Are You on the Wrong Side of the Law? Consider Your Legal Options

Consider Your Legal OptionsAt times, the need for an attorney is a no-brainer, especially when somebody files a suit or charge and arrest you for a crime. People seek the services of attorneys for expertise and advice all the time, and in all sorts of situations. Whilst you may get through a legal issue without a lawyer (which is not advisable), you should keep in mind that anytime you represent yourself, you’re putting your freedom at risk.

What’s at Stake?

One of the things you should first ask is “What’s at stake?” When your liberties or finances are in danger, Lewis & Matthews, P.C. and other legal professionals say the clear response is to get assistance. A normal parking summon goes against the law, however, you don’t need to seek advice from a lawyer to settle the fine. Nevertheless, if you have gathered a number of outstanding parking fines and a warrant is given for your arrest, you would likely want to get an attorney to help you remedy the situation, and maybe prevent you from serving jail time or save you money.

It won’t hurt you if you consult an attorney, and it might be the best option if you think you have a legal issue such as divorce that you can’t fix yourself.

Litigation Options

In case you can’t afford a lawyer you might want to look for alternatives to fix your legal issues, like the following:

  • Many public utilities and companies offer customer service divisions that successfully address complaints and consumer problems.
  • Many community associations such as civil rights groups, elder associations, and other groups give free legal information and help.

Some legal matters are easier to settle through litigation options, such as arbitration or mediation. Individuals and businesses may agree to use substitute dispute resolution instead of court action to remedy legal conflicts. If you are unsure about your legal rights, it may be worth your time to seek help from an attorney to assess your situation and counsel you on substitute courses of action.