it will become a permanent imprint about you and your business in your clients' mind.

The size of your business doesn't matter. What's important is how your office layout is helping clients envision your brand. Using appropriate office furniture, for instance, will help create a good first impression. Why not hire an office furniture designer in Christchurch to help you choose furniture pieces that will compliment your company's mission, vision, values, and culture. If you and your employees spend a large part of your days in the office, it's important to put more thought on getting the right furniture that will boost productivity.

The Type of Desks

Consider the structure of your company and the kind of work you engage in when selecting office furniture. As the name implies, stand-alone desks are suitable for individuals working alone. On the other hand, workstations are best if employees need to access resources in a common area, such as printers. If your employees are more mobile in their operations, a contemporary design is a great choice for them.

The Colour of Furniture

Dark office furniture indicates that the kind of work you do is a little more serious and quite engaging. To your clients, however, these colours may seem unfriendly. Brighter colours are more welcoming and represent creativity and seamless collaboration in workplaces

The Layout of Office Furniture

The layout of your furniture can affect the day-to-day operations of your office. To allow cooperation among your employees, consider an open office layout where desks are close with each other. A closed layout where workspaces are separate from each other is only ideal when running independent office operations.

As the furniture industry aims to adapt to changing demands in the market, office furniture designers in Christchurch are coming up with cost-effective ways to fit into the trends, without compromising on elegance. It is now possible to have all the right furniture in your office within your budget.

Your Guide to Aftercare of Dental Implants from Home

Dentist helping the patientThe thought of dental implants is daunting for some people. After all, the procedure inserts metal posts or frames into the jaw bone to serve as a foundation for replacement teeth. Other people, though, are more concerned about post-procedure discomforts such as aching and swelling.

If you have recently gone through the procedure or have scheduled it sometime soon, here are some reminders about the aftercare.

Dealing with Pain Symptoms

Pain symptoms may surface, especially after the local anesthesia wears off. Basic painkillers will help you cope with it for the first few days after the procedure.

You may also try hot salt mouthwashes to soothe the symptoms. For the first 24 hours, however, avoid drinking hot beverages and any heavy pressure on the affected area. They might just increase the pain. As such, resort to the hot salt mouthwashes a couple of days after the procedure. If the pain symptoms do not subside within a few days, talk to your dentist about it.

Addressing Bruises and Swollen Areas

Swelling and bruising around the affected area is normal, so there is no need to panic and think you have an infection. These symptoms are often at their peak — the swelling more pronounced or the bruises more visible — days after the actual procedure.

You may address these symptoms with the use of ice packs. The coldness may reduce swelling and inflammation. It may also relieve pain by numbing the affected area.

Pain and inflammation are common after dental implants. But there are simple home solutions that your dentist might recommend. Keep in mind, however, that you should visit the clinic if the pain, swelling, or bruising does not subside sooner than expected.

More importantly, make sure to follow your dentist’s recommended oral hygiene routine following the procedure to prevent further symptoms or, worse, infections.